TOP 16: Best mobile strategy games on Android and iOS

Top mobile strategy games on Android and iOS

Looking for your new hobby? Mobile strategy games are very popular among gamers! Why? They allow you to use your thinking and strategizing skills to reach your goal. Their operation is well optimized to make thegame experience on phone or tablet very pleasant. Besides, they are among those video games whose gameplay brings satisfaction.
Discover right away in this article the different types of mobile strategy games and find our top 16 best mobile strategy games on Android and iOS ! Let's go ! 猡碉笍

The 16 best mobile strategy games to try

Discover right now our selection of the best mobile strategy games to try without delay! Strategy games are very popular on the stores. They are very popular among video game players in general. Here is our top 16 of this genre right now! The top mixes free games, paid titles and games included in subscription services like Apple Arcade or Netflix. Whatever your profile, 100% free-to-play or premium player, you will find the mobile strategy game that suits you in this ranking that gathers the best titles of the genre.


The best strategy game on mobile: Clash Royale

Clash Royale icon
Clash Royale
  • Free and versatile game with an active scene esport
  • Fast-paced games and various game modes
  • Frequent seasonal content

Number 1 of this top and perfectly indestructible, Clash Royale keeps its position of best strategy game on mobile. If you are not familiar with this little gem from Supercell, Clash Royale is a real time, fully PvP game with a large scene esport. I'd say it's the most complete game in this top, as it shines in everything that makes a good strategy game: theorycrafting possibilities, accessibility with increasing challenge, replayability, diversity of game modes with constraints and competition.

Unlock cards to add to your battle deck and participate in season challenges with Super cards to get all the rewards collectibles. With our deck-building tips at from Arena 4 to Legendary Arena, rack up battlefield victories, level up your troops, climb the arenas one by one and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Clash Royale best mobile strategy games

Clash Royale is graphically beautiful, totally addictive and its gameplay is well paced. It's not for nothing that it's in the first place of this ranking. Supercell treats us with this game (they are also the developers of Clash of Clans, which we'll talk about below). Best mobile strategy game of this top, it mixes 2 other types of games very appreciated by mobile players: TCG and Tower Defense.

The goal? Destroy the opponent's central tower by summoning your units. For each of your victories, you unlock different types of Clash Royale chests with rewards in gold, units and spells. It's free, so try it out!

With a constantly changing content, Clash Royale will not fail to surprise you and asserts itself as the best pocket strategy game for your smartphone on Android and iOS. For those of you who will be playing after this video, I'm currently at 5800 trophies without having pulled out the blue card.


Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited via Netflix

Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited
  • Strategy game with a more F2P-friendly business model
  • Become a real Pablo Escobar
  • Free with your Netflix subscription

On the second step of the podium is Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited powered by Netflix Games. As a very clean import-export based company, you're not hurting anyone. Well, except that you lead a Cartel in a quest for domination through blood and money. To achieve your full strategic power, upgrade your city and build a true empire recognized by all.

Top mobile strategy games Narcos Cartel Wars Unlimited

Forge strong alliances with players and annihilate enemies who covet your resources. Like Clash of Clans, create your own defensive city plan to protect your wealth and take revenge on your attackers. Narcos Cartel Wars has been around for several years, but Netflix recently updated it by removing any Pay2Win dimension.

So now you can take full advantage of it with your SVOD subscription and become a real drug lord and recruit the best sicarios to do your dirty work, while watching Narcos.


Clash of Clans, the timeless village that still resists the invader

clash of clans icon
Clash of Clans
  • Iconic strategic base building and PvP game
  • Increased in popularity and very active since the Clan Capital update

Clash of Clans (or COC to its friends) has been one of the best real-time strategy games for a long time, still holding a rightful place in the rankings. Developers Supercell know what they're doing when it comes to mobile strategy games, and they're treating us to a treat. In MMO mode, you must build and develop a fortified village, train troops to attack other players' villages and win clan wars. The principle of the game is based on clans with their own economy, hierarchy, base, etc. You will have to conduct conquest strategies as a team!

3rd of this top, the famous Clash of Clans finds its place among the best strategy games on mobile. Every day, strategically develop your small peaceful village into an impregnable fortress. Collect your resources, invest in your units and attack your opponents' towns to steal their precious loot.

Clash of Clans strategic and tactical city development game

As you unlock new buildings, remember to optimize the placement of your city's buildings to protect your resources as much as possible. I had a great time with my friends on this game and it's not for nothing because Clash of Clans emphasizes cooperation. In addition, the game has been trending lately with its many major changes such as the arrival of the clan capital.

So, create or join a clan and participate in wars where strategy and reflection will be your best allies. In solo, you have at your disposal a PvE campaign and many regular events, all illustrated with colorful graphics and mythical sound effects (Hog Rideeeeer). In any case, go and discover the clan capital and its raids. If you haven't played Clash of Clans in a while, it's time to get back to it!


Marvel Snap, the ideal strategic TCG

Marvel Snap Logo
Marvel Snap
  • Free game
  • Fast games and a huge progression curve
  • Slot and Snap Mechanics

One step ahead of the podium is Marvel Snap, the master class release of 2022. Whether you like the Marvel universe or not, you're bound to be won over by this fast-paced, fun strategy card game. Its reduced card catalog and its 10 minutes maximum sessions make it a very easy access mobile strategy game for beginners who will be able to quickly iterate with their deck to perfect it.

Top strategy games on mobile: Marvel Snap 4th

But Marvel Snap also stands out from other TCGs by two interesting mechanics: the locations and the Snap. The 3 locations are places in the middle of the game field that you will compete with your opponent to control and whose effects can turn the game around. But if you are sure to win, then don't wait to Snap your opponent like Thanos and double the rewards of the game... or lose everything if the victory escapes you because of a tactical mistake.

Marvel Snap is as refreshing as it is well thought out and breathes new life into strategic TCGs with its regular content updates that bring additional locations and maps. In Battle Mode, you can even participate in community tournaments and take on your friends in fierce duels.


Teamfight Tactics, a well thought-out tactical autochthon

Teamfight Tactics Logo Icon
Teamfight Tactics
  • Free game
  • Difficult to handle but pleasant by its tactical complexity
  • A different meta for each season

As a reference in the auto-battler genre for a few years now, Teamfight Tactics takes the 5th place in ourtop strategy games list. Whether you are familiar with the League of Legends universe or not, you will be won over by the game mechanics of Riot Games. Despite the fact that the game is a bit complex to learn, the final result of your games is as satisfying as it is deeply tactical.

In each session, the rounds follow each other with different possibilities: buy units, merge them to increase their power, equip them with items, fight creatures to get loot and finally fight other players' teams because at the end, only one will be left.

Riven, TFT patch 12.13 Anima Squad champion

One of the strengths of Teamfight Tactics is its regular renewal by major patch which modifies the TFT meta and forces players to adapt constantly. And if you're more of a chill type, don't worry because details all the new patches in very detailed articles for each content season.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile is the battleground mode of the famous game League of Legends (which is no longer presented either). In TFT mobileyou have to build a strong team by using different stratagems to defeat the 7 opposing players in turn. You don't master the automatic fights.

On the other hand, you have to build your team in the most strategic way possible (by aiming at synergies between heroes, for example). The game alternates between auto-fighting and preparation andoptimization of your board. The games last 30 to 40 minutes and the game is totally free (the proposed purchases are only cosmetic). We appreciate it!


Rise of Kingdoms

mobile game rise of kingdoms
Rise of Kingdoms
  • Almost infinite content over several months
  • Farming multi-account for tryharders
  • Political games between server alliances

6th best strategy game on mobile, Rise of Kingdoms invites you to choose your civilization and found your empire to dominate them all. Like a classic city builder, upgrade your city's buildings to produce more resources, unlock new technologies and create a powerful army.

Top Android and iOS strategic mobile games RoK

In PvE, take down barbarians to upgrade your commanders and collect treasure, then invade other players' cities in PvP to steal their resources and, incidentally, burn them to the ground. Tactical battles take place in real time on the massive server, so keep an eye on your lands and remember to teleport near other members of your alliance for protection.

The interest of Rise of Kingdoms is its huge map, its resource mines, its control points in alliance, its power games and its progress always tense towards the heart of the map for which all the big alliances will kill each other.

Rise of Kingdoms best mobile strategy games

Developed by Lilith Games, the game is available for free. If you don't know this giant of the genre yet, go ahead and enter the legend! However, even though Rise of Kingdoms is free-to-play, pulling out the blue card will give you a definite advantage over other players.


Bad North, the fight against the barbarians in tower defense

Bad North Jotunn edition Logo
Bad North
  • Very complete tower defense
  • High and varied challenges after level
  • Premium game at a low price

Take your courage in both hands and repel the Viking armies in Bad North, the title in 7th position of this ranking. Embark on a journey to the great Viking north with this indie game available for 4 euros on the stores. Arriving on your island after a journey by drakkar, you find yourself in command of small groups of units in charge of defending it.

You are responsible for finding the best strategy to repel the waves of enemies while losing as few soldiers as possible. Deploy your small army and opt for swordsmen, archers or pikemen. With each victory, progress through the story mode, upgrade your squads and unlock skills. With additional actions, heal your units in battle and throw bombs into enemy lines to create panic in the ranks during your battles.

And if the tactical battle gets too tough, escape by boat to save your proud soldiers. Although the gameplay is very simple, each new island brings its own surprises and the high replayability of Bad North promises many hours of fun.


Clash Minithe autochthonous Supercell

Icon Clash Mini Logo
Clash Mini
  • Pure strategy
  • 100% PvP experience
  • Very practical tactical pocket game in portrait mode

We continue with the 8th game of this top of the strategy games, Clash Mini. In this auto-battler signed by Supercell, gather characters from the Clash universe in an unstoppable deck and send them to the battlefield of miniature figures. Choose a hero to lead your troops and take advantage of his or her power in each round.

On the board, place your miniatures judiciously according to their cost, their abilities and anticipate your opponent's moves to win. In free-to-play or with the Mini Pass, get rewards by completing missions and improve your units. Alternate between the 1v1 mode in which you must be the first to win 3 rounds and the rumble mode with various opponents to rank at the top of the competitive ladder.

Clash Mini is an excellent strategic alternative to the similar auto battler games and this Supercell title is available for free download on TapTap worldwide or on the Finnish Appstore while waiting for its release in France on the usual stores. If you find the game unavailable on the usual platforms, you can also download it as an APK here.


Into the Breach, tactical perfection in pixel art

Into the Breach Icon
Into the Breach
  • Sublime pixel-art design
  • Clockwork interesting tactic of anticipating enemy moves
  • Free via Netflix Games

Adapted by Netflix on mobile, Into The Breach rises to the 9th place of this TOP. In a futuristic setting, your goal is to save humanity from the alien threat. This translates into a strategic gameplay at turn-based. On the field, take control of different mechas and eliminate the alien threat while protecting the human buildings on the ground.

Particularly complete in its game mechanics, Into The Breach stands out from other titles in its approach: you can see the moves the enemy units are going to make and you have to think of a maximum of combos to prevent them from harming you each turn. You can even use the environment to your advantage in your battles. Push land monsters into the water and hide from flying beasts behind mountains. Also remember to choose your squad members wisely and equip them differently depending on your mission.

And, if the alien hordes overwhelm you, you still have the option of going back in time to save humanity in an alternate time version. Available with your Netflix subscription, Into The Breach will make you rediscover strategy in a new way, in a futuristic and oppressive atmosphere. This is one of the best tactical games available on the phone.


Rush Royale

Rush Royale Icon Logo
Rush Royale
  • Tower Defense in PvP
  • A colorful mix of game genres
  • Additional cooperative strategy mode

First exclusively PvP title of this top, Rush Royale is a must-have of the multiplayer Tower Defense genre, and reaches the 10th place of this ranking. The title first invites you to compose your deck among several dozens of different cards before facing players from all over the world in 1v1. During your games, increase the attack power of your units by merging them and stay alive longer than your opponent to win.

And if you lose control, you can use your hero's ultimate skill to turn the tables. As you play, try to improve your ranking and unlock new rewards to upgrade your maps. And if you prefer cooperative modes, invite your friends to join you on Rush Royale, for free.

You can face hordes of enemies and formidable bosses together every day. With its multiple game modes and its innovative tower defense formula, Rush Royale should be included in this ranking of the best strategy games on the phone.


Plague Inc, the ever-changing strategy

Plague Inc. Icon Logo
Plague Inc.
  • Choose your mutations to create a COVID of the future
  • Take revenge on the pandemic by controlling it personally

And it is Plague Inc. that reaches the 11th position in this top. The world-famous virus-spreading title has simply skyrocketed in popularity on the stores thanks to Covid-19. In Plague Inc. you are in control of spreading your virus on a global scale.

Take on all the researchers and vaccines by developing new variants and mutating your destructive little virus strategically. Also learn how to manage your resources and not blow it all on your virus' propagation methods. This will help you prolong the duration of the infection, for example.

Moreover, if you are tired of spreading a simple virus, you can look into a parasite to control humans or a bacterium that turns into a vampire. Beach Inc. is a bit of a release to destroy the world and end lives without any remorse. Frankly, after a bad day, it's relaxing.


The Battle of Polytopia : when polygons simulate Civilization

Icon the Battle of Polytopia
The Battle of Polytopia
  • Available for free
  • Strategic simulation of your colony and civilization expansion
  • More information on the official website

The Battle of Polytopia is a free strategy game in isometric view. Your goal is to control the map by discovering new lands and fighting enemy tribes. To do this, you will master new technologies, grow your population and collect income to invest in your warriors or new structures. Your goal? Become the most powerful civilization. Original and efficient experience on mobile with nice graphics!

Battle of Polytopia best mobile strategy games

In 12th place, The Battle of Polytopia is the winner. Excellent strategy game at turn-based on mobile in 4X format, this title becomes addictive when you understand its subtleties. Choose your tribe, start by hunting and gathering, then build an army, develop new technologies and conquer the entire automatically generated map.

The Battle of Polytopia offers a free PvE experience, but you will have to spend some money in-game to play against other players or with your friends. Nevertheless, the game offers many modes and ways to play to constantly renew your experience, online and even offline.

Thanks to its strategic depth, The Battle of Polytopia has become an ideal game for training AIs and opening up toesport. This 4X title offers a refreshing tactical experience inspired by the Civilization license, and, if its low-poly style doesn't scare you, it's a must-have strategy game on mobile.


PVZ 2: Tactical war between plants and zombies

Plants vs Zombies 2 Icon
Plants VS Zombies 2
  • Cartoon atmosphere for a tactical game
  • Easy to handle
  • Completely addictive

In 13th position, we find a tower defense must-have: Plants versus Zombies 2. In this crazy but strategic title, repel hordes of zombies with the help of your hormone boosted plants and don't let them eat your brains. PVZ 2 features over 300 levels across different eras from ancient Egypt to the distant future.

Plants vs Zombies 2 best mobile strategy games

This cult license is to discover or rediscover without hesitation to enrich your catalog of strategy games on mobile. The zombies are easy to handle at the beginning, but you'll have to think twice to defeat the toughest bosses. As you progress through the game, you will discover its complexity and all the possible combinations it has to offer.

I loved playing the first opus as a child and I can only recommend you to try Plants vs Zombies 2 which is available for free on Android and iOS, even if we regret a bit its in-game economy.

You may have already played the first version (which was already excellent), but Plants vs Zombies鈩 2, rocks even more! The graphics are crazy and super colourful, we love it! You don't know the principle? It's simple, we're really on a mainstream strategy game in tower defense mode completely crazy. As a proof, you have to face hordes of zombies and other funny monsters with the help of plants shot with fertilizers judiciously positioned. Be careful, the zombies must not get to your house!


Isle of Arrows, tower defense premium original

Isle of Arrows Icon
Isle of Arrows
  • Tower Defense excellently realized
  • Very high challenge with daily challenge
  • You create your own playing field during the games

We go on with Isle of Arrows, a premium tower defense with a daring gameplay. You start with a crystal to defend against waves of enemies, but everything gets complicated very quickly. The crystals accumulate and the choices of trap or path to slow them down and kill them become heartbreaking.

However, it's up to you to organize your defense properly to prevent enemies from reaching you. Set up poison traps, ice traps, fire traps, and a host of other deterrents in your path. In addition to strategically placing your buildings between rounds, you'll need to shape the terrain to create space for yourself and lengthen your opponents' run.

This game is a pure challenge for strategy fans, and is a team favorite. Finally, choose from different classes to vary your play style and challenges while learning to manage your economy over the course of the game. Available for 6.99鈧, Isle of Arrows will keep you interested thanks to its daily challenges and its high replayability, which allows it to offer an infinitely renewable strategic experience.


Reigns: Three Kingdoms & Reigns and Lapse Game Series, the strategy that swipes

Reigns: Three Kingdoms Icon
Reigns: Three Kingdoms
  • Ultra simple swipe gameplay
  • Narrative-oriented strategy
  • Aspect roguelite to progress in the story

In 15th place is Reigns, one of my favorite narrative strategy games. The various installments in the series offer themes ranging from the reign of a mere to king to the Game of Thrones universe. And here, we are particularly interested in the version released by Netflix last November: Reigns: Three Kingdoms. Through a simple and intuitive gameplay, you will have to swipe left or right to make important decisions.

This new opus takes you on an epic journey inspired by the history of the most famous Chinese dynasties. In Reigns, it's all about decisions, so you'll have to anticipate all the consequences of your choices to keep your kingdom in shape. The Three Kingdoms game features a combat system new to the license to vary the in-game strategy, and you'll even be able to play against other players in a competitive manner. You'll also have access to various side quests in case you get bored of the main quest.

In short, Reigns is an innovative gameplay, with an original and very complex story, all to consume without moderation. Conclusion, discover the whole series of Reigns games in premium on mobile, or rather lean towards its latest game available for free if you are a Netflix subscriber. And, if you don't have a cent to spend, the free alternative with the same gameplay is called Lapse, I recommend you to test it!


Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, strategy in Middle-earth

Lord of the Rings: Rise to War Icon
LOTR: Rise to War
  • For fans of The Lord of the Rings
  • Reset progress each season for game servers
  • Game content for years of grind

Finally, Lord of the Rings: Rise to War ranks 16th in this top of the mobile strategy games. In this MMORTS, found your city, hunt the monsters around you in PvE and kill your little opponents in PvP quickly to grow faster than in To succeed, build your army of elves, dwarves and all the races and heroes that populate Middle Earth.

Once you are ready for battle, set out to conquer the server. Your ultimate goal will be to reach the unique ring by overthrowing all those who stand in your way. As a multiplayer strategy game, LOTR: Rise to War invites you to form your own community or join an alliance to participate in common wars and share the joys of adventure with your new friends.

In-game, we feel very well the atmosphere of the Lord of the Rings and this title will delight the fans of the license. The little plus is that the servers reset every season which allows you to easily start a new account, even if it will always be difficult in pure free-to-play.

The different types of mobile strategy games

Strategy games, whether on mobile or PC, fall into different categories that are quite different in their gameplay. A main distinction is made between RTS( real-timestrategy ) games from strategy games at turn-based. But the term is quite broad, since strategy is also used in some management or simulation games.

Generally speaking, playing strategy games is a real pleasure. Building, creating, anticipating, managing, thinking, we've all played this kind of game and stayed in it for hours. Their big advantage (and not the least), is that this game format is very well thought out for mobiles and touch (so it works very well on tablets too). Unlike other games ( action, adventure or RPGs) where you are more comfortable using a controller, mobile strategy games are played more slowly and do not require reflexes. Your brainpower and common sense will come in handy here.

In this selection of the best mobile strategy games(Android and iOS), we have chosen to present you different styles of games so that everyone can find something to their liking! Of course, we have our own preferences, but we tried to remain objective 馃槆 !

Selection of games in this ranking

Did you like this selection of the best mobile strategy games ? Which one will you try? If you don't find any game to your liking, you can always check out our selection of the best gacha games 馃槈. You will surely find a game that suits you.
On Android or on iOSinstall the game of your choice without waiting, you can even try several, most of them are free !

Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments what your favourite strategy game is 馃槈 ! And for more gaming convenience, we invite you to check out our buying guide for the best gaming phones of 2020! 馃憣

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