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Astaweave Haven, the next HoYoverse game

Astaweave Haven is the name of the next HoYoverse game!

We recently told you about the gameplay leaks for the next HoYoverse game. It turns out that the rumours are starting to be confirmed!China's General Administra...

Soft launch of Subway Surfers City

Soft launch of Subway Surfers City, the sequel to Sybo Games' historic game

The announcement was discreet, but this news is far from anecdotal! Sybo Games, the studio behind Subway Surfers, which was released in 2012 and has overa billi...

gaming accessories for phones

The Best Mobile Gaming Accessories | Buying Guide

Looking to improve your smartphone gaming experience? Then you've come to the right place! Because many mobile gamers are looking to optimis...'s 167 mobile games news round-up

Recap #167: What's new this week in mobile gaming?

In this week's Recap #167, we take a look at the week's must-have mobile games releases, mobile news and pre-registrations/test phases not to be missed. Sit bac...

Mobile Party Beta

The Mobile Party battle royale beta is now available in certain regions!

Following on from Eggy Party and Stumble Guys, a new multiplayer battle royale is making its debut on Android and iOS in its beta version, available in South-Ea...

Arcadia: Breath of the Land pre-registrations

MMORPG Arcadia: Breath of the Land opens pre-registration!

After Tarisland, we're back in the MMORPG loop with Arcadia: Breath of the Land (not to be confused with another game with a very similar title available on Swi...

Release of Spirit of the Island

Release of Spirit of the Island, a new co-op life sim on Android and iOS

In recent weeks, we've seen that the life simulator genre still has a bright future ahead of it. With the mobile version of Cozy Grove, the announcement of Proj...

Announcement for Neverness to Everness

Neverness to Everness, the new RPG from the Tower of Fantasy devs

Did you love Tower of Fantasy, the multiplayer gacha RPG from Level Infinite and developed by Hotta Studio? Well, the developers have just announced a new title...

Latest tips on mobile games

Playing PUBG Mobile with a controller

How to play PUBG Mobile with a controller?

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, is a famous Tencent mobile Battle Royale game. This game, very realistic, propels you on a large map in solo, duo,...

How to send your Monopoly GO link

How to send your Monopoly GO link to invite friends?

Playing Monopoly GO, the mobile adaptation of the famous board game, is all well and good. But playing together is even better! There are several ways you can i...

One Piece Bounty Rush codes

List of One Piece Bounty Rush codes codes from July 2024 | Free and valid

One Piece Bounty Rush has captured players' hearts, much like its beloved famous anime counterpart – One Piece. Featuring all your favorite characters fro...

Games like Tower of Fantasy

Games like Tower of Fantasy | Our selection for Android and iOS

An open-world RPG filled with action, Tower of Fantasy has the power to keep players hooked for hours on end. The storyline, the characters, and the a...

codes Order Daybreak

Order Daybreak codes from July 2024 | Free and valid

Have you fallen under the spell of NEOCRAFT's ARPG Order Daybreak ? If so, you need rewards to help you progress in the game and get ahead faster! This is where...

Free Monopoly dice links

List of free Monopoly GO daily dice links (July 2024)

Getting free dice links on Monopoly GO means you can play your favourite game for longer. Loot other players' banks mercilessly, destroy their buildings and get...

Best guide composition Monster Lords Mobile for hunting

Best composition Monster hunting Lords Mobile in 2024

Hunting Lords Mobile monsters is an important part of gathering materials and rewards to develop your heroes and guild. These creatures vary in level, power, dr...

How do I change my profile picture on Monopoly GO?

How to change your profile picture on Monopoly GO?

Do you spend a lot of time on MOGO and want to have a customised profile that looks just like you? Here's a quick and easy guide to change your profile picture... : THE website specialised in mobile games

The only site REALLY dedicated to mobile gamers becomes find out more about this change. Passionate about mobile games? Or just a big fan of downloading whenever a new mobile game comes out? Whoever you are, we welcome you to our world of guides, tips, news, gift codes, reviews and more!
However, be careful where you step, you might fall head first into an exciting mobile game that will definitely cut you off from reality. And if you get the urge to tryhard, you'll spend your nights revelling in every word on our beginner's guides. So, I won't even tell you what would happen if you came across our YouTube channel and its numerous contents to become the boss of bosses.

Now that you are aware of the risks you are taking, you should know that you are on THE site that specialises in mobile games (yes, The One). So, yes, we are pros at playing games on phones. But don't worry, we also accept players who play on tablets (we are very tolerant). Speaking of tolerance, well, even if it's going to shock some people... we also accept iOSplayers... who play on iPhone... Yeah, I know, we're good people (but Android for ever). Come to think of it, if there are mobile game professionals among you, specialists in esport on smartphones, don't hesitate to contact us. Also, if you're a mobile game publisher, we'd love to write about your game and help you get it on the stores.

Come on, it's not all that, but we have some smartphone games to try out! GLHF!
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