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Ahri midlane Wild Rift Guide | Build and Runes S1

Ahri Wild Rift Guide

Among the most popular champions in the League of Legends universe, Ahri surely holds a prominent place. A true icon, her beautiful gameplay and her numerous skins are a feast for the eyes. This fox-woman is a dream for many, but she is not so easy to master. With the help of our Ahri midlane Wild Rift guide, your dream will come true and you will learn all the secrets of this mage-assassin. 😎
She is mostly played in midlane. She can move in without fear, possessing a dominant lane phase and all-risk insurance with her ultimate skill. Her high mobility also allows her to shift very quickly to other lanes or to assist her jungler. To optimise your chances of victory, learn to make the most of her passive, repeat the skill combos to be performed and plan a good itemisation.

Recommended build for Ahri midlane : items, runes and skill order

Ahri midlane Wild Rift: recommended build
A relatively classic build for a mage.

Ahri is a mage and therefore inflicts magical damage. So equip her with items that increase her power. She is also considered an assassin, since with her skill combo she can easily destroy a weak target. Items that have active or passive properties that increase the vixen's burst are also welcome.
The champion has many strengths and is characterised by its versatility. She has no real weaknesses, for this reason we have placed her in our Tier List of Wild Rift champions. To make the pick even sweeter, we would also point out that it is particularly enjoyable to play in terms of its fluidity.

What build for Ahri midlane Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items:Luden's Echo is a great first item that increases Ahri's burst with its passive ability. To accompany it, the Morellonomicon and theInfinity Orb are perfect. They give power, reduce healing, and most importantly offer Ahri magical penetration, allowing her to do near-crude damage to vulnerable targets.
  • Boots: Gluttonous leggings offer a better lane hold to Ahri with sustain, but Boots of Lucidity can also have their place. In both cases, use the Ionian Stasis enchantment, which allows you to delay the battle and then get going again.
  • Situational items: There are several possibilities. For maximum damage, go for a Rabadon's Cloak (maximum power) and a Void Staff (magical penetration). If the enemies have no magical resistance, Liandry's Torment is a good choice (burning damage on hindered targets).

Which runes for Ahri midlane Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: The Electrocution rune seems to be mandatory and allows you to gain a small burst bonus.
  • Secondary Runes: Brutal is a must to gain damage. Regeneration is a bit of a default choice, but it gives Ahri a better lane hold to help her dominate her match-up. Finally, Mana Ribbon is very useful to avoid running out of ammo too quickly.

Which skills should be improved first?

Ahri is always looking to maximise his damage. Therefore, upgrade your skills in the following order: Orb of Illusion > Fireflies > Charm. The latter is the centre of your combo, but its power does not increase much with the ranks.

How to use Ahri's skills in midlane?

Essential flight
Essential flight (passive)
Ahri gains one charge per skill that hits an enemy (regardless of the type of enemy). After 3, her next skill heals the fox.
Orb of illusion
Orb of illusion
A projectile that injures enemies in a straight line on the way out (magical damage) as well as on the way back (gross damage). The orb always returns to Ahri even if she has moved in the meantime.
Turns on 3 fireflies that automatically attack enemies. They target the enemy affected by Charm or the last attacked enemy first. Ahri also gains a brief bonus to movement speed.

Ahri casts a charm that attracts the first enemy hit, forcing them to walk in her direction and preventing them from attacking for a brief moment. The charmed enemy receives 20% more damage from Ahri's skills for 5 seconds.
Spiritual assault
Spiritual assault (ultimate)
Ahri can project herself up to 3 times in the desired direction within 10 seconds. Each time she charges, she lights up 3 fireflies which injure the nearest enemy.

Ahri's basic combo is to cast Charm on an enemy first, before quickly following up with Orb of Illusion and Fireflies. In this order, if the kiss hits, it is impossible to miss his other skills. The enemy will also receive increased damage. In the lane phase, if your opponent is clever enough, he should hide behind his minions. But don't hesitate to use your Orb to attack him through his minions and push the wave. This dual-purpose skill should allow you to control the rhythm, while benefiting from the sustain given by Essential Flight.

Ahri midlane Wild Rift: scope of the ultimate skill
Ahri's ultimate allows you to pass through walls!

At level 5, Spiritual Assault opens up many possibilities. You can attack your opponent relentlessly using your great mobility. The other choice is to get to the other lanes quickly to make a difference. In teamfight, it is also a good way to engage, perform your basic combo, and then leave. Be careful not to use your 3 charges to rush into the crowd. Try to save one for the escape! 😜

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Good synergy with Ahri Wild Rift: Lux
Lux allows Ahri to shine an even brighter light.

The midlaner is alone in his lane and therefore does not necessarily need to have strong synergies with the rest of his team. However, Ahri can appreciate the support of champions like Lux or Malphite. The latter can control a priority target from a good distance, facilitating Ahri's basic combo.

Counter by Ahri midlane Wild Rift: who should we watch out for?

Counter Ahri midlane Wild Rift: Yasuo
Yasuo, a boss a little too strong for Ahri?

Yasuo the Exile is a rather complicated match-up on the midlane. He has no mana and can stay in lane indefinitely and watch Ahri slowly drain. Above all, his wall offers him an unfailing protection. He blocks kisses, orbs and fireflies... He is a champion who has a real advantage against Ahri, so it is better to avoid him in the draft phase.
It is also a bit complicated to play against Ziggs. He has more range than Ahri and it will be difficult to place your combo.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Ahri midlane Wild Rift

Wild Rift victory
Victory is yours!

The power of this fox-woman lies mainly in her basic skill combo. This is simple, but it deals heavy damage and can obliterate weak targets, especially with the extra damage ofSpiritual Assault. Goodmidlane Ahri players on Wild Rift will also know that this ultimate allows you to pass through the majority of walls, to surprise your enemies or take a run for your money. The recovery time of the skill is relatively low on an enemy gank , so don't hesitate to use it. Running away is always better than dying stupidly. An advanced mechanic also consists in playing with the trajectory of theillusion orb's return. As it always comes back to Ahri, it is possible to find amazing trajectories with a dash or a lightning jump.

Some may also try to play Ahri support. We tested it and the champion remains pleasant to play, but its impact is much more limited. Without having powerful items quickly, it is difficult to assassinate targets. We therefore advise you to stay on the middle path.
With this Ahri midlane Wild Rift guide, you have all the chances on your side to shine! 😉
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Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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