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Alpha from Infinity Land

Infinity Land, the new open-world RPG, is out in alpha on mobile!

As we've seen in recent years, Genshin Impact is a source of inspiration for studios. But some take a little more inspiration than others, as in the case of Spa...

Need For Speed Mobile Autumn 2024

It's official: Need For Speed Mobile will be released in autumn 2024!

Need For Speed Mobile is officially released today in China on Android and iOS. But rest assured: the Electronic Arts game developed by TiMi Studio, owned by Te...

Announcement of Disney Pixel RPG

Disney Pixel RPG finally has a release date: get ready for 9 September!

To all you thirty-somethings nostalgic for old cartoons, I've got good news for you: Disney has finally announced the release date for its next game, Disney Pix...

Top mobile games for July 2024

Mobile games to try out this month

Don't know what to try out on your phone, whether on the move, at home or even in the toilet? Every second spent gaming has to be worthwhile, so the edi...

Release of AceForce 2 from Tencent

AceForce 2, the new shooter from Tencent, is now available on Android!

Today, Tencent is releasing a new 5v5 multiplayer shooter developed with the Unreal Engine 4 under the MoreFun studio banner. If you've got an Android smartphon...'s 166 mobile games news round-up

Recap #166: What's new this week in mobile gaming?

In this week's Recap #166, we take a look at the week's must-have mobile games releases, mobile news and pre-registrations/test phases not to be missed. Sit bac...

Nextworld, Netflix on Roblox

With Nextworld, dive into the world of Netflix series... on Roblox!

Are you dreaming of exploring the upside down of Stranger Things, embarking with Luffy aboard the Going Merry or joining Mercredi Adams' Nevermore high school?...

Youtube Playables available in certain regions

YouTube launches free games with Playables

After Netflix, Crunchyroll and even LinkedIn, it's now the turn of the biggest video-sharing platform to offer a free games service. Youtube has launched Playab...

Latest tips on mobile games

play Brawl Stars without installing

How to play Brawl Stars without installing the game on my smartphone?

Do you love Brawl Stars and want to improve your gaming experience? If you'd like to play more ergonomically and with better visibility, you can play Brawl Star...

Free Monopoly dice links

List of free Monopoly GO daily dice links (July 2024)

Getting free dice links on Monopoly GO means you can play your favourite game for longer. Loot other players' banks mercilessly, destroy their buildings and get...

Genshin Impact All Characters

Genshin Impact Characters: Complete List

Genshin Impact is currently home to over 70 characters, and in picking the best characters based on your playstyle, surely you will never run out of options. Ho...

High Score Subway Surfers and World Record

The highest Subway Surfers score in the world

As an arcade mobile game par excellence, the mobile and tablet runner genre lends itself particularly well to the high score exercise. When you die, you start a...

How much data does Pokémon GO use?

How much data does Pokémon GO use?

Ever since its global launch in 2016, Pokémon GO has taken millions of players on adventure through streets and parks — smartphone in hand, ready t...

AFK Journey codes

List of AFK Journey codes from 2024 | Free and valid

Embark on a magical journey to Esperia in this game from the AFK Arena franchise. In AFK Journey, one of the best RPG on mobile, you take on the role of a Merli...

Tier list weapons in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact best weapons tier list for your characters

Having a good character in Genshin Impact isn't enough to do a lot of damage, they'll need a good build, and that means relevant weapons. To help you equip your...

Whiteout Survival fire crystal

Whiteout Survival Fire Crystal : farm guide and how to use them

After significant progress in Whiteout Survival, you'll reach a point where you must spend Whiteout Survival fire crystal in order to go further. Howe... : THE website specialised in mobile games

The only site REALLY dedicated to mobile gamers becomes find out more about this change. Passionate about mobile games? Or just a big fan of downloading whenever a new mobile game comes out? Whoever you are, we welcome you to our world of guides, tips, news, gift codes, reviews and more!
However, be careful where you step, you might fall head first into an exciting mobile game that will definitely cut you off from reality. And if you get the urge to tryhard, you'll spend your nights revelling in every word on our beginner's guides. So, I won't even tell you what would happen if you came across our YouTube channel and its numerous contents to become the boss of bosses.

Now that you are aware of the risks you are taking, you should know that you are on THE site that specialises in mobile games (yes, The One). So, yes, we are pros at playing games on phones. But don't worry, we also accept players who play on tablets (we are very tolerant). Speaking of tolerance, well, even if it's going to shock some people... we also accept iOSplayers... who play on iPhone... Yeah, I know, we're good people (but Android for ever). Come to think of it, if there are mobile game professionals among you, specialists in esport on smartphones, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, if you're a mobile game publisher, we'd love to write about your game and help you get it on the stores.

Come on, it's not all that, but we have some smartphone games to try out! GLHF!
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