This Project D trailer reveals an original multiplayer RPG

Official Project D Trailer for Hound 13 and Dragon Sword Mobile RPG

This winter, the cooperative RPG Project D is revealed in a trailer with images from its ongoing development in South Korea. This first Project D trailer comes more than a year after the original announcement of the Dragon Sword title by Hound13 back in July 2021. But it was worth the wait because the images of Project D are beautiful and promise a high quality mobile game.

Project D trailer reveals an enchanting magical world

The big RPGs on mobile are already numerous: Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy Dragon Raja, and many others. But the Project D trailer brings some fun and interesting new features. For example, in the images we can see a character riding a climbing dragon mount and even a flying squirrel.

The semi-open world of Dragon Sword (name at the end of the trailer) is colorful and makes the player dream, a bit like Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds before the announcement of its play-to-earn system.

Large-scale production makes us eager to discover Project D after this official trailer. The project's progress is also supported by Garena's investment in Hound13, which lays ground for an in-depth development on Unreal Engine 5. Moreover, we should be able to fully enjoy the game without farming in automatic mode. In fact, the developers plan to focus on manual mode to give more depth to the action and story.

Official Project D trailer in screenshot of the RPG on Android and PC

Release of the RPG Dragon Sword by Hound13

The world presented by the trailer of Project D, aka Dragon Sword before its release, and its graphic style may remind you of something. The studio Hound13 is also known for its work on the MMORPG Dragon Nest, which you may have already played since its release in 2014. Back then, the developers were working under the name Eyedentity.

Project D RPG gameplay screenshot

A bad buyout by Shanda pushed the members of the studio to create their own business, and now Hound13 is born. The Project D release date has not been announced yet, but the production of the title looks well advanced, as we can see in the trailer.

Trailer Dragon Sword Mobile Project D Story

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