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Guide Blitzcrank support Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

Guide Blitzcrank Wild Rift

Rolling Golem doesn't gather moss. The players of Blitzcrank players are generally not lacking in humour and are often in the right mood. This metal golem is a very fun medium to play that is known and feared by all because of its propelled Grapin. After having martyred many ADCs on PC, it continues to make life difficult for them on LoL: Wild Rift. However, the robot cannot be limited to its simple hook and has other tricks up its sleeve. This guide Blitzcrank support Wild Rift reveals all the secrets of the champion. You will learn how to play the character to his full potential. ūüėÉ
Amongst the supports, Blitzcrank does not have a very conventional profile. However, he is still a very good champion who has several advantageous matchups in duolan. However, you have to master the use of his passive, know everything about his famous grapple and apply his skill combo in order. We explain how to play well Blitzcrank!

Recommended build for Blitzcrank support: items, runes and skill order

There will surely be a temptation to play Blitzcrank full-AP, hoping to turn the champion into some kind of assassin. This is not the optimal route and we advise against it. The metal golem has great tankyness potential. With the right items, it will serve as a frontline and can absorb a lot of damage, even in the middle of a melee.

Recommended build for Blitzcrank support Wild Rift
The metal golem is an unconventional tank.

What build for Blitzcrank support Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: It is difficult to do without a Protector's Vow and Zeke's Convergence for any self-respecting Blitzcrank . These two items offer life, resistances and a bonus to help your ADC (damage and shield). The Dead Man's Plate is also a very good defensive item that allows the golem to run faster. It is a boon for catching prey.
  • Boots: The two best choices are the Mercury Boots (magic resistance) and the Celerity Boots (max speed). In addition to their basic stats, they reduce the backlash suffered from overload.
  • Situational items: we recommend the two items of the beautiful game, the Frosty Gauntlet and theImpending Winter, which synergise very well with each other. Combined, they give a big armour bonus and a huge source of mana... The latter is very useful to increase the shield value of the passive. In addition, the Gauntlet creates a very disabling slowdown zone for the enemies you catch! A more conservative solution is to choose the defensive stats ofWarmog's Armour and Randuin's Omen.

Which runes for Blitzcrank support Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: Aftermath is the best choice to play Blitzcrank in support. The valiant robot has several skills to activate the rune and benefit from its effects.
  • Secondary Runes: Weakness is a great value for dealing more damage. It's up to you to choose between Spirit Keeper or Hunter - Titan as your second choice, both of which give HP and better resistance to crowd control. Finally, Pack Hunter should be your last choice to fit your support role.

Which skills should be improved first?

There are several schools of thought among players at Blitzcrank. Prioritise upgrading the Power Grapple and Steel Fist, which are the two most useful skills for the robot. The former is the flagship skill, but the latter is much easier to place! Overload, on the other hand, is quite useful, but does not require any particular investment.

How to make good use of the skills of Blitzcrank in support?

Skill: Mana Barrier
Mana Barrier (passive)
This passive offers a shield proportional to Blitzcrank 's max mana when the latter is dangerously low in HP. A good all-risk insurance!
Skill: Powered Grapple
Powered grapple
The key skill of the golem who throws his hand in a straight line to catch an enemy and bring him back to close combat. Warning: the first enemy on the trajectory (champion or minion) is the one who will be caught.
Skill: Overloading
A quick bonus in movement speed which is then paid for by a brief slowdown. Beware of the side stitch after a sprint!
Skill: Steel point
Steel point
Reinforces the next attack of Blitzcrank. It deals bonus damage and throws the victim into the air.
Skill: Stasis field
Stasis field (ultimate)
A skill that has a passive and an active. Passively, the golem's attacks are followed by a magical lightning bolt that strikes the target. When Blitz activates the skill, it deals magical damage to nearby enemies and silences them for 1 second.
Grapple propelled from Blitzcrank through a wall on Wild Rift.
It's possible to use a grappling hook propelled through a wall!

The combo of Blitzcrank is as simple as it is effective. Indeed, you generally want to get as close as possible to your victim with Overload to increase your chances of success. Then, you have to aim well to catch a priority target with Propelled Grapple and quickly follow up with Steel Fist. This last skill can even be activated in advance by anticipating the success of the hook to save time. From level 5 onwards, the Stasis Field asset comes into the equation to inflict extra damage and silence your enemy... He then becomes unable to use Lightning Jump or an escape skill. Also, don't forget that the grappling hook has a good range and can go through walls. As a good support, remember to use your vision beacons to surprise your opponents!

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Good synergy with Blitzcrank support Wild Rift: Jinx

Not all ADCs like to play with BlitzcrankThe champion has a bad reputation. This fun pick is often the default choice of summoners who don't want to play support but don't have the choice... However, the little robot has very good synergies with ADCs who have crowd control. With them, the golem can set up a CC rotation as deadly as unstoppable. So think of associating it in the draft phase with Varus, Ashe or even Jinx.

Counter from Blitzcrank support Wild Rift: who should we watch out for?

Counter at Blitzcrank support Wild Rift: Ezreal

The players of Blitzcrank players take great pleasure in catching enemy ADCs. But some of them are real soaps! Ezreal is known for countering Grapple propelled with his Arcane Transfer. On the support side, Alistar has a skill set tailored to respond to the golem in a pinch. He can even enjoy getting hooked to get closer to your backline.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Blitzcrank support Wild Rift

Ranking and league system in Wild Rift

What will make the difference between a decent player and a good player at Blitzcrank is the use of the powered grapple. You have to know how to seize the right opportunity and not waste the spell too quickly. When the spell is in recovery time, the champion will be able to run around a bit, but will be close to being useless, especially in the lane phase. The trick is to go back and forth to put pressure and threaten the opponent. He should get scared, play defensively and possibly miss valuable minions. In addition, it is advisable to stall your grapple to wait for a possible dash or lightning jump from your opponent. In a kind of psychological warfare, if your enemy cracks first, he will be totally helpless and will not be able to dodge your skill at all. ūüėé

Blitzcrank is a tankychampion who can stay in the middle of the fray and survive for a long time. With our recommended build that gives a lot of mana, he will also benefit from a huge shield. It's your job to block the way with your body and to multiply the Steel Fists to protect your allies. Finally, the propelled Grapple is not only a means of engagement, it can also be used to calm the ardour of an assassin or a tank which annoys your ADC.

Our guide Blitzcrank support Wild Rift is coming to an end. You now know all the secrets of the metal golem and should be able to enjoy yourself in Ranked and Normal!
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Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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