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Tier List of the best cards Genshin Impact of the TCG Summoning the Seven

Tier List the best cards Genshin Impact TCG and tips to win

Summoning the Seven, the card game from Genshin Impact, includes over 200 different cards. So choosing the 33 cards that will make up your deck may seem difficult at first. That's why we help you choose the most relevant options with our Tier List of the best cards in the TCG from Genshin Impact. This way you will know which are the best action and character cards and how to play them well.

How do I unlock cards in Summoning the Seven?

Buy cards in Genshin Impact

You will get new cards by fighting the NPCs of Genshin Impact at the Summoning of the Seven. We recommend that you play as many games as possible. You can easily test your Genshin deck in different situations.

As a bonus, you will earn Luck Tokens. With these, you will be able to buy equipment, support and event cards from Prince at the The Cat’s Tail’s Tavern, as well as cosmetics.

Get a character card in Genshin Impact

To unlock character cards in Genshin Impact, you must first invite the characters in question to play against you on the scoreboard using a game invitation letter. You will get them by leveling up and buying them in the Prince's store. By beating the guest character, you will win their card. This will expand your possibilities in the Genshin TCG.

You'll also be able to get cards from enemy characters like Fatuis' Mirror Maiden by successfully completing Tavern Challenges. As you unlock cards, you'll build a deck that's just right for you, and you'll probably be interested in our list of the best Genshin Impact decks in the Summoning of the Seven TCG at this point in the meta.

The Tier List of the best character cards in the TCG of Genshin Impact

All the character cards in Summoning the Seven can be strong if you combine them well and create elemental reactions. There are some cards that stand out from the crowd, especially for making good combos. Here is our Tier List of the best cards of the TCG from Genshin Impact. This selection remains subjective and may evolve with each update.

The best character cards from Genshin Impact to attack and create elemental reactions

Best TCG character cards Genshin Impact : Ayaka
Best TCG character cards Genshin Impact : Keqing
Best TCG Character Cards Genshin Impact : Yoimiya
  • Ayaka: By switching to her, you will activate her passive and gain a Cryo enchantment on her normal attacks. She will easily apply the Cryo element and summon a frosty whirlwind with her elemental rampage, which will also do Cryo damage for 2 turns, boosting the aggression of your TCG Genshin deck;
  • Keqing: His elemental rampage hits all enemies, causing great damage on the battlefield. She is the most powerful character in this Tier List character card Genshin Impact in multi-target. As an added bonus, with her elemental attack, she gains an Electro enchantment on her normal attacks;
  • Yoimiya: She can boost and convert her normal attacks into Pyro attacks with her elemental attack, just like in the original RPG. Combined with another elemental, her normal attacks will deal enormous damage.

The best support character cards for creating elemental reactions and enchantments

Mona character card
Xiangling character card
Xingqiu character card
Bennett character card
  • Mona: She applies Hydro very easily and if she is on the active post and you switch to another character, it will be considered a quick action. You can then attack directly with another character. This is the perfect character card to create an elemental reaction and give power to your other TCG cards Genshin Impact on Summoning the Seven;
  • Xiangling: The heroine summons Guoba with her elemental attack. It stays for two turns and deals Pyro damage. And his elemental rampage generates a Pyro enchantment. This way, when a character attacks, he generates 2 extra Pyro damage. This applies twice;
  • Xingqiu: It can generate Hydro enchantments. It is ideal for elemental reactions (it combines very well with Yoimiya for example, one of the best cards of the TCG Genshin Impact which I mentioned above);
  • Bennett: His elemental rampage can heal or boost your characters depending on their HP.
Fischl character card
Collei character card
Ganyu character card

Finally, if you want to bet on summons, we recommend Fischl, Collei and Ganyu. Their summons will stay for two turns and will allow you to do damage from their element at the end of the turn (in addition to the attacks of these characters).

The Tier List of the best action cards of the TCG of Genshin Impact

You will also have to play 30 action cards in your deck. These will allow you to speed up your combos, change characters without ending your turn, draw cards, control the roll of elemental dice, etc. In order to help you create an optimal deck, we have listed the best action cards from Genshin Impact in this guide .

Tier List of the best support cards to play in the Summoning of the Seven

Once activated, support cards remain on the field. This can be for the duration of your game or for a set number of rounds or uses. Playing them will give you more control over your dice roll and more game options. Don't hesitate to play two copies to increase your chances of drawing them. Here are the best Genshin Impact TCG support cards in 2023.

Best TCG cards from Genshin Impact : Liyue's room
Genshin TCG best cards: Katheryne
Best TCG cards from Genshin Impact : Liben
Best TCG cards from Genshin Impact : Iron Tongue Tian
Iron Tongue
  • Jade Chamber: At the beginning of each round, you will always get at least 2 elemental dice of your active character's type. The card costs 1 die;
  • Katheryne: with this support card, changing characters will be considered a quick action once per turn (2 dice of the same color);
  • Liben: at the end of each turn, he gets one unused elemental die of each type. When he accumulates 3, you will draw 2 cards and have 2 Omni dice. The card is then discarded. This TCG Genshin card costs 0 dice;
  • Iron Tongue Tian: During the final phase of the Genshin TCG, the Tian card grants 1 charge to one of your characters if their Elemental Unleash is not already at max. The card has two uses and costs 2 dice, regardless of which one you use.
Knights of Favonius Library Card
Knights of Favonius Library
Liyue Harbor Wharf Card
Liyue Harbor Wharf
Parametric transformer support card
Parametric transformer
  • Knights of Favonius Library: This card allows you to re-roll dice (cost 1 die);
  • Liyue Harbor Wharf: you will draw two more cards in the final phase (cost of 2 dice of the same color);
  • Parametric Transformer: This excellent support card costs 2 dice. Each time you use an elemental attack, you will charge it with 1 point. Once it has accumulated 3 points, it will generate 3 different elemental dice.

Tier List of the best event cards of Genshin Impact

Best TCG cards from Genshin Impact : the best of friends
The Bestest Travel Companion!
Genshin Impact TCG best cards: Strategize
Genshin Impact TCG best cards: Leave It to Me!
Leave It to Me!
Best TCG cards from Genshin Impact : Astrological omen
  • The Bestest Travel Companion!: This card costs two dice (any dice) and converts them into Omni dice. They replace any element;
  • Strategize: you draw 2 cards in exchange for a single die;
  • Leave It to Me! This card costs 0 dice and allows you to change character in quick action, without finishing your turn;
  • Astrological omen: in exchange for 2 identical dice, this event card grants 1 charge for your active character's elemental rampage;
Adios Action Card
Lotus Donut Cards
Lotus donut
Nordic Chicken Card
smoked Nordic
  • Adios: for 2 elemental dice this card destroys an enemy summons of your choice;
  • Lotus Donut: For a cost of 1 die, the character who consumes this dish will receive 3 less damage the next time he is attacked. This dish can save your life if the opponent is about to perform an elemental rampage with one of his cards;
  • Nordic smoked chicken: for a cost of 0 dice, the next normal attack of the chosen character will cost one less neutral die.

You can play as many event, support, or equipment cards as you want during a round. However, each character card in the Genshin TCG can only consume one dish per round. Similarly, you can only equip one weapon and one artifact per character.

All the choices here will ensure that you have a good handle on your deck with our tier list of the best cards Genshin Impact. Tailor your deck composition to the characters you play in the TCG. For example, you might need to load up elemental rampages faster or change active characters regularly.

Not yet lost card
Not lost yet

As a bonus, you can also add a copy of the Not Lost Again card. It can only be played if you have lost a character in this round. It creates an Omni die and grants 1 charge to the active character at a cost of 0! This is a good way to turn the game around! And it will be even more effective if you combine it with some of the best Genshin Impact cards of this tier list.

Elemental Resonance Cards: A formidable asset in the TCG of Genshin Impact

Electro resonance die card
Electro resonance die
Cryo resonance card
Cryo resonance card

If you are playing two characters of the same type, consider adding elemental reaction cards, these are some of the best cards on Genshin Impact. There are two types:

  • Elemental dice: for a cost of 0, this type of card invokes a die of the element in question (e.g. Pyro if you play two Pyro characters, etc.);
  • Resonance cards: the effect varies depending on the element. But for a cost of one die, you will be able to increase your damage, elemental reactions, charge the elemental rampage faster, etc.

It is recommended that you play two copies of each.

That's it for this guide dedicated to the best cards of the TCG from Genshin Impact. You will also have to play other cards like equipment (weapons and artifacts) and skills, but this time the choice will be adapted according to the type of character you play.

In addition, be sure to check out our guide to the best Summoning of the Seven decks and our game overview. You'll find out what the best character card combos are.

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