KartRider: Drift release on Android, iOS and PC

KartRider: Drift release on Android, iOS and PC

Three years after the announcement of the first images in a trailer, it is finally the KartRider: Drift release on Android and iOS. Let's discover together what's in store for us in this new title from Nexon Company that plunges us into frantic races combining driving and strategy to cross the finish line first.

KartRider: Drift release on mobile, PC and consoles

Before the KartRider: Drift release on Android, iOS, PC and soon on consoles, Nexon had already developed a first game of the license: KartRider Rush+. Strongly inspired by Mario Kart Tour and Nintendo's license in general, this game offers kart races on extravagant tracks where you can collect various bonuses.

The characters from the KartRider: Drift release

In this new opus, players will have more choices to customize their characters, karts and accessories. In terms of gameplay, you'll have the choice of using the original game controls or the automatic mode with assisted driving for less experienced players.

KartRider: Drift features two main game modes. The Speed mode will test your pure driving skills, while the Item mode will require a bit of luck and strategy to win. Nostalgic fans of the old Gran Turismo games will be pleased to find the license challenges for a bit of single player challenge in a variety of events.

Added Time Attack mode with preseason

A few days after the KartRider: Drift release, we are currently in the preseason of the game. So you can get rewards by completing quests in daily events and challenges, as well as through the free and paid Racing Pass.

Time Attack Mode makes its debut in the KartRider: Drift preseason and allows players to compete in the high score leaderboard. Finally, the studio Nexom announced that the KartRider: Drift release would not have any impact on KartRider: Rush+ since both games will continue to evolve in parallel.

So much for the KartRider: Drift release on PC, Android, iOS and later on consoles. And if you're looking for more realism to challenge your driving, head to our top of the best car games on mobile.

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