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Starting a gacha game is not something you decide to do lightly, because there are so many titles available (and they're all free). You'll need to invest a lot of time to build up a collection worthy of the name. The gameplay, story and world of the game are all important elements. We're here to guide you through this crucial choice by giving you all the information you need, game by game, in this top 15 best gacha games on Android and iOS. So go ahead and enjoy your experience, on both tablet and smartphone!

The 15 best gacha games to try out on Android and iOS mobiles

We've put together a short list of the best gacha games to start you off on the right track. Let yourself be drawn into the"collection " aspects and test your luck with these games. Check out our Top 15 best gacha games on Android and iOS.


AFK ARENA: The best gacha game on mobile

AFK ARENA Best Gacha games
  • Free on Android and iOS

  • Lots of characters from other licences

  • Regular, fun events

In 1st place in this ranking of the best gacha games is AFK Arena, which has been very popular since its release. With regular updates, added content and less of a pay-to-win aspect than some of its rivals, this gacha still has a bright future ahead of it. Lilith Game has hit the nail on the head with this mobile game, available on Android and iOS, and it stands out from the crowd.

AFK Arena Best games Gacha

Between magic and heroes fighting against the invasion of darkness, your aim will be to build the best team to get through the story. PvP and PvE, different game modes will give you the opportunity to quickly upgrade your heroes and equipment. Graphically, it's a great success, easily standing out from other gachas in the genre, with exceptional rendering on both smartphone and tablet. It's ranked as the best of the best gacha games, and not for nothing!

Bonus: Find all our tips on AFK Arena (guide to getting started in this RPG, the best compositions for beginners, etc.).


Summoners War

Summoners War icon
Summoners War
  • Impressive number of characters available

  • 3 PvP modes

  • Available for free on Android and iOs

On the 2nd step of the podium in our ranking, this turn-based strategy mobile game par excellence, Summoners War has established itself as one of the best gacha games since its release in 2014. Always at the top of the leaderboard thanks to its many regular updates, it attracts a growing community every year.

Gameplay Summoners War best games gacha

In Summoners War, you plunge into an imaginary world full of monsters, and must wage fierce combat against increasingly robust opponents. The aim is to improve your monsters so that you emerge victorious from PvP or PvE battles.

Just starting out in Summoners War? Check out our beginner's guide to get the game off to a good start!


Genshin Impact

Genshin impact icon best gacha games
Genshin impact
  • Breathtaking scenery

  • Free on Android and iOS

  • Exceptional gameplay and varied quests

In 3rd place in this list of the best gacha games on Android and iOS is Genshin Impact. This open-world RPG action game, Hoyoverse's flagship title, boasts stunning gameplay. Set in the lands of Teyvat, you take on the role of a traveller determined to find his twin brother, who has been captured by sorcerers.

Genshin Impact, gacha game on Android and iOS

This is a very complete world, so click quickly on our tips to discover the secrets of this must-have game for smartphones and tablets.

In combat, you can switch between the characters in your collection to vary your skills and make the most of the elements that each character masters to perfection. It deserves its place in the top three of the best gacha games!

Cookie Run Kingdom icon
Cookie Run : Kingdom
  • Cookie dubbing and gameplay to try out

  • Varied and fun PvP and PvE modes

  • Extreme customisation of your character and your world

At the foot of the podium, we find Cookie Run: Kingdom, a sweet little nugget that perfectly belongs in this ranking of the best gacha games on Android and iOS. Join the ranks of cookie warriors and recruit an army of sweet biscuits to win the battles. Summon on banners and discover unique characters from crossovers.

Gamleplay Cookie Run Kingdom

In PvE you'll experience excellent combat sensations, and in peacetime you'll manage your colourful world by customising it as much as possible. After all, you're unique too. And there's strength in numbers, so join a guild and play with your friends.

Don't miss out on this opus and savour our batch of Cookie Run: Kingdom tips for a feast of playful moments.



Arknights icon
  • Tower Defense RPG

  • 200 characters to collect

  • Free to play on Android and iOS

In 5th place in this ranking of the 15 best gacha games is Arknights, a magnificent tower defence RPG inspired by the original anime. With your operators, defend the island of Rhodes and fight to save the planet Terra. This game has a real tactical component, and Arknights lets you really take control of the battles.

ARKNIGHTS top 15: best gacha games on Android and iOS

To repel waves of enemy attackers, you need to use your operators intelligently. But with 200 characters with different skills, it can be hard to find your way around. Don't panic, you've got the Tier List of Arknights characters at your disposal, as well as a beginner's guide to give you the best chance of success from the very first click.


Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy icon
Tower of Fantasy
  • Alternate between combat and exploration.

  • Regular content updates

  • Available free on Android and iOS

Tower of Fantasy comes 6th in this list of the best gacha games. After fully customising your character, you set off to discover Aida, humanity's last refuge. This magnificent open-world MMORPG will give you plenty of challenges to overcome. It's great fun to play on a smartphone, but the tablet will give you an even bigger panorama!

Gameplay for Tower of Fantasy

The treasures are defended by unpleasant guards, so you'll need to draw your weapon(simulacrum). Bullet time animation adds to the hard-hitting gameplay, allowing you to switch weapons during combat. The more simulacra you collect, the more you can combine them to create explosive combos. Don't miss our Tower of Fantasy tips to stay one step ahead of your enemies.


Epic Seven

Epic Seven icon best games gacha
Epic Seven
  • Characters from a variety of worlds

  • Multiple free game modes

  • Full French translation

In 7th place in this ranking of the best gacha games for Android and iOS, we have Epic Seven, a Gacha RPG that lets you discover a gigantic world with lots of things to do. The fantasy world is very pleasant and the story is rich. Anime fans will love the graphics.

Epic Seven, gacha game

With the help of the large community of players, you can form your own guild or join one to defeat powerful raid bosses. Look forward to hours of fun on your smartphone or tablet with one of the best gacha games on Android and iOS!


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
  • The same voices as in the anime

  • Over 2000 characters available

  • Real-time PvP

With a huge fan base, Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle has climbed to 8th place in this top 15 list of the best gacha games on Android and iOS. The official voices of the anime accompany you on this adventure based on the famous manga. In combat, play with a puzzle system to maximise damage and defeat your opponents in a deluge of colourful moves.

gameplay for Dragon Ball Z dokkan Battle best games gacha

Over 2,000 characters are available to form your dream team and rediscover the iconic story of Dragon Ball from your smartphone or tablet. The first Dragon Ball to be released on mobile hasn't lost any of its superb appeal, and deserves a quick review. Let us know what you think! You can even play it on your computer (Mac or PC) by following our guide.


Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force
Marvel Strike Force : RPG
  • Real-time arena PvP

  • Play as your favourite Marvel characters

  • Free-to-play on Android and iOS platforms

In 9th place on this list of the best gacha games is Marvel Strike Force. Whether you're playing on Android or iOS, you can enjoy this title for free on both platforms. A turn-based role-playing game, this gacha game is set in the Marvel universe. You can collect well-known characters (heroes, super-villains or generic characters from major organisations). You'll use them in 5v5 turn-based battles.

Marvel Strike Force

You can unlock your heroes by buying them with in-game currency hard earned by postponing battles. Marvel fans will be won over. Without doubt, one of the best gacha games to try out!


RAID: Shadow Legends

Shadow Legends RAID icon
RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Turn-based combat

  • Several game modes

  • Free with integrated purchase system

Ranking 10th in this list of the best gacha games, RAID: Shadow Legends, or RSL to its friends, is an RPG-style gacha mobile game available on Android and iOS. Like Summoners War, it features a turn-based combat system. In fact, the 2 games are similar in terms of their gameplay, only the graphics are very different.

Raid Shadow Legends best games gacha

The Gatcha aspect also comes into play here with the creature collection system. The game features over 300 champions of different classes and ranks that you can collect. PvE in an arena or PvP in a dungeon, there are plenty of ways to play and test your champions!

Our RAID: Shadow Legends Beginner's Guide will help you get off to a good start in this game, ranked as one of the best gacha games!


Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes Icone
Idle Heroes
  • + Over 400 heroes available and 7 factions.

  • Available for free on Android, iOS and PC

  • Colourful cartoon universe.

In Idle Heroes, 11th in this ranking of the best gacha games on Android and iOS, you must defeat the forces of evil as heroes. A tactical RPG available on Android and iOS, Idle Heroes is one of the best games to try out. The graphics are great and the gameplay is enjoyable.

Idle Heroes characters

Take advantage of an offline mode and send your heroes into battle while you're at it - you'll get your rewards as soon as you log back in. More than 400 heroes await you for epic battles and heroic quests. PvP, PvE, multiplayer, Idle Heroes will blow your mind. Try out this title, highly ranked among the best gacha games of the moment!


SDS Grand Cross

SDS Grand Cross icon
The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross
  • Original anime voices

  • Turn-based combat with cards in hand

  • Varied gameplay with combat and exploration

In 11th place in our ranking of the best gacha games, this action-RPG mobile game tells the story of the manga The Seven Deadly Sins. This turn-based tactical RPG features exceptional graphics and cool gameplay. Using the summoning system, you can unlock and play as all the characters from the manga. You can then collect them, improve them and, of course, make them fight.

Seven Deadly Sins best games gacha

Several game modes are available(PvP, PvE). The gacha aspect is also present, with crafting, equipment boosts and random character draws. You'll just have to rely on luck! Tell us what you thought of this great game in our ranking of the best gacha games for Android and iOS!


Mobile Legends Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure Icone
Mobile Legends Adventure
  • Quick daily quests and generous Idle

  • 100 characters available

  • Free on Android and iOS

Mobile Legends Adventure comes 13th in this ranking of the 15 best gacha games for Android and iOS. We're back in the world of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang MOBA, and this new opus is billed as a Gacha Idle RPG. Mobile Legends Adventure's great strength is its respect for the human behind the player, with quick daily quests and generous AFK farming. However, the very cool gameplay will have you playing a lot.

Mobile Legends Adventure

You recruit your heroes from over 100 available characters and you can adapt the elements of your heroes thanks to the World Tree, which is a bit of a change from theorycraft.

If you're looking for one of the best gacha games that doesn't get in the way of your schedule, this is clearly the one for you. What's more, it's available for free on Android and iOS platforms.



Dislyte icon game best games gacha
  • Evolving musical atmosphere

  • Create your own team of gods

  • Available for free on Android and iOS

In 14th place in this top list of the best gacha games for Android and iOS is Dislyte, a mythological UFO from Lilith Games. It stands out from other gacha games thanks to its highly creative sound design, which evolves according to the battles: jazz, EDM, hip-hop and even disco. Its distinctive graphics make it a distinctive and recognisable element.

Dislyte Best games gacha

Choose your team from the many gods of Scandinavian, Greek, Chinese and Egyptian mythology. You'll experience each confrontation intensely, with addictive gameplay sensations. Find out all our Dislyte tips to make the most of your divine experience.



Eversoul Icon best games gacha
  • Beautiful graphics

  • Intriguing and interesting story

  • Free access on Android and iOS

In 15th place in this ranking of the best gacha games for Android and iOs, we find Eversoul. This RPG combines combat and dating and tells the story of a young man from our time who is suddenly transported to a fantasy world threatened by a dark knight. You must save this new world by building your own personalised combat team.

Eversoul, gacha on Android and iOSThis rich gacha lets you alternate between discovering the story and exploring many other game modes, such as the dungeon challenge or the dimensional labyrinth. Defend your city against enemies and experience virtual love stories through the quests brought to you by your souls.

What is a gacha game?

Gacha mobile games are addictive because of their gameplay and storyline. Most of the time, you'll need to connect to the game on a regular basis to collect rewards or launch certain features. New content is often added to gacha games to keep players loyal.

But what most defines a gacha game is the"game of chance" and"collection" aspect. This type of game lets you collect characters, weapons and items of all kinds that you receive, usually with random statistics. The aim is to play again and again in the hope of getting all the best heroes with all the best stats, and so on. The luck factor is therefore quite important, and the game system is often RPG, strategy and multiplayer. Gacha games are usually free-to-play, with built-in purchases to help you get stronger and faster. A gacha game is played over the long term, because to progress in the game and become good at it, you need to play regularly and for long enough (if you don't want to reach into your wallet!).

We hope that this Top 15 of the best gacha games on Android and iOS has given you the desire to try out some of these titles or learn more about them. We've got plenty of other tips and tricks up our sleeves at, so don't hesitate to check them out! Don't be sad if your favourite gacha isn't in this ranking, it'll probably be in the next one! Tell us in the comments what you think is the best gacha of all time!

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