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Tier List Wild Rift: Best Champions by role

Tier list champions Wild Rift

Not all League of Legends champions have made the transition to LoL: Wild Rift, the mobile version of the MOBA. But there are already enough to choose from, as each has their own unique profile and arsenal of skills. It's not easy to pick the right champion at the draft stage, especially if you're just starting out. To help you out, we've put together this tier list Wild Rift of champions by role.
For each role (top, jungle, mid, ADC and support), we've selected the top three champions. They stand out for their individual power, but also for their accessible and efficient gameplay. They are great values, ideal for those who want to start and learn a new role.
We therefore advise you to buy them first in the shop to save time. After all, it takes a lot of hours of play and blue essences to buy all the champions...
This tier list Wild Rift is likely to change over time, according to the balancing (patches) and new champions. Therefore, we will update this article regularly. ⤵️

Tier list Wild Rift
Visit tier list Wild Rift to select the best champions!

What are the best toplaners in Wild Rift?

A toplaner can quickly feel a bit lonely in LoL: Wild Rift. Isolated on his sololane, he generally receives few visits because of his off-centre position. He spends most of his time duelling with his opponent. Consequently, the best toplane players in our tier list Wild Rift are strong and independent champions. This is especially true since there are no consumables in the mobile version of the MOBA. Therefore, the best toplaners have to manage and take advantage of 1 vs 1 duels.

Wild Rift toplaners
  • Darius, hand of Noxus: This proud fighter has made a strong showing in the Summoner's Rift. The champion is easy to play in any match-up. Darius deals a lot of damage while maintaining a solid defensive base. His ultimate also has great multi-kill potential.
  • Olaf, berzeker Olaf: This Viking is a real bulldozer in the jungle, but he is also a very good character in toplane. Even without items, he has a lot of damage from the beginning of the game with his skills. Moreover, he benefits from a very interesting regeneration to recover life points permanently. Once he has the advantage, he can snowball his duels without any problem.
  • Malphite, shard of the Monolith: a choice that may seem surprising, as Malphite is not a threat in 1v1. But it's a safe bet for players who are a bit lost. This tank is always useful in teamfights with his ultimate Force indomitable.
tier list Wild Rift: Darius
The king of dunks.

What are the best junglers in Wild Rift?

A good junglerAs explained in our guide to jungler Wild Rift, a good player must be able to complete two main missions. He must be able to quickly chain neutral monsters to get maximum gold and experience. But he must also be able to gank and help his lanes effectively, which requires control and/or a gap closer. Playing in the jungle is a science, but mastering certain champions helps a lot. Our tier list Wild Rift of junglers features strong champions that are accessible to all players, even beginners.

junglers Wild Rift
  • Lee Sin, the blind monk: Lee Sin is an iconic champion of the game. As well as being fun to play, he opens up a lot of possibilities thanks to his great mobility. The best players will chain the "Insec" but even without that, he is a very good jungler in all areas.
  • Gragas, the agitator: Gragas has a very easy to learn gameplay. With the ability to play him as a tank or DPS, his flexibility is his strength. Either way, he'll have no trouble farming and has plenty of crowd control for ganking.
  • Evelynn, the sadistic demon: as a mage-assassin, Evelynn is very fragile. A little weak at the beginning of the game, she has nevertheless an asset up her sleeve: she is invisible outside of combat. For those who don't know where and when to gank, Evelynn can do just about anything she wants!
Lee Sin
Beware of the rocket syndrome!

What is the best tier list of the midlaners in Wild Rift?

The role of the midlaner is central in nature. The player, placed in the centre of his team, can have an impact all over the rest of the map. In return, the other players take advantage of this to pay frequent visits to the midlane. In contrast to the toplane, the midlane is therefore under the spotlight almost permanently. However, it is difficult to establish a tier list Wild Rift for this role, as many profiles coexist. But some champions stand out for their general strength.

midlaners Wild Rift
  • Zed, master of shadows: Zed will make more than one opponent rage. In 1vs1, many match-ups are in his favour; he can snowball a game quickly. Moreover, he has no mana and is not limited by his energy. He has great mobility and poses a constant threat to all weak targets.
  • Ahri, nine-tailed fox A very popular mage-assassin. Ahri is simple to play and it's easy to understand his different combos. Her ultimate skill is ambivalent, to attack or flee. She has a good lane hold and can stand up to anyone.
  • Orianna, mechanical lady : Orianna is an excellent champion in lane who is not afraid of much. With her complete kit (shield, slowdown) she manages her duel perfectly by keeping her distance. She just lacks a bit of mobility. In teamfights, her ultimate allows her to do deadly combos with the rest of her teammates.
tier list Wild Rift Orianna
The orb obeys your every word.

What are the best ADCs in Wild Rift?

ADCs sometimes have the reputation of being princesses, especially because on the PC version they are often the centre of attention. Thus, they need a lot of resources and protection to shine. In LoL: Wild Rift, this tendency is a little less true. ADCs are a bit more independent, but to be top tier, a champion still needs to be able to deal a ton of damage.

ADC Wild Rift
  • Ezreal, prodigious explorer Ezreal is an excellent ADC, probably one of the most independent. With his arcane transfer, he has an excellent escape route. His damage depends a lot on the players' ability to hit their skills... But with the automatic aiming tool, it makes things easier!
  • Jhin, virtuoso Jhin is a champion who lacks mobility, but has a long range with his ultimate. A boon for shooting while staying safely behind your team. He does good damage and has a full utility spell kit with his skills, making him an ideal partner in botlane.
  • Draven, glorious enforcer: the champion of the beautiful game, which allows to snowball a game. Draven's players are destined to dominate their lane and take advantage of his indecent damage. From the start of the game and without equipment, he sends potatoes.
The secret: never run out of cartridges!

What is the best tier list of Supports in Wild Rift?

The support person is often mocked for being the assistant or slave of the rest of his team. No one can deny his utilitarian role, but this shadow player brings a huge added value to his mates. He makes the others shine. The Supporters of our tier list Wild Rift are all characters who can make a real difference.

Wild Rift supports
  • Braum, heart of Freljord The heart of Freljord: a tank that is dedicated to absorbing hits with its large shield. It has several crowd controls that allow it to be a real nuisance on the battlefield. In lane or in teamfight, it is a sure bet.
  • Alistar, Minotaur Like Braum, the cow is a tank support. Its headshot-spray combo takes a little time to master, but that's the only difficulty of the kit. It's a joy for players who want to go for it and take the initiative.
  • Nami, aquamancian Nami is a fragile utility support, unlike the first two champions mentioned. However, she has various bonuses to distil to her allies: healing, movement speed, bonus damage... But she doesn't just help her allies, she also has numerous crowd controls to hinder her enemies. Nami is a complete support that greatly facilitates the lane phase.
tier list Wild Rift: Braum
A shield can be a deadly weapon.

This is already the end of our article tier list Wild Rift. We hope you find these suggestions for the best champions useful and that they will help you to bet on the right horses before you go for the Ranked. The undecideds can take inspiration from this and play these champions with their eyes closed and they won't disappoint you!

For those who still want more, consider checking out our beginner's guide to maximizing your chances of winning at multiple levels 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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