Mobile Games News Recap #92

Mobile games news for January 2023

Discover our weekly recap of mobile games news on Android and iOS number #92! On the agenda this week: Kingdom: The Blood gameplay, the release of the racing game KartRider: Drift, finally the PvP mode between friends on Marvel Snap and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read all about it below. ⬇️

Gameplay video for Kingdom: The Blood

Let's start this recap with the gameplay video for Kingdom: The Blood. First revealed in a trailer last summer, the mobile game based on the Netflix series, which features a zombie outbreak in Korea in the Middle Ages, finally reveals its gameplay in depth.

Action Square 's title has all the charm of the series. Zombies come out of nowhere to attack you, the difficulty increases as blood covers your clothes and the enemies become more and more numerous.

Kingdom: The Blood aims to achieve this with period Korean outfits, a fighting style based on Korean martial arts with motion capture and 100% manual character control.

Gameplay video for Kingdom: The Blood

This complete immersion in combat pays homage to the slightly gory violence of the IP and will be available in crossplatform in the different game modes. There's no word yet on when the game will be released, but fans of the series are already on board.

KartRider: Drift release on mobile and PC

The new installment in the KartRider IP launches on mobile this week. Break out the racing karts in KartRider: Drift and enjoy the arcade tracks published by Nexon. With skidding noises far too loud for your tiny vehicles, this new title takes the KartRider formula with many different characters and vehicles to customize to your favorite colors.

With its arcade feel, KartRider: Drift features plenty of fairly fast tracks, action-packed game modes, a series of unique challenges and fierce battles for first place. With your turbo or your abusive use of banana peels, aim for the podium while admiring landscapes in full race with quality, dynamic and detailed backgrounds.

Don't worry about the game's rating, KartRider: Drift caught a wave of discontent from people who couldn't launch the game. But that's normal, since it was a pre-release download. For more info on this new game, head to our article on KartRider: Drift release on Android, iOS and PC.

Announcement of Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown by COLOPL on PC, Android and iOS

On the island of Fort Lemuria, deep in the ocean, live monsters by the hundreds. That's what the announcement of the game Volzerk: Monters and Lands Unknown on PC, Android and iOS by the studio COLOPL promises.

Discover the strange creatures of this fantasy world and breed them in this monster breeding game to save the unique species of Fort Lemuria. Use them as mounts and switch characters or monsters to take full advantage of the power of your colorful pets.

Apart from the combat, we don't know much about the gameplay of Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown, but the trailer graphic style and the combat animations make us want to know more about this game. You can find more details about this title in our article about the launch of Volzerk Monsters and Lands Unknown on mobile and PC.

Marvel Snap: PvP mode and balancing

While the game just passed the $300 million revenue mark in less than 3 months, Marvel Snap is about to welcome the long-awaited PvP mode between friends at the end of January.

This game mode should be accompanied by a rebalancing of some cards from series 4 and 5 that will go to the lower level, so you will have more chances to get Shuri, Miss Hulk, Luke Cage or Black Panther.

Black Panther in Marvel Snap

While we wait for the next update, Marvel Snap has just adjusted the power of several cards, such as Galactus and Nova losing one power point, versus Hamzat and Nakia gaining one. Our article on Marvel Snap Season 4 is still available if you missed it.

Update Genshin Impact 3.4

After the holidays, Genshin Impact is offering its first big update of 2023 called The Exquisite Night Chimes. Scheduled for January 18, 2023, this update will unlock the Hadramaveth region, a new area of Sumeru with a desert climate.

Along with new quests and nooks and crannies to explore, you can try toget Alaitham and YaoYao to expand your collection of Dendro characters. Until the patch is released, you can check out our dedicated article detailing all the new features of the Genshin Impact 3.4 update or continue to enjoy the Genshin TCG with our best decks guide and our best cards tier list.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge released for Netflix subscribers

Six months after its release on PC and consoles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is finally coming to mobile exclusively for Netflix subscribers. In this beat them up developed by Tribute Games, find the visual universe of the cartoon.

The universe of the 80s and 90s video games of the Ninja Turtles franchise comes to life in a modern version with improved gameplay and a well thought-out level design. Fans will find many references in the story mode and competitors can compete in a very punishing arcade mode.

And if you don't have a Netflix subscription, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is also available on Android and iOS via Game Pass Ultimate. We tell you more in our article about the TMNT: Shredder's Revenge release on mobile.

Project DW: Nexon's open world action RPG

In addition to the KartRider: Drift release, Nexon is making mobile news this week with the Project DW announcement, an action RPG based on the Dungeon & Fighter IP with a vast open world. Nexon Games will thus extend the IP universe of its Neople branch on mobile, console and PC in crossplatform.

Code names are really fashionable for video games and we'll end up getting lost, but Dungeon & Fighter offers at least three games: Project AK, Project Overkill, and now Project DW in development at Nexon.

TFT : patch 13.1

After almost a month break, it's time for the first TFT update of the year with a patch 13.1 in the colors of the Lunar New Year and the year of the rabbit. Many changes are likely to overturn the meta with this patch 13.1. Traits and items undergo slight changes, such as the Program origin rework.

TFT patch 13.1: the first patch of the year 2023

But it is especially the statistics of the champions and Augments which are upset. We notice in particular the Vayne and Zed buffs as well as the Yuumi and Jax nerfs. You can consult the entirety of the changes of the meta with the TFT patch 13.1.

Sands of Salzaar release

Among the new releases of the week, Sands of Salzaar stands as a completely hand-drawn A-RPG with a premium model. Available for a few bucks on Android, iOS and Steam, this little nugget sends you into a huge desert in chaos.

Highly inspired by games like Mount & Blade, Sands of Salzaar invites the player to experience adventures on an individual scale by making difficult decisions, trading and completing quests, but also on a much larger scale. Gather your own army, take control of desert cities and let no opponent stand in your way in the dunes.

Avatar: Generations pre-registration opens before 2023 release

After a long wait, the mobile game Avatar: Generations will finally be released. So, ahead of the release, you can already pre-register on Android to not miss the launch rewards. We've never seen such an emoji-laden description on a Play Store presentation page, it almost looks like a dropshipping Facebook post.

Anyway, meet Aang, Momo, Appa and their human companions Toph, Zuka, Katara, Sokka and Suki in adventures all over the Four Nations.

Build your team, position your heroes and send them into battle in automatic mode or manual mode to control the timing of ultimates and team combos. Retrace the animated series story and unlock new adventures around the world.

Clash Royale season 43: Frost Festival

Put on your hat and scarf as the Frost Festival comes to Clash Royale with Season 43. Until January 22, log in each day to face your opponents in the Reflections on Ice challenge. In this game mode, the entire arena is cloned at times, which can easily turn the tide of a game and will require good timing.

After that, other temporary game modes will arrive, such as the 2v2 Balloon Festival. During the season, the Ice Golem, Frost Spell, and Ice Wizard cards are upgraded to your king's turn. So now is the time to try out some new decks with these frosted cards. I refer you to our article to discover all the new features of Clash Royale Season 43.

Apple reviews its year in entertainment

Since it's time to look back on 2022, Apple is congratulating itself on a great year for entertainment. The App Store recorded its highest number of visits ever, and the brand reveals that developers have generated more than $320 billion since the service was created in 2008.

On the Apple Arcade side, the catalog of games offered keeps growing with more than 50 games added in 2022. The trend is expected to continue and 2023 may hold some surprises.

Apple TV+ productions have also made history, including CODA, which became the first film from a streaming platform to win the Oscar for Best Picture, but series have not been left behind, with numerous Emmy nominations in both comedy and drama.

Razer Edge to be released on January 26, exclusively in the U.S.

We told you about it last September, Razer will soon launch its new Android-based handheld. Available from January 26, the Razer Edge will be available only in the United States at a price of $399 for the Wi-Fi version, while the 5G version will be reserved for customers of the operator Verizon for $599.

We don't have any more information on the possible international availability of this console with interesting characteristics, especially its 6.8-inch AMOLED screen in 144 Hz to enjoy a portable experience in good conditions.

Madtale : the new gacha RPG from Archosaur Games

After the Noah's Heart release this summer, Archosaur Games was already busy. This week, its idle-RPG Madtale enters a soft launch starting with South Asia, Switzerland, UK and Oceania on Android.

Madtale's RPG gacha

A classic blend of fantasy and strategy in a gacha idle, Madtale brings its dark twist to fairy tales. Between battles and narrative breaks, explore this 2D world where childish legends get a little darker with every step, provided you have a VPN handy.

Call of Duty Mobile: Season 1 of 2023

Just like TFT and most games right now, Call of Duty Mobile celebrates the Lunar New Year with its Season 1 for the year 2023, available from January 18. For the occasion, Activision revisits the famous Nuketown map, which becomes Nuketown Temple.

The Big Head Blizzard game mode appears, with the particularity that the damage inflicted to the enemies makes you accumulate energy and enlarge your head, until you turn into a bobblehead figure equipped with a melee weapon and a maximum of HP.

The Zombies mode is also updated with new maps and new skills for both the survivors and the infected. For more details, I redirect you to our full article on Call of Duty Mobile Season 1.

MMORPG play-to-earn Bless Global released

In pre-registration on PC, Android and iOS since last summer, Bless Global is finally available worldwide. In this heroic fantasy game, you will find all the codes of the usual MMORPGs, with series of quests to complete in order to get more and more powerful loot.

In addition to the five available character classes (Ranger, Priest, Berserker, Crusader and Mage), the Assassins class is expected to appear before this summer. We've written an article if you'd like to find out how the Bless Global MMORPG's economic system and NFTs work, in addition to the game's roadmap. By the end of the year, the developers plan to add a duel server and group dungeons.

New Dragon Quest game announced for Android and iOS

We continue on the RPG side with the announcement of a new mobile game of the famous Dragon Quest IP. For the moment, only an official website informs us of the date of the announcement, which will take place during a live on the YouTube channel of Square Enix Japan on January 18.

The official Twitter account also indicates that the announcement will include the game title, explanations on its development, as well as gameplay images. So, see you on January 18th to discover all this!

Pokémon GO: an egg hatching widget

If you're tired of having to open Pokémon GO to check your egg progress every 5 minutes while walking, the year 2023 brings a faster solution.

Using the Pokémon GO widget on Android and iOS, you can continuously view the progress of your eggs as you walk, without having to go into the app directly. And there you have it, for your next hike, you can see the development of your eggs with every step.

Codename Jump MOBA in limited early access in China

Suggested by a member of the Mobi Game community following our January top, we tell you for the first time about the MOBA Codename Jump on mobile where all the heroes of your favorite anime meet for epic battles.

The MOBA Codename Jump

The gameplay available on Bilibili is of rather poor visual quality for us in Europe, but we'll tell you more about Codename Jump soon since the game has already entered limited early access in China and will soon be in the news, no doubt.

More mobile games news each week

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous review #91 was about Marvel Snap season 4, Project D's trailer, the RPG Eversoul release and much more to find in our news.

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