Monopoly GO Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for Monopoly GO tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the game? Inspired by the famous board game Monopoly, this title lets you play with players from all over the world or with your friends. For the more strategic players, has the best tips for unlocking boards, levelling up and reaching the top!

Free Monopoly dice links

List of free Monopoly GO daily dice links (July 2024)

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block someone on Monopoly GO

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Monopoly GO emojis

How to use emojis in Monopoly GO?

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Monopoly GO shields

How to get different shields in Monopoly GO?

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Next Monopoly Go partner event

Next Monopoly GO partner event: date and tips

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Next Monopoly GO Golden Blitz event

Next Monopoly GO Golden Blitz event: date and tips !

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Monopoly GO 25 free dice links

Monopoly GO 25 free dice links: how to get them?

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Games like Monopoly Go

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How to add friends on Monopoly GO?

How to add friends on Monopoly GO?

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Monopoly GO Wild Sticker

Monopoly GO Wild Sticker: rewards and how to get it?

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Monopoly GO 2000 free dices link

Monopoly GO 2000 free dices link : how to get it?

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trade gold stickers in Monopoly GO

Can you trade gold stickers in Monopoly GO?

Trading gold stickers in Monopoly GO is a great way to complete your albums and obtain rewards such as dice or money. However, unlike other "norm...

Monopoly GO tips and tricks: how to win free dice?

One of our Monopoly GO tips for winning is, of course, the free dice. Every day, you have the chance to receive free dice that will help you progress faster in the game. The best tips are those that really help you. And that's exactly what our Monopoly GO free dice links article is all about. Click on our links to get your rewards and put all the chances on your side to win.

How do I get Monopoly GO stickers?

Want more Monopoly GO tips? If you've already taken your first steps on the game, you've probably realised that it's possible to win and collect gold cards in Monopoly GO (also known as stickers). By completing albums, you can earn numerous rewards such as extra dice, money or various bonuses. The more stickers you accumulate, the more chance you have of filling up your collections and progressing through the game.

Our advice for getting stickers on Monopoly GO? Play the game! As you level up or take part in daily missions and events, you'll earn stickers. Each card has a degree of rarity, the highest being the gold card. Log in to the game every day to increase your chances of unlocking rare stickers.

Our Monopoly GO tips and tricks for exchanging stickers

As you progress, you'll get lots of duplicate cards. Did you know that you can exchange them for cards that you haven't yet unlocked? You can swap cards with other players. Gold cards, however, cannot be exchanged. The only way to trade these rare cards is to take part in theGolden Rush event. However, this event does not occur very often.

How can I exchange stars on Monopoly GO?

Are our Monopoly GO tips not enough for you? Then why not discover some new ones? Are you familiar with the star system in Monopoly GO? Stars are very important resources in the game, as they allow you to buy sticker packs. At the start of the game, you can only buy basic packs of cards for 100 stars. But as you progress, more packs will be available for purchase.

Stars can be exchanged between friends up to 5 times a day. Each card has a star value, so swap your duplicate cards with your friends so that they get the number of stars corresponding to the value of the card. Your friends can also exchange their stickers with you so that you too can earn stars.

Add friends using our tips and tricks on Monopoly GO

To be able to swap cards and get Monopoly GO codes easily, you first need to add friends. To do this, go to the "Friends and family" section and choose one of these three options:

  • Contacts: by entering your phone number, all your contacts who play Monopoly GO will automatically be added to your list of friends.
  • Facebook: after accepting the authorisation request, the game connects to your Facebook account and adds all your friends who are playing Monopoly GO.
  • Invite: this option simply allows you to send an invitation link to the person of your choice. They'll be added to your list of Monopoly GO friends once they've clicked the link and installed the game.

Thanks to our Monopoly GO tips for winning and all our advice, you'll finally be able to enjoy your game to the full and make rapid progress.

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