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Genshin Impact TCG best decks listed for Genius Invokation

Best TCG deck Genshin Impact of the Summoning of the Seven

If you're just starting out or want to get stronger at Genius Invokation, the Genshin Impact card game, this comprehensive guide will help you build your deck. With our tips and tricks, you'll know which combos are the most effective and the Genshin Impact TCG best decks in order to win as many games as possible, whether in PVP or in PVE.

What are the Genshin Impact TCG best decks?

Game of Genius Invokation, the Genshin Impact TCG with the Cryo deck

In the Genshin Impact TCG, the decks are composed of 33 cards: 30 action cards and 3 character cards. These 3 well-chosen character cards will be the basis of your strategy. You will be able to generate elemental reactions to inflict more damage or block your opponent. We have listed in this guide the best builds for your Genius Invokation decks, which will give you ideas for compositions to do with certain Genshin characters.

The Freeze deck: an ideal combo to slow down your opponent

The principle of the freeze top deck consists in playing Cryo and Hydro characters together to freeze your opponents' cards while inflicting 1 more point of damage. The frozen card will not be able to play for one turn. This will slow down your opponent's strategy considerably. This is a bit like Ashe's strategy in Legends of Runeterra, another TCG.

Genshin Impact TCG best deck: Cryo deck with Ayaka
Genshin Impact TCG best deck: Cryo deck with Chongyun
Best TCG deck Genshin Impact : Cryo deck with Xingqiu

Among the best options, I recommend the Ayaka / Chongyun / Xingqiu or Ayaka / Ganyu / Mona build. With Xingqiu's Elemental Unleash Hydro enchantment, you'll be able to apply Hydro with your characters' normal attacks. The mix of crowd control and damage makes this deck one of the best Genshin Impact decks in Genius Invokation at this point in the meta.

The Perforation Deck: One of the best decks in the TCG of Genshin Impact

The Perforation deck is one of the most offensive decks in Genius Invokation, relying on the Cryo and Electro elements. The Superconduct reaction inflicts 1 extra point of damage to the target, then 1 puncture damage to other opposing characters. You can therefore hit several cards at the same time.

Best TCG deck Genshin Impact : Perforation deck with Ganyu
Best TCG deck Genshin Impact : Perforation deck with Keqing
Best TCG deck Genshin Impact : Perforation deck with Fischl

We recommend you to play Ganyu / Fischl / Keqing. With his elemental skill, Fischl will summon Oz who will deal Electro damage at the end of the turn. While Ganyu will materialize a Cryo summon. Combining the two, you'll do maximum punch damage with this punching Genshin deck. Finally, Keqing will hit all enemy characters with his elemental rampage. If you're looking to switch up your characters and still have the power of this combo, check out our Genshin Impact TCG best cards tier list.

The Electro-Charged deck: a multi-target offensive deck

The Electro-Charged deck combines Hydro and Electro characters such as Keqing or Fischl, who can easily apply the Electro element. As a Hydro character, we recommend Mona, Xingqiu or Fatui's Mirror Maiden. This is an aggressive top deck right now.

Keqing map
Fischl card
Mona Card

The Electro-Charged effect inflicts an additional damage to the targeted character and one point of damage to all other characters in Genius Invokation.

The Evaporation Deck: one of the best single-target decks on Genshin Impact

Yoimiya Card - TCG Genshin Impact
Xingqiu Card of the Summoning of the Seven in evaporation deck
Bennett card of the TCG Genshin evaporation deck mill

The Vaporize deck is played with a combination of Pyro and Hydro cards. The reaction will inflict two extra damage to the target.

You will be able to Vaporize very easily with the Xinqiu / Yoimiya combo from Genshin Impact. With Xingiu's elemental rampage, all normal attacks will inflict two points of Hydro damage. And with his elemental attack, Yoimiya will enchant his normal attack to make it more powerful and do Pyro damage. By combining these abilities, you will be able to make big attacks (about 8 points of damage), enough to defeat a character card in one shot with some extra boost.

Diluc will also fit well into this deck due to its high offensive potential. You can also play Bennett to further increase damage or heal character cards.

The Melt Deck: One of the best combinations in the Genshin Impact card game

Ayaka card best Genshin deck
Yoimiya Card - TCG Genshin Impact
Bennett Card - TCG Genshin Impact

This deck is based on the elements Pyro and Cryo. You can play several different compositions like Yoimiya / Ayaka /Fatui Pyro Agent or Yoimiya / Ayaka / Bennett. Ayaka and Yoimiya are among the best Genshin Impact TCG characters.

Thanks to Yoimiya's elemental rampage, you'll enjoy a Pyro infusion on normal attacks, while Ayaka will perform normal Cryo attacks when you switch on her. This way, you'll get "Melt" on every hit. All elemental reactions are key to the Genius Invokation best deck, so make sure you cause as many of them as possible!

The Spread / Aggravate deck: a formidable offensive deck thanks to summonings

Collei Card - TCG Genshin Impact
Fischl card - TCG Genshin Impact
Keqing Card - TCG Genshin Impact

This deck consists of boosting Dendro and Electro damage. The combination of the two will inflict one point of damage and create a catalyst field. This increases the Dendro and Electro damage by one point for 3 attacks.

You can for example play Collei / Fischl / Keqing.

Collei and Fischl have the advantage of placing summons on the field and thus inflicting additional damage and reactions at the end of the turn.

Genshin Impact TCG Overloaded Deck: control your opponent's game

Razor Card - TCG Genshin Impact
Xiangling Card - TCG Genshin Impact
Fischl card - TCG Genshin Impact

The Overload effect generates two extra damage when an enemy is affected by Pyro and Electro. The reaction also automatically changes your opponent's active character. This allows you to hinder your opponent's card strategy while dealing heavy damage.

This TCG deck from Genshin Impact can consist of Razor or Keqing / Fischl / Xiangling.

How do you build a good deck in Genshin Impact ?

By now you know the best character card combos to perform in the Genius Invokation TCG, but there are obviously other combinations. The main thing is to find a gameplay you like and have fun.

Electro die card
Genius Invokation Artifact card
Genius Invokation Weapon card

But to have a good deck in Genshin Impact, we advise you to choose two characters of the same element and one of another in order to achieve elemental reactions. In addition, by having two characters of the same element, you will be able to use elemental resonance cards. These will allow you to get more elemental dice, to do more damage, to charge your elemental cards faster, etc.

Ayaka's skill card
Ayaka's skill card

You can also add skill cards related to your characters to improve their abilities. This will allow you to build an ideal Genshin deck for the current Genius Invokation meta.

Compose a deck in the TCG of Genshin Impact

Next, select equipment for your characters (based on their element). Artifacts will lower the number of dice needed for an attack (once each turn) and weapons will increase damage by 1. However, there are also other equipment with more specific effects such as boosting normal attacks or applying healing. During a game, make sure to equip them as soon as possible to make your character cards stronger.

You'll also need support cards and events to draw new cards, control your dice elements, charge your elemental rampages faster, etc. The best cards to play are in our tier list that I mentioned above.

Card game in Genshin Impact with the Perforation deck

That's it for this guide to the best decks of Genshin Impact in the Genius Invokation game mode. We hope this has given you some ideas for cool combos to make! Once you've chosen your character cards, don't neglect the choice of action cards to build your perfect deck. They will allow you to boost your characters and attack more easily. If you want to know more about how a game goes, don't hesitate to have a look at our presentation of the Genshin Impact TCG.

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