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A writer with a love-hate relationship with role-playing games, gacha, MOBA, and first-person shooters. In her free time, you'll usually find her either whiffing her shots or recovering from a massive tilt.

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Genshin Impact All Characters

Genshin Impact Characters: Complete List

Genshin Impact is currently home to over 70 characters, and in picking the best characters based on your playstyle, surely you will never run out...

Genshin Impact 4.8 Preview

Genshin Impact 4.8 Preview - Summertide Scales and Tales

The Genshin Impact 4.8 Preview is out, showing off all the new content coming to the game. In this update, players can get a new Pneuma-aligned D...

Sigewinne Genshin Impact

Sigewinne Genshin Impact Guide: Build, Weapons and Teams

Looking for a solid healer to round out your team? Sigewinne could be just what you need!  This lovely Melusine, being the Head Nurse of the Fort...

Sethos Genshin Impact Guide

Sethos Genshin Impact Guide: Build, Weapons and Teams

Sethos is a four-star Electro character who is gearing up for one heck of an electrifying debut in Genshin Impact. Despite not being a high-tier...

Clorinde Genshin Impact Guide

Clorinde Genshin Impact Guide: Build, Weapons and Teams

Prior to Natlan's launch, Fontaine's Grand Champion Duelist makes a dazzling debut. Clorinde is an Ousia-aligned Electro Main DPS in Genshin Impa...

Wuthering Waves Astrite Guide

Wuthering Waves Astrite Guide: How to Get Them Fast

Astrite is one of the most valuable currencies in Wuthering Waves, and it's your ticket to getting the best resonators and weapons in the game! S...

Genshin Impact 4.7 Preview

Genshin Impact 4.7 Preview - An Everlasing Dream Intertwined

Before we venture into the blazing nation of Natlan, players can enjoy the final content from Fontaine, as showcased in the new Genshin Impact 4....

Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide

Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide | tips and advice

Are you a fan of addictive gacha games and pulse-racing combat? Then there's no reason to skip Wuthering Waves. In this new open-world RPG from K...

Wuthering Waves Tier List

Wuthering Waves Tier List: ranking of the best Resonators

If you're diving into Wuthering Waves and want to know which characters are worth your time, we've got you covered. Our Wuthering Waves tier list...

Wuthering Waves codes

List of Wuthering Waves codes in 2024| Free and valid

If you found yourself addicted to open-world RPGs, then Kuro Games' new futuristic, post-apocalyptic game might be your next obsession. In Wuther...

Philanemo Mushroom in Genshin Impact

Philanemo Mushroom in Genshin Impact: Farm Guide and locations

Genshin Impact is not only filled with enemies of different sizes, but also harbors various local specialties that can be used to ascend a charac...

Genshin Impact Canticles of Harmony

Genshin Impact Canticles of Harmony : Quest Guide

Fontaine has recently released the final subregions in Genshin Impact, the Nostoi Region, and the Sea of Bygone Eras, before heading to Natlan. T...

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