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Sethos Genshin Impact Guide: Build, Weapons and Teams

Sethos Genshin Impact Guide

Sethos is a four-star Electro character who is gearing up for one heck of an electrifying debut in Genshin Impact. Despite not being a high-tier character, he boasts an extremely unique kit that no one else has seen in other characters. Forget everything you know about bow-wielders because Sethos is here to shake things up with his mix of normal and charged attacks. Keep on reading as we'll show you a breakdown of his kit, his best teams, artifacts, weapons and his ascension materials in this Sethos Genshin Impact guide!

Best team for Sethos Genshin Impact

Even though he's just a 4-star, Sethos can dish out massive damage with the right supports. Check out the best Sethos Genshin Impact teams available in the game!

Sethos Genshin Impact Aggravate

Sethos Genshin Impact is an Electro unit that scales with EM, making him ideal to pair with Dendro characters and utilize the Quicken and Aggravate reactions. In this composition, you can run a team consisting of two Electro and two Dendro characters, benefiting from the Electro and Dendro resonance, which respectively enhance energy regeneration and EM. Fischl can serve as the second Electro unit, dealing damage off-field. Meanwhile, for the Dendro characters, you can include Nahida for her excellent Dendro application, off-field damage, and EM buff, along with Baizhu for additional application and healing.

Overload Genshin Impact Sethos team

For the second composition, we recommend running an Overload team comprising a main DPS, sub-DPS, buffer/support, and shielder. When opting for an Overload setup, including Chevreuse is strongly recommended, even essential, as she provides buffs to Pyro and Electro damage while offering healing. Much like the previous composition, Fischl serves the role of off-field Electro sub-DPS. Lastly, Thoma can join the team as the shielder and AOE pyro applicator.

The best weapons for Sethos  in Genshin Impact

Take a look at the best weapons you can have for Sethos Genshin Impact!

The best weapon set for Sethos  in Genshin 

hunters path sethos genshin impact

Hunter's Path is hands down Sethos' top-tier weapon in the game, offering everything he needs to boost his damage output. With elemental damage bonuses and increased crit rate, it's a game-changer. Plus, it ramps up his charged attack damage based on his Elemental Mastery, making it a perfect fit for his kit.

the first great magic genshin sethos weapon

If you think you have enough crit rate, and is in need of a crit damage weapon, you can simply use The First Great Magic. For bow users whose main damage comes from charged attacks such as Ganyu and Lyney, this is a recommended weapon as it boosts the damage of this attack. Additionally, this is a great weapon as it can give you ATK and movement speed depending on your team composition. 

The best F2P weapons for Sethos 

cloudforged sethos genshin impact

Finish the Genshin 4.7 event, Mutual Security Enhancing Simulation to get your hands on the Cloudforged weapon. Cloudforged is the best 4-star weapon for Sethos Genshin Impact if you're stacking Elemental mastery. In addition to its secondary stats, you could also receive 40-80 EM after your elemental energy decreases. Since this weapon is event-exclusive, acquiring it requires no primogems or fates, making it easier to refine up to R5.

scion of the blazing sun

If you're aiming for crit rate, the Scion of the Blazing Sun is your go-to. It boosts crit rate, ensuring your charged attacks pack a fatal punch against your opponents. Moreover, each charged attack not only deals additional damage upon impact but also amplifies charged attack damage against every opponent hit.

The best artifacts for Sethos Genshin Impact

Here are the best artifact sets that you can ever have for Sethos Genshin Impact, whether you're a newbie or a veteran!

Best artifact set for Sethos 

wanderers troupe sethos genshin impact

Wanderer's Troupe is the perfect option for Sethos, which is good news especially for old players who have most likely collected plenty of Wanderer's Troupe pieces. Opt for this artifact to enjoy a decent amount of elemental mastery, and enhance your charged attack damage.

genshin impact sethos gilded dreams

Gilded Dreams, much like the Wanderer's Troupe, provides Elemental Mastery when you equip 2 pieces of this set. However, completing the set grants buffs upon triggering an elemental reaction, depending on the elemental type of your party members. You can either receive ATK for every other Electro unit in the team, or EM for a different type. Both of these stats can greatly benefit Sethos. 

Genshin's best F2P artifacts for Sethos 

instructor sethos genshin impact

Sethos is a character who does extremely well with transformative reactions because of the nature of his kit. That said, a low rarity artifact set, Instructor is a good starter set which gives elemental mastery to Sethos himself, and the entire team as well.

martial artist genshin impact

If you have enough elemental mastery, you can use the Martial Artist set instead which buffs your charged attack damage, even more if you have the 4-piece set. 

How to play Sethos Genshin Impact?

Wanna learn how to play Sethos Genshin Impact? Look no further as this guide is for you! Listed down below are his attacks, passives and constellations and how they work.

Sethos Genshin Impact

Sethos' attacks in Genshin

One of the standout features of Sethos' kit is his charged attack, which offers a unique twist compared to what we're used to seeing. Sethos' aimed shot has different effects depending on whether it reaches charge level 1 or level 2. Level 1 fires off an arrow that deals Electro damage. Meanwhile, reaching level 2 prevents you from moving around but will instead shoot a Shadowpiercing Shot that could pierce through enemies.

For his elemental skill, Sethos dashes backward upon activating it, dealing AoE electro damage. If it hits an opponent and triggers any Electro reactions, he will recover elemental energy, which makes up for the energy drain from his passive. 

Finally, his ultimate changes his playstyle. Activate the Ancient Rite: The Thundering Sands and enter the "Twilight Meditation" state which turns his normal attacks into enemy-piercing Dusk Bolts that deal electro damage to opponents in its path. This damage scales off Elemental Mastery

When building Sethos, be sure to max NA first as even his ultimate is considered as Charged Attack damage. 

Sethos' passives

Sethos' first passive in Genshin Impact, Black Kite's Enigma, reduces the charge time of his aimed shot based on his current elemental energy. With each Shadowpiercing shot or charge level 2 shot, he consumes a specific amount of elemental energy. However, if it's a level 1 charge, you'll only use up 50% of the original amount. But don't fret, as you can replenish your elemental energy using your elemental skill.

The Sand King's Boon on the other hand enables Sethos to obtain the Scorching Sandshade which ramps up the damage dealt by Shadowpiercing Shots by 700% of Sethos' EM. This effect gets cancelled after 5s after the Shadowpiercing shot first hits an opponent and/or after 4 of it strike opponents. 

Sethos' constellations

  • Constellation 1: Increases the crit rate of Shadowpiercing Shot by 15%.
  • Constellation 2: Sethos can gain 15 to 30% Electro damage bonus once passive talent "Black Kite's Enigma" is activated, if he regains energy from his skill, and while using burst.
  • Constellation 3: Increases the level of Normal Attack by 3.
  • Constellation 4: When Shadowpiercing Shot or Dusk Bolt strikes 2 or more opponents, all nearby party members gain Elemental Mastery.
  • Constellation 5: Increases the level of Elemental Burst by 3.
  • Constellation 6: Obtaining C6 refunds the elemental energy consumed by your Shadowpiercing Shot, provided that Black Kite's Enigma passive is activated. 

Sethos' ascension and talent materials in Genshin Impact

When it comes to a DPS character like Sethos, upgrading his character and talent levels is crucial to boost his stats and unlock additional talents. Now, if you're on the hunt for Sethos Genshin Impact ascension materials, we've got them all right here!

Sethos' ascension materials

Listed down below are the Sethos Genshin Impact materials that you will need to ascend him to level 90.

Level Material

1x Vajrada Amethyst Sliver 

3x Trishiraite

3x Faded Red Satin

20000 Mora


3x Vajrada Amethyst Fragment 

10x Trishiraite

2x Cloudseam Scale

15x Faded Red Satin

60000 Mora


6x Vajrada Amethyst Fragment 

20x Trishiraite

4x Cloudseam Scale

12x Trimmed Red Silk

120K Mora


3x Vajrada Amethyst Chunk

30x Trishiraite

8x Cloudseam Scale

18x Trimmed Red Silk

200K Mora


6x Vajrada Amethyst Chunk

45x Trishiraite

12x Cloudseam Scale

12x Rich Red Brocade

300K Mora


6x Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone

60x Trishiraite

20x Cloudseam Scale

24x Rich Red Brocade

420K Mora

In order to achieve his final ascension, players must keep these Sethos Genshin Impact materials in mind when farming:

  • 1x Vajrada Amethyst Sliver 
  • 9x Vajrada Amethyst Fragment 
  • 9x Vajrada Amethyst Chunk 
  • 6x Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone 
  • 168x Trishiraite
  • 18x Faded Red Satin
  • 30x Sergeant's Insignia 
  • 36x Trimmed Red Silk
  • 46x Rich Red Brocade
  • 420K Mora 

Sethos' talent ascension material

Listed down below are the Sethos Genshin Impact materials that you will need to ascend his talents to level 10. 

Level Materials

3x Teachings of Praxis

6x Faded Red Satin

12500 Mora


2x Guide to Praxis

3x Trimmed Red Silk

17500 Mora


4x Guide to Praxis

4x Trimmed Red Silk

25000 Mora


6x Guide to Praxis

6x Trimmed Red Silk

30000 Mora


9x Guide to Praxis

9x Trimmed Red Silk

37500 Mora


4x Philosophies of Praxis

4x Rich Red Brocade

120K mora

1x Daka's Bell


6x Philosophies of Praxis

6x Rich Red Brocade

260K Mora

1x Daka's Bell


12x Philosophies of Praxis

9x Rich Red Brocade

450K Mora

2x Daka's Bell


16x Philosophies of Praxis

12x Rich Red Brocade

700K Mora

2x Daka's Bell

1x Crown of Insight

To ascend Sethos's talents to Level 10, players will require a total of:

  • 3x Teachings of Praxis
  • 21x Guide to Praxis
  • 38x Philosophies of Praxis
  • 6x Faded Red Satin
  • 22x Trimmed Red Silk
  • 31x Rich Red Brocade
  • 6x Daka's Bell
  • 1653k Mora 
  • 1x Crown of Insight

How to get Sethos in Genshin Impact?

Sethos Genshin Impact is a 4-star character  that you can only get through the wish banners. His first rate-up banner is from June 5, 2024, to June 25, 2024, which is the best time to try getting him and his constellations. Keep in mind that even outside of this period, you still have a slim chance of pulling him from other banners.

Sethos Genshin Impact banner

That is all you need to know about Sethos Genshin Impact! If you found this guide helpful, don't forget to check out the rest of our Genshin Impact tips and tricks!

FAQ Sethos Genshin Impact

Is Sethos strong in Genshin Impact?

Sethos is an on-field main DPS boasting a fun playstyle owing to his ability to use normal and charged attacks, unlike other bow units. On top of that, he has a great set of constellations which could either make building him a lot easier or turn him into a more stronger damage-dealer. However, he struggles to compete with other on-field DPS characters in the game due to his lower stats as a 4-star character.

How old is Sethos in Genshin Impact?

Sethos's birthday is revealed to be May 31st, but there's no info on his age yet. It's speculated that he might be around the same age as Cyno, so he could be about 25-27 years old.

How tall is Sethos in Genshin Impact?

Sethos Genshin Impact is a medium-sized male character, standing at a height of 5'3".

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