TOP 11: Best multiplayer mobile games - Android & iOS

Best mobile multiplayer games on Android and iOS

Mobile multiplayer games are very popular with gamers around the world! Whatever the game platform (iOS, iPadOS, Android), online multiplayer games are a huge success. It's an opportunity to create team strategies or to face real players (and not AI) in PvP mode. In fact, the scene esport of some mobile games is very lively! The trap is to get hooked. Because in multiplayer mode, all styles exist, there is something for everyone. Whether it's a Battle Royale, a party game, a trading card game, a gacha game or a strategy mobile game, we have selected a game from each genre!
Discover without further ado our selection of the best multiplayer phone games to try! 🤩

EDIT: We have made a new top of mobile multi games, feel free to check it out!

The 11 best mobile multiplayer games (Android and iOS) to know

Let's discover right away this selection of the best mobile multiplayer games! Considering the huge number of multiplayer games available on the stores (hundreds of them...!), it goes without saying that we can't list them all. We have therefore selected 11 of the best ranked games to try out without delay!

lol wild rift icon

⚡️ LoL: Wild Rift

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We absolutely had to put it in first place! LoL: Wild Rift is the mobile adaptation of the famous League of Legends that we know so well on PC. It is clearly the best MOBA on mobile. Riot Games has done a great job with this port which is a real success. The game and the gameplay are very faithful to the original and perfectly adapted for smartphones and tablets. Obviously, the mobile multiplayer aspect of the game makes sense here! Are you a LoL fan? Go for the Wild Rift rankings without further delay!

🏆 Are you dreaming of participating in a small Wild Rift tournament between enthusiasts? We'll organise it for you and even give you skins and other rewards! 😀

Clash of Clans icon

⚔️ Clash of Clans

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available on google play
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One of the best mobile multiplayer games to come along in a long time is of course Clash of Clans ! There is little chance of getting bored with this totally addictive game. It's at the top of our ranking for the simple reason that multiplayer is the heart of this game. The goal? Create your fortified village, train your war troops, join alliances and win the clan war! Beautiful graphics and simple controls make this mobile game a must-have!

🔫 Call of Duty® Mobile

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Mobile Battle Royale games are very successful and are very popular with players. So we had to make a choice between all the titles that exist to bring you one of the best. In these games, PvP is rife and the multiplayer aspect is the basis. To win the game, you must be the last survivor of the battlefield. The graphics are excellent, very immersive and regulars of the "Call of" games will find the maps and weapons well known from the licence. An excellent mobile multiplayer game!

Call of Duty mobile multiplayer game

📱 This game is quite greedy and to run optimally, you need a good smartphone! Feel free to take a look at our guide to the best gaming phones.

available on google play
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Among Us would be nothing without multiplayer, as this is what makes this game so special! The colourful little character you play as will be either an innocent crew member or a vile, Machiavellian impostor ready to do anything to kill his buddies. Be loyal, be a traitor, be honest, lie! In short, use your acting and strategic skills to achieve your goals! A party-game cool game to play with friends.

Brawl Stars icon

🌟 Brawl Stars

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How can Brawl Stars not be included in a ranking of mobile multiplayer games? You can't! Indeed, the esport scene is effervescent and millions of players are totally addicted to these little brawlers. Multiple game modes , including ultra-fast 3v3 Battle Royale games. Cartoon graphics that we love, heroes with great skills and really fun games!

Summoners war icon

👼🏻 Summoners War: Sky Arena

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available on google play
available on app store

The thing about Summoners War is that it's totally addictive 😅. For fans of fighting games at turn-based, this is the number one multiplayer game! You have to be strategic, good prankster and you will progress in the game easily. Great concept, very cool gameplay, complete game... Beware, try it, you will adopt it!

Summoners War multiplayer game

📔 Check out our special Summoners War beginner's guide to optimize your start in the game!

Clash Royale icon

🎆 Clash Royale

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available on google play
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Clash Royale also features in our ranking of the best strategy games, but it's impossible not to mention it as one of the best mobile multiplayer games ! A tasty mix of card games and Battle Royale, Clash Royale delights us with its graphics, its game modes and its very active scene! esport and its very active scene!

💣 Bomber Friends!

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available on google play
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Amultiplayer mobile game par excellence, the aim of the game in Bomber Friends is to trap and blow up your friends. It's the law of the jungle, the first one to smash the other's head in. The graphics are very nice and the levels are very colourful. You'll have to be cunning to get the last one out alive!

Mobile multiplayer game Bomber Friends

hearthstone icon

🃏 Hearthstone

➡️ Se e all games like Hearthstone

available on google play
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With its different game modes and its very regular updates, Hearthstone is one of the best multiplayer trading card games! All the heroes of the Warcraft universe have come together to help you take down your opponent. The standard game mode offers you to challenge an opponent in 1v1 with a pre-built deck and a hero that you will have chosen among the 10 possible ones.
Then, the Battleground mode, it's an auto-battler, like TFT mobile. You have to face 7 players by creating a solid board. The choice of servants and their placement are decisive.

Other game modes will satisfy the addicts of the TCG arm wrestling, arena, single player adventure and, of course, ranked games to climb the ladder and win beautiful rewards season!

🔠 Scrabble® GO

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available on google play
available on app store

No need for a long speech to introduce Scrabble® GO! It's the mobile game that takes the principles of the timeless board game Scrabble. It's your chance to play online on Sunday afternoons by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate! Multiplayer, because you can play with your friends as well as with players from all over the world (and even with grandma who will be happy)! Triple word count and double letter count will be a thing of the past!

🔴 Pokémon GO ⚪️

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available on google play
available on app store

Ah, we walked for miles when this game came out! We were almost obsessed! You have to admit that augmented reality was a small revolution in mobile gaming. With the arrival of the multiplayer mode, Pokémon Go is naturally in this ranking! The goal of the game, you know it, "catch them all" 😉

Have you been won over by this selection of the best multiplayer mobile games to play with friends? Which one are you going to try? On Android or on iOSYou can even try them all on now, they are free of charge !
Tell us what your favorite multiplayer game is and why 😉 !

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