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Guide Jhin ADC Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

Guide Jhin ADC Wild Rift

Shooters have a reputation for being very demanding mechanically. By nature, they have a lot of damage but often lack defensive capabilities. Jhin is no exception to the rule. This long-range shooter has almost no way to escape from the enemy or to protect itself. His positioning is not obvious and he is relatively complicated to play. For those of you who are still attracted to its unique shooter profile, we have put together this guide Jhin ADC Wild Rift! It should teach you the basics of playing this champion.

From his choice of runes to his itemisation to his double-edged passive, there is a lot to talk about with Jhin. Primarily played as a duolan, this useful shooter is never short of a round.

Recommended build for Jhin ADC: items, runes and skill order

Jhin is formidable in single-player Q and is part of our Tier List Wild Rift. But the build of a champion can vary depending on several factors. On the one hand, it depends partly on your preferences and your play style (offensive, conservative, individualistic, collective, etc.). On the other hand, it can vary depending on the situation (opponent composition and match-up). Our recommended build Jhin ADC Wild Rift is the typical and optimal itemisation in most cases.

build ADC Jhin Wild Rift
Recommended build for Jhin ADC Wild Rift.

Which build for Jhin ADC Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: The Infinity Blade and the Ultrafast Cannon are the first two items to purchase in any situation. They allow Jhin to have a large burst of damage over a short period of time and to take maximum advantage of its critical hits (passive and ultimate skill). The Ghost Dancer is finally a wise and balanced choice between attack and defence.
  • Boots : Gluttonous leggings remain the most common choice, but speed boots can also be interesting to facilitate placement and replacement.
  • Situational items: For your last two slots, you have several choices depending on the situation. TheGuardian Angel is a good value at the end of the game to get an extra life. Then see if you need armour penetration(Deadly Recall), life theft(Bloodlust) or extra mobility(Youmuu's Spectre Blade).

Which runes for Jhin ADC Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune : no debate, select the Legwork rune for sustain and bonus movement speed.
  • Secondary Runes: we love Triumph , which fits well with the identity of Finisheur from Jhin. Guardian of the Spirits is then very useful to avoid finding yourself in a bad position. The last choice depends on your play style but Hunting in a pack is a good choice if you play well in duolan.

Which skills should be improved first?

Of course, you should not forget to upgrade your ultimate skill as soon as possible. Otherwise the order of skills to upgrade is: Dancing Grenade > Deadly Blossom > Captive Audience

How to make good use of the skills of Jhin in EDA?

Passive skill Jhin : whisper
Whispers (passive)
An ambivalent passive that needs your attention. The 4th attack of Jhin is always a critical hit that inflicts heavy damage. However, you must then wait 2 seconds before you can fire again. Make sure you don't get stuck, either for farming or for fighting.
skill Jhin : dancing grenade
Dancing pomegranate
A projectile that bounces back to hit up to 4 targets. Each enemy killed increases the damage of the next bounce.
skill Jhin : deadly bloom
Deadly bloom
A long-range shot that immobilises targets that have been attacked by you or one of your allies previously.
competence Jhin : captive audience
Captive audience
An invisible trap that slows down the enemy who has the misfortune to step on it. A delayed explosion inflicts good damage if the enemy is left standing. Each enemy killed nearby causes a trap to grow automatically.
skill Jhin : curtain call
Curtain call (final)
A burst of 4 sniper shots that hits enemies in a conical area at long range. Each bullet stops after hitting a champion and slows down the target. The last shot is a critical hit that inflicts a lot of damage, especially if the victim's HP is low.
Ultimate skill of Jhin : curtain call
Be careful to throw the cone in the right direction!

The Dancing Grenade is to be used without moderation. In the lane phase, it allows you to quickly push the wave of minions. It is also a good idea to throw the skill in combat, when Jhin has no more bullets and must reload. This allows you to not be idle for 2 whole seconds. Deadly Blossom is a utility skill that allows you to immobilise enemies from afar.
It takes a long time to launch and it is not easy to hit your target... The auto-lock almost never works! So don't overuse it in combat to avoid remaining too static and don't hesitate to wait for your enemy to be slowed down, by Public Active for example. This trap is also useful to protect yourself and to give information on enemy ganks.

Finally, Rappel de ride au is powerful, but make sure you are safe beforehand so that you are not interrupted during your recital. Take a quick look around and above all, don't rush: take the time to aim the cone correctly so you don't aim backwards!

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Jhin as a shooter can easily cooperate with support type champions. Among them, he makes a good pairing with a champion like Alistar to chain-cc a victim. Janna Alistar is a more defensive choice, but the latter can effectively defend the shooter who suffers from his lack of mobility. On the other hand, avoid playing Jhin with Braum which will have time to freeze before the virtuoso can trigger the shield man's passive.

Alistar LoL: Wild Rift synergy with Jhin
The cowhide is a strong partner in duolan.

Counter from Jhin ADC Wild Rift: Who should we watch out for?

Several champions can make the life of Jhin quite unbearable. First of all, champions who can easily interrupt her during her recital. These include characters such as Ashe or Nami. Braum also fall into this category and can also easily block the sniper's shots.

Ashe LoL: Wild Rift counter from Jhin
Ashe and her Crystal Arrow can easily counter Jhin.

More generally, Jhin has no way to protect itself against assassins and champions who come at it. Playing Jhin against Olaf, Master Yi or Malphite is therefore a danger to be taken into account.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Jhin ADC Wild Rift

The different ranking levels of the game.
Visit Jhin on the official website of Riot Games

Jhin even more than other EDAs, must constantly limit its risk-taking. He has no skills to defend himself and it is essential not to waste your Flash. It is your only means of escape! Playing around the Murmur passive is not always easy, especially for beginners who are new to Jhin. The champion requires an extra effort to manage his farming, which remains the sinews of war on LoL: Wild Rift. However, don't hesitate to use your 4th reinforced attack wisely. On a very short exchange, 4th attack + dancing grenade, very few characters can stand up to him and his burst can surprise!

This is already the end of our guide Jhin ADC Wild Rift. We hope it will be useful for you to quickly climb the ranks in ranked. The champion is not easy to play and also requires you not to squint when aiming 😉
Check out all the other Wild Rift champion guides to learn all the tricks of your favorite heroes!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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