icône hearthstone
Downloads: + 10 000 000

Hearthstone is a collectible card game from the Blizzard Entertainment universe. You collect powerful cards to create formidable decks and compete against other players on a colourful virtual game board. You summon minions, cast spells or use weapons to take control of the board and dominate your opponent. Ingenious strategies must be devised to take advantage of the powerful combos offered by your minions. 10 heroes with 30 health points and a specific heroic power are available. Your 30-card deck will have to be built with a lot of thought according to the meta of the moment.

Neutral, rare, epic and legendary cards, you'll have to balance your deck well! Be careful to manage your mana crystals, which increase by one point per turn, and to use your cards at the right time! Their battle cry or death rattle effects can be devastating! How many legendary minions will you need to make your deck powerful? Will you reach the top of the Legendary rankings?

Different game modes will satisfy the most curious: arm wrestling, battlefields, arena, solo adventure and of course ranked games to climb the ladder and win nice rewards every month!

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