Bless Global release: an MMORPG that lives up to the trailers?

Bless Global release: an MMORPG that lives up to the trailers?

Dive into a medieval fantasy world populated by NFTs with the Bless Global release, the MMORPG from Tigon Mobile studio, on iOS, Android and PC. We reveal our first impressions on this play-to-earn game with an ambitious look, whose multiple trailers have greatly attracted our curiosity.

Bless Global released on Android, iOS and PC

After the opening of its pre-registration last August, Bless Global is now released on Android, iOS and PC. Tigon Mobile, who made this game, is also the studio behind Yulgang Online, a play-to-earn game with cartoon graphics.

Change of universe for Bless Global, which adopts a more realistic style highlighted in quality cinematics trailers. But what about once in the game?

At release, Bless Global features five different classes: Ranger, Priest, Berserker, Crusader and Mage. You can also adopt pets and various mounts to go on quests in this medieval fantasy MMORPG. During the exploration phases in the open world, we notice a care taken with the graphics, especially concerning the characters.

Bless Global release: gameplay

Nevertheless, the auto mode too present from the beginning, the heaviness of the movements and the lack of fluidity of the animations bring us back to reality. However, at first glance, Bless Global easily rises above the average of efficient MMORPGs.

The future of this play-to-earn title

Its play-to-earn business model works with two types of currencies. Corestals, which can be obtained in-game and converted into BLECs. BLECs, which can also be bought with real money, will allow you to open Mystery Boxes containing NFTs. I leave you with the table for more information on the subject.

The business model for the Bless Global release

If this Bless Global release on Android and iOS is also the opportunity to introduce the Marketplace and the NFT gameplay, the studio does not intend to stop there.

Indeed, in the second quarter of 2023, a new NFT class, the Assassins, will arrive, along with new gameplay mechanics. For the rest of 2023, the game will gradually integrate a duel server as well as group dungeons and a transformation feature.

So much for our first impressions of Bless Global release, a play-to-earn MMORPG that may interest fans of the genre. And to discover other titles, I redirect you to our top mobile MMORPGs.

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