TOP 14: Best open-world mobile games on Android and iOS

Top 15 best Android and iOS open world mobile games

Sit back and relax, as we've put together one hell of a Top 14 of the best open-world mobile games on Android and iOS! No matter what style of game you like- RPG, Gacha or Survival- you'll find what you're looking for in this ranking. We'll be reviewing the best open world mobile games on smartphones and tablets, so you can spend hours exploring maps from all over the world. Fasten your seatbelt and start boarding immediately!

The 14 best open world mobile games to try out

Right off the bat, we're going to hit it hard with a behemoth of an open world game. But we're not going to leave anyone out in the cold, because we're going to be talking about all types of game, whether it's a Gacha, RPG, MMORPG or survival, in this ranking of the best open-world mobile games on Android and iOS . Most of the titles in this ranking are free to play on smartphones and tablets , and promise unlimited hours of gameplay.

You'll find many famous games, but also some lesser-known ones that are well worth a look (or at least a try). So let's get started straight away with this top 14: best open-world mobile games.


Genshin Impact: The best open world game on mobile

Genshin Impact icon
Genshin Impact
  • Free to play solo or with friends

  • Numerous regular events

  • A host of parallel activities to keep you on your toes

In first place, on the podium, we find Gacha Genshin Impact and its marvellous open world. It lets you discover the world in many different ways: by running, swimming, flying or even climbing. You can push back the boundaries of the fantastic world of Teyvat.

Your aim is to collect characters (to choose the right ones, read our Tier List of the best Genshin Impact characters) who will be able to wield the elements and defeat the monsters you encounter.

Genshin Impact ranking best open world mobile games

This HoYoverse game offers a host of activities to try out, such as the recent addition of a strategic card game, cooking, customising your character or solving puzzles in secret places to be discovered. The game's biggest strength is undoubtedly its sublime settings in the world of Teyvat.

Explore the city of Mondstat, the floating islands of the Huagang Stone Forest or the paradise of eternal silence. In a word: go for it! If you haven't heard of this title yet, check it out now! And if the gameplay seems a little complex, we're here to help with a few tips on Genshin Impact.



Terraria Icon ranking top mobile game open wordl
  • Mix of construction, survival, combat, exploration, craft and much more

  • Retro style: side-view pixel art gameplay

  • Thousands of unique environments

In second place on the podium is Terraria. It's easily one of the best open-world games around, because ever since it was ported to 2020, it's been the unanimous choice of gamers who are fans of Pixel Art. Its low price makes it a very affordable game for an open-world sandbox, given the countless hours you can devote toit.

Terraria presentation mobile game ranking open world

Terraria is a clever blend of survival, combat, exploration, crafting and construction, with total freedom. You'll play in a variety of settings, including deep caves, ruins, snow-covered plains , forests and thousands of unique environments.

The ability to play alone or in multiplayer mode will allow you to build your own city and much more to expand the game's settings. The need to search for resources, weapons and armour to defeat the game's bosses is obviously reminiscent of Minecraft, as is the similarity in visuals. Don't hesitate to check our tips regularly for information on many of the games in this ranking.


ARK : Survival Evolved (Mobile)

ARK icon ranking of best open world games
ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Free survival game

  • Over 80 types of dinosaurs and creatures to discover

  • Solo or cooperative game

In third place is the famous ARK Survival Evolved. You arrive in the simplest of garb, dressed only in your pants, with no weapons and no resources, like the Robinson of the Jurassic era. You'll be able to approach the game in two ways: either in single-player mode, where you can progress at your own pace and enjoy all the sights and sounds of Ark Survival Evolved and its magnificent open world, or in multiplayer mode on a persistent server.

The game features no fewer than 80 types of dinosaur and other creatures that you'll need to discover, capture, breed and train in order to accomplish the tasks at hand. You can even use them as mounts, handy for getting around to farm resources in a dynamic ecosystem. Your aim is to evolve by developing your shelter. Depending on your choice of game, you can also create tribes and build entire cities.

GamePlay ARK top mobile games open world

But let's not forget that this is the Jurassic era, so make the most of your evolution to create new clothes, weapons and other items that will help you survive against dangerous predators. Then, perhaps, you'll be able to join the Ark. The only drawback to the game is that it's only available on iOS (free with a primal pass) and PC, but this huge open world is also worth a diversion thanks to its full French translation. So grab your pitchforks and spears!



cover LifeAfter ranking open world mobile Android iOS
  • Choose between team Survivors or team Zombies

  • Available for free on Android and iOS

  • Varied exploration and upgrades

At the foot of the podium is the excellent zombie survival game LifeAfter. In this open world, in the midst of a zombie invasion that is ravaging the world, you choose whether to play as a healthy Human or a Revenant who has already been infected. Whichever you choose, the possibilities for crafting, exploring and evolving are extremely varied.

As you wander, you'll discover landscapes and regions ranging from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches, swamps and oceans. Indeed, the aquatic worlds are not left out, with the conquest of five mutant seas.

LifeAfter Overview ranking best mobile games Android iOS

The survival mechanics remain classic, with harvesting, building and constructing buildings, while battling hungry zombies. Don't hesitate to join forces with other survivors (if you're on the living team), as the in-game translation makes it much easier to communicate with players from all walks of life.

If you're a fan of this type of survival, don't miss the chance to try out this apocalyptic open world, which is also available free on Android and iOS.


Frostborn: Action RPG

Frostborn valhalla action icon
Frostborn: Action RPG
  • Free on Android and iOS

  • Wide choice of characters

  • PvP and co-op with a Nordic backdrop

Ranked 5th in this top, Frostborn Action RPG, also known as Valhalla: Action RPG, sends you out to raid and save Viking lands. A superb open-world game, it will bring out the Viking in you at the first sound of the foghorns. You'll have to learn to master the power of the Gods to face up to the curse of the HEL goddess on Midgard, who is sending out an army of the dead to conquer the world of the living.

Sound vaguely familiar? No wonder, as this game is largely inspired by Norse legends. To emerge victorious from this battle, you'll have to choose from a dozen or so character types, including the Berserk, the Hunter, the Pioneer, the Bandit and theAssassin.

Frostborn ranking best open word game android iOS

You'll use your skills in crafting, building and combat to develop into a prosperous town, able to procure weapons and potions to take on the evil creatures of Hellheim. Bartering will allow you to exchange anything you don't use. It's up to you to decide how sociable you want to be by launching PVP raids for glory or betraying your companions in an ambush. With attractive gameplay and a variety of settings, this open world will keep you entertained for hours!


Grim Soul

Image Grim Soul ranking
Grim Soul
  • Survival mixed with Dark Fantasy

  • Available for free with integrated purchases

  • No mercy - when you die, you lose everything

In 6th place, we have Grim Soul, which propels you into a Dark Fantasy universe. As the world is ravaged by an epidemic of the Grey Plague, you must do everything you can to survive in a world emptied of its soul. Hunger justifies the means, so no holds are barred, and the game itself is no exception.

For once, if you die, you lose EVERYTHING! It's a major challenge for fans of Ultimate Survival. Not only do you have to find or craft something to move, shelter or clothe yourself.

Game play Grim Soul - Top 15 open World mobile

Grim Soul is a master of Dark Fantasy, as you can go as far as cannibalism to survive and defeat bosses and steal their riches. This dark game fully deserves its place in this top 14 of the best open-world mobile games on Android and iOS.


Tower of Fantasy

Icon Game Tower of fantasy top 14 best open world mobile games
Tower of Fantasy
  • Sublime open-world MMORPG

  • Action and exploration game combining fantasy and science fiction

  • Free on Android and iOS

Climb aboard your fastest spaceship and join the planet Aida in Tower of Fantasy, the 7th game in this top 14 open world on Android and iOS. This cross-platform mobile and PC open-world MMORPG is a little reminiscent of Genshin Impact (which, let's not forget, comes first in this ranking), but with a hefty dose of multiplayer thrown in for good measure. Tower of Fantasy also differs by mixing fantasy and science fiction in a cocktail packed with action and exploration.

In this game, each weapon embodies a character and his or her fighting style (check out all our tips for this opus and our Tier List of the best weapons to choose from). You can switch your weapon in the middle of battle to unleash explosive combos, with the character or your own avatar.

Image Tower of Fantasy in the ranking of the 15 best Android iOs open world mobile games

Tower of Fantasy's strength, in addition to its comprehensive living world, is its constantly changing content, with quests, events, puzzles and temporary bosses. The open world is extended by a number of expansions, allowing players to evolve in desert or maritime settings, adding an aquatic touch to the gameplay.

Tower of Fantasy is available for free on Android and iOS download platforms, with a host of characters to collect and develop via the Gacha RPG system.


EVE Echoes

Image EVE Echoes ranking top 14 best mobile games
EVE Echoes
  • Spin-off from the game EVE Online

  • PvP, PvE, vary your missions!

  • Fully translated into French

We're staying in space with EVE Echoes, the spin-off from EVE Online. In this free version on Android and iOS (with a paying Omega system). Charter your space fleet to discover the 8,000 solar systems. Learn how to exploit their resources to increase your power while taking on space pirates.

EVE Echoes preview top open world mobile games

You can vary your missions by alternating between PvE and PvP, create your own alliance or join one to participate in the MMO economy. You can even take part in mini-games linked to scientific universities to help them process data and advance their studies. Completely translated into French, this open world space game will appeal to those who dream of commanding an army while exploring distant worlds.


Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth top 14 best open world mobile games
Last Day on Earth
  • Post Apocalypse Survival open world.

  • Explore to find out how to survive with your pet.

  • Free co-op and PvP game

In 9th place in this ranking of open world mobile games on Android and iOS, we find Last Day on Earth, the 2nd title in this top by KEFIR Studios after Frostborn Valhalla Action RPG. Last Day on Earth is an apocalyptic survival open world where you expand your zone of discovery around your shelter, with danger increasing as you go on quests and collect resources.

Image Last Day on Earth best open world ranking on mobile

Armed to the teeth or just with your bat, explore abandoned farms, the harbour, forests and other environments. Accompanied by your pet, level up and unlock new schemes to develop buildings and create new items such as clothing and vehicles. You'll be able to go further and further into this open world. Multiplayer fans won't be left out, either, with the crater offering Coop and PvP galore.

Last Day on Earth is available for free on the above download platforms, and in French please!


Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator mobile games open world ranking
Goat Simulator
  • Zany gameplay

  • Open world game that doesn't take itself too seriously

  • Free on Android and iOS, with additional levels available for a fee

In 10th place in this top 14 of the best open-world mobile games on Android and iOS, we have a nugget! THE game that's going to drive you crazy, quite literally: Goat Simulator! A mobile port of the cult game, Goat Simulator makes all your dreams of becoming a crazy goat come true. Create as much Chaos as you can as an out-of-control goat and the more you wreck the environment, the more points you earn and the more crazy the game gets. Get on a bike, strap yourself to a rocket, smash into things and take advantage of the laws of physics shattered on the ground for your stupid but still cool experiments! You've got it,

announcement Goat Simulator 3 mobile games open world ranking

Goat Simulator is an open-world game that doesn't take itself too seriously. It takes advantage of the bugs that have become features. So think no more and indulge yourself in this out-of-this-world game, free on Android and iOS with extra levels available for a fee.


Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO games open world ranking Android and iOS
Pokémon GO
  • The whole world as an IRL and virtual playground

  • Free on Android and iOS

  • Seasonal events, 1v1 and many other features

There's no more beautiful open world than the real world, so roam the globe with Pokémon GO, ranked 11th in this top! Turn the planet into an IRL and virtual playground. Even though it's a bit out of your league compared with classic open-world games, Pokémon GO lets you explore your surroundings in a huge setting: the world.

Pokémon image for ranking open world games

As you walk through your daily commute or discover interesting places around your home, grow, evolve and battle your Pokémon. Take advantage of seasonal events, raids, research, special items and many other features to document your unique Pokédex from the comfort of your own pocket, while getting some physical activity (for your health, get regular exercise ;)). You can take photos of your little friends in IRL settings using augmented reality, or take part in 1v1 duels to prove that one day you'll be the best trainer around.

Discover the secret of their powers in Pokémon Go, available for free via the Android, iOS and PC links above. If you want to pick up all kinds of PoGO tips, follow the link!


Evil Lands : Online Action RPG

Evil lands Online Action RPG image presentation ranking games open world
Evil Lands : Online RPG
  • Forge your own legend in this medieval open world

  • Alternate between co-op and PvP

  • Free on Android and iOS

Ranking 13th in our top ten, the RPG Evil Lands invites you into its medieval fantasy open world. Quite dark and sparsely coloured, Evil Lands attempts to give a realistic feel to its monsters, NPCs and the diverse environments that make up the Evil Lands. With your own personalised hero, forge your own legend by completing quests.

GamePlay Evil Lands ranking of best open world games

Accompanied by other players, progress through the supernatural territories and optimise your build and skills to go from strength to strength. To collect as much loot as possible, alternate between co-op and PvP, armed to the teeth to develop your class to its full potential.

If you like RPGs, don't miss our Top of the best mobile RPGs on Android and iOS. Evil Lands won't leave you indifferent. Also available on Android and iOS for free, it deserves a chance, so give it a try and tell us what you think.


Volzerk Monsters and Lands Unknown

Volzerk ranking of top open world games
Volzerk Monsters and Lands Unknown
  • Free on Android and iOS

  • Collect monsters and create unique ones

  • Single or multiplayer, friendly or PvP, the choice is yours

Here we are with VOLZERK in 14th place . This open world game, available free on Android via Google Store and iOS via Applestore, will charm you and keep you playing for dozens of hours. If you love collecting monsters and exploring colourful fantasy worlds, this is the title for you.

With its full name of Volzerk Monsters and Lands Unknown, this gacha action RPG takes you to the island of Fort Lemuria. 10 years after the heated exchanges between humans and the monsters that inhabit the island, you are sent there to prevent their extinction. On the back of your monster, you'll discover a magnificent and varied landscape .

Volzerk open world games

For the monsters that resist, you've put together a super-powered team to take control. You'll need to create genetic mutations between the monsters you train. A significant advantage of this game is the ability to switch rider and monster combinations at the right moment to generate combos. Although the majority of the game is single-player, you can team up with friends to multiply the number of species you come across by drawing on your friends' monsters.

If you're feeling like a mad scientist, try out VOLZERK on your mobile right now (well, not right now, wait until the end of this top!).


Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Moutiain Adventure open world ski
Grand Moutain Adventure
  • Play the open world in single or multiplayer mode

  • There's something for everyone, whether you're a rambler or a competitor.

  • Free on Android and iOS

We close this top 14 of the best open-world mobile games on Android and iOS with Grand Mountain Adventure. It's a completely different title to the others on offer so far, as we invite you to strap on your skis or snowboard and go hurtling down the snowy slopes of various alpine peaks in an open world.

Grand Mountain Adventure ski ranked best open world mobile game

The game offers a free demo mountain and then a pay pack to unlock all 7 mountains in the full game. Achieve great times to climb the rankings or take a leisurely stroll around the resorts, taking chairlifts and collecting passes.

Grand Mountain Adventure can be played offline and offers a host of challenges including Super G, avalanches and mountain life with its wild animals. You can also treat yourself to an extra pack of 3 mountains. You can also play with up to 16 friends on the same WiFi network.

The different types of open world games on Android and iOS

Open worlds, whether available on mobile, tablet or console, are adventure games that offer a wide range of gameplay possibilities. That's why they come in different types of game. Open-world RPGs are generally the most popular: these are games in which you play as a character who evolves throughout the story. The story is made up of multiple main and secondary quests. Open world RPGs (and MMORPGs too) work very well for the sense of adventure they provide.

Open-world RPGs can also include elements of gacha, collection games, where your aim will be to obtain the best possible characters, weapons and items, thanks to in-game currencies or microtransactions.

The open world lends itself particularly well to survival games, because of its vastness and the possibilities it offers. This type of action game usually follows the same basic scenario: you have survived a disaster and now find yourself in a hostile environment with minimal resources. Your objective: to see the sun rise the next day.

Open world mobile games have seduced millions of players, not least for their rich content and the tons of activities they offer, between main and side quests. Looking for adventure and wide-open spaces? This top 14 list of the best open-world mobile games has given you a few avenues to explore! Many hours of gameplay await you, as well as very different universes to discover and multiple gameplay styles.

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