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Nami Guide support Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

Nami Guide support Wild Rift

Nami feels like a fish in water in LoL: Wild Rift. Whether you play her as a handheld or as a Sunday handheld, every player should add her to their arsenal to enjoy her intimidating presence in duolan. However, for those who might be afraid to take the plunge, the editors have prepared a hand-sewn Nami support Wild Rift guide for you. 👌 This one will teach you all the secrets to playing Nami, the vastaya aquamancian, well.
Nami ticks all the boxes of the right support character and isn't afraid of many people. To make the difference, the best players will learn to master the subtleties of the pick. Namely: crowd control rotations, positioning and item selection. We explain everything you need to know to master Nami!

Recommended build for Nami support: items, runes and skill order

Recommended build Nami Support Wild Rift
A very useful build for Nami.

Nami' s strength lies in her usefulness. Her skill set is not lacking in resources: speed bonus, damage bonus, slowdown, stun, heal... But as it's better to have too much than too little, the Nami support Wild Rift build seeks to give her even more possibilities. Of course, you will never have the power of a mage or the damage of an assassin, but you will have multiple options to make the difference in lane as well as in teamfight.
Remember that this support character is very pleasant to play and is also part of our Tier List of the best supports in the game.

What build for Nami support Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: To fulfill your role as a utility support, the triplet Harmonious Echo (more healing), Burning Censer (more damage) and Knight's Vow (shield) is essential. The order doesn't matter, but it seems hard to pass up these three items.
  • Boots : The Boots of Lucidity are the best statistical addition to Nami. They give her the opportunity to cast her buff and debuff skills more often. Several enchantments are possible but we have a soft spot for theShadow enchantment , which is as useful offensively as it is defensively.
  • Situational items: Nami has a lot of choices for her last two slots and has to adapt to her opponents' compositions. Athene's Unholy Grail and Rylai's Sceptre are sure values that always find their use. And let's face it, between support hands... a little power never hurts! The other solution is to make a tanky Nami with an Adaptive Helmet and a Randuin Omen.

What runes for Nami support Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: It's hard to beat the Aery rune. Nami likes to dominate her lane phase and this rune gives her an extra advantage to poke her enemies but also protect her duo.
  • Secondary Runes: Weakness (bonus damage on hindered targets) and Loyalty (bonus resistance in duo) are obvious choices, which fit very well in the gameplay of Nami support. For the last rune, there are several possibilities. For our part, we're leaning more towards the Maquis rune to get around the map faster.

Which skills should be improved first?

The classic order of skills to increase in priority for Nami is as follows: ebb and flow > Blessing of the Aquamancian > Water Prison. This last skill is quite useful, but doesn't gain much power with the ranks.

How to use Nami's skills in support?

Nami Skill: Surges
Breakers (passive)
A passive that does good service by increasing the movement speed of your allies affected by your skills.
Nami skill: Watery prison
Water prison
Nami throws a water bubble that traps all enemies in the impact zone for 1.5 seconds. They are thrown into the air and stunned.
Nami Skill: Ebb and Flow
ebb and flow
A multi-tasking skill that bounces up to 3 times on nearby allied and enemy champions. It heals friends, but wounds enemies.
Nami Skill: Blessing of the Aquamancian
Blessing of the aquamancian
Improves the next 3 basic attacks of an allied champion. They deal bonus damage and slow down targets. Can be cast on itself.
Nami Skill: Tidal Wave
Rising tide (final)
Nami throws a giant tsunami in a straight line in front of her. It hurts the enemies in its path while throwing them into the air and then slowing them down.

As all of Nami's skills are doubly useful, thanks to her Breakthrough passive, it is tempting to loop her spells in the lane phase. This passive is as valuable for running away as it is for chasing enemies. However, the aquamancian can quickly run out of mana, so her gauge must be watched. Ebb and flow is her most useful skill due to its ambivalence (damage/care). To maximise use, however, make sure the spell can bounce off at least one target! It is also a good way to hit an enemy or ally out of range by taking advantage of the bounce.

Blessing of the Aquamancian is a very strong skill to boost your ADC. But if you are not confident when aiming or want to go fast, click the skill once to boost yourself. As the saying goes, you'd better do it yourself!

ultimate skill Nami support Wild Rift
The Tsu-Nami has a large range and a wide area of effect.

Finally, a good Nami manages to chain Razor Tide and then Water Prison (also works in reverse order). This CC rotation renders your enemies harmless for several seconds, providing a golden opening for the rest of your team.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Varus: good synergy with Nami Support Wild Rift
Varus forms a very good duo with Nami.

Everyone can dream of having a Nami Support in their team. Because of her utility profile, she has a synergy with many champions. Strong in the lane, she is also always useful in teamfights. She is an ideal partner for Vayne , who suffers a bit at the beginning of the game. Draven also takes full advantage of this support to crush his match-up. Finally, Varus and Ashe can enter the CC rotation with their ultimate skill to further pin your victims to the ground.

Counter de Nami support Wild Rift: who should we watch out for?

Blitzcrank : counter of Nami Support Wild Rift
Watch out for the powered grapple from Blitzcrank !

Nami doesn't really have a counter and in the worst case, has faced a neutral match-up in duolan. However, you have to watch out for the mischievous players of Blitzcrankwho will be happy to serve you sushi. Nami remains a fragile character and any risk taken can be paid for in cash. More generally, Nami's crowd control will do nothing against a Olaf enraged. It is therefore best to avoid him if he shows up in the draft phase.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Nami support Wild Rift

ranking system and leagues

Nami has the advantage of being a powerful champion but also simple to play. She is the ideal character for those looking for a support pick. However, be careful not to get too caught up in theAquamancian Vastaya's Aqueous Prison . The skill is really not easy to place. So don't hesitate to wait until your target is hindered by your other skills or by one of your allies. There is no shame in going with the flow rather than engaging it. In your adventures, you'll also probably come across some smart guys who play Nami full AP, like a mage. We tested her out of curiosity, and we don't recommend going down this route. The champion has limited damage potential and does much better when following the utility path. 😎

We have reached the end of this Nami support Wild Rift guide. With all these tips, you should be ready to take to the water! Good luck in your next games, we hope you sink all your enemies!
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Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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