Top 15: Best multiplayer mobile games on Android and iOS

Top 15: Best multiplayer mobile games on Android and iOS

Do you want to discover new games to team up with or play against other players? You're in luck, we've concocted our selection of the best multiplayer mobile games on Android and iOS. For this ranking, we selected games with different genres: FPS, fighting games, and even racing games, so we couldn't put all successful multiplayer games in this top.

What exactly is a multiplayer mobile game?

Before we start our top multiplayer mobile games, it's important to set the basics. Defining what a multiplayer online mobile game is is not easy, as this type of game comes in many combinations with other genres. According to Wikipedia's definition, they are games that allow several people to play together at the same time in the same game.

From there, multiplayer mobile games can offer team cooperation or oppositions between players. This can be applied to a multitude of gameplay as varied as duel or team battles, gachas, battle royale or PvE co-op in persistent worlds.

The 15 best multiplayer mobile games of the moment

As you can see, with the astronomical amount of mobile multiplayer online games, making a selection requires eliminating a number of major titles. We've tried to vary the genres to illustrate the variety of propositions offered to mobile gamers. Let's start without further ado our top of the best multiplayer iOS et Android games.


Rocket League Sideswipe

Icon Rocket League Sideswipe
Rocket League Sideswipe

Kick a ball with a flying car? You've probably already heard of the first title in our top multiplayer mobile games or its big brother on PC and consoles. I'm talking of course about the mobile adaptation of Psyonix' game : Rocket League Sideswipe.

In 3 minute matches in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3, lead the score against the opposing team to win the game on a 2 dimensional arcade field. After a few hours of play, you'll quickly understand that the title is much more complex than it seems and requires a lot of mastery to perfectly control your vehicle.

Very nice adaptation of the original game, Rocket League Sideswipe is a nervous game with a good controller support for more comfort. If you like tryhard and competition, this title is for me a must have among all the best multiplayer games on PC and mobile.


League of Legends: Wild Rift

LoL Wild Rift Icon
LoL: Wild Rift

Wild Rift has become the MOBA par excellence on mobile, following in the footsteps of League of Legends with a quality MOBA game that is both competitive and entertaining with every game, provided you play with the right people. Behind the roster of known champions and the usual LoL roles, we feel a game worked and really thought for the mobile with its fully customizable interface.

Accessible to beginners thanks to its auto shooter, League of Legends: Wild Rift offers a wide variety of in-game situations and will push you to grind a better rank with each session. Be careful though, because like any good MOBA, this port adopts the extremely frustrating matchmaking technique to make you rage and replay. And even though we know that deep down you like it, the head rolling on the keyboard will leave its mark on the screen this time. A well-deserved second place in this top of the best multiplayer mobile games for the game from Riot Games.


Clash Royale

Clash Royale Icon
Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a must-have real-time strategy game that has climbed to the third spot on the podium of the best multiplayer mobile games. The deck building title from Supercell has been attracting players for many years and has a strong presence atesport and in the hearts of competitors. Compete against your opponents in duels to win as many trophies as possible and reach the final arenas of the game in multiplayer.

The graphics are beautiful, as always, the updates frequent and the gameplay successful, with a strategy to be adapted according to the season boosts and temporary events. Nothing like it to wake up the strategist in you. If you are interested in this card game, I invite you to check out our Clash Royale tips and tricks to progress faster on one of the most competitive Android and iOS multiplayer games.


PUBG Mobile

Test PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

If you like FPS, it's impossible to miss Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile which ranks 4th in this top of the best multiplayer mobile games. With a very active esport scene and immersive gameplay, Krafton's title allows you to play in teams of 1 to 4 players in Battle Royale mode.

Once dropped on the map, you will have to find what you need to survive and try to win the game by eliminating all other teams. A good knowledge of the game is necessary to hope to make your first top 1 and mastering the recoil of the weapons on mobile will be just as important. PUBG is simply one of the most popular PC and multiplayer mobile games.


Mario Kart Tour

Icon Mario Kart Tour
Mario Kart Tour

Can't afford a Switch? Don't worry, all the famous Nintendo licenses will soon have their mobile adaptation since Fire Emblem, Pok茅mon, and even Mario Kart are already part of it. With Mario Kart Tour, you can find the emblematic characters of the Mario universe, iconic objects, as well as tracks from the previous opuses on consoles that made the success of the license and new exclusive tracks.

Play 8 players vertically or horizontally, in automatic or manual mode with the franchise's signature drifts and try the worst treachery to finish first before all else. Mario Kart Tour features new maps every 2 weeks with seasonal challenges, so there's no time to get bored on this Android and iOS multiplayer game.


Pok茅mon Unite

Icon Pok茅mon Unite
Pok茅mon Unite

In sixth place in our selection of the best multiplayer mobile games, it's Pok茅mon Unite that comes out on top with its streamlined and efficient MOBA. Developed by TiMi Studios, this title sees two teams of five players compete on a map with PvE camps and aerial baskets to earn bonuses and score points for the final score. Leave your trainer's outfit behind and play as your favorite Pok茅mon from a growing roster of characters depending on your play style, attacker, tank, support or all-around, to be discovered in our Pok茅mon Unite news.

Create a balanced team with your mates, customize your outfits and enjoy the seasonal content of the famous license before going to spend your coins in the shop. Despite a rather average matchmaking, Pok茅mon Unite shines as an accessible MOBA on mobile that still has a bright future ahead of it. And it's still less violent than Pok茅mon Tekken.


Flash Party

Flash Party Icon
Flash Party
  • Free game
  • A platform fighter with various characters
  • Smooth animations

Next up is Flash Party, which ranks seventh in the best mobile multiplayer games. This Smash Bros mobile game focuses on versus fighting, with side-view platforming arenas, colorful graphics and very well thought-out controls for mobile that adapt kicks, punches and other moves according to directions to create unique and devastating combos.

Your goal is obviously to knock out your opponent in 1v1, 2v2, or 4 player arena. For more style, customize your outfits and VFX to deliver the killing blow in style on all maps, with or against your friends in Flash Party. If you love fighting and knockouts, but you've had your fill of rotating maps and game modes, you can also turn to other multiplayer versus fighting mobile games like Skullgirls or One Piece Bounty Rush.


Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Icon
Brawl Stars

Eighth in this top, Brawl Stars has long since made a name for itself among multiplayer mobile games. Thanks to its colorful cartoon graphics and simple yet terribly effective gameplay, Supercell's title has captured the hearts of players on Android and iOS. Choose your brawler with unique skills and fight on the battlefield alone or in teams of up to 3 players in short but intense games.

Despite its gacha aspect, Brawl Stars allows you to compensate with a good understanding of the game and a dose of skill to not be left behind. The game also benefits from very regular updates that offer a variety of game modes, from deathmatch to battle royale, to cooperation against monsters, and even a soccer mode.


Apex Legends Mobile

Icon Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile

Update: The Apex Legends Mobile servers will be closed in 2023 following a decision by Electronic Arts to end the development of its games with exclusive content on mobile, i.e. Battlefield Mobile and Apex. On the other hand, the editorial team recommends that you try Call of Duty Mobile if you haven't already done so, to replace Apex on your phone.

In ninth place in this top multiplayer mobile game ranking, we find Apex Legends Mobile, the port of the successful PC and console title to Android and iOS. In this Battle Royale with a futuristic universe, play as the legend of your choice according to your play style: offensive, defensive, support and scout. Alone or in trio, you will have to use the tactical skills of your character, but also your skill in combat, loot and enemy scouting to achieve victory.

But be careful to stay in the area that shrinks over time and keep an eye on the map so you don't get caught. In Apex Legends Mobile as in the other BR, you have a life gauge, but also a shield that you can easily recharge. So remember to use your consumables before the fights, or you will make a nice gift to your opponents. Apex Legends Mobile is one of the best PC and mobile multiplayer games to shine in squad with your friends.


Summoners War :Sky Arena

Summoners war icon
Summoners War :Sky Arena

The benchmark among the benchmarks, Summoners War comes in at number ten in this top of the best multiplayer mobile games. The only purely gacha title in this ranking, Summoners War remains a must-have in PvP and PvE, with a depth of team composition and a variety of content almost unmatched for all these years.

Beyond the somewhat dated graphics lies an extremely strategic gacha that will let you optimize the smallest details of your compositions monsters and will put you to the test to manage to pass the levels or the hardest opponents of the different game modes. There is so much to say about Summoners War that it is rather a game that you have to discover to understand and learn to appreciate the millions of build possibilities, runes, strategies and combos possible in-game.


Smash Legends

Smash Legends

In eleventh position of our top multiplayer mobile games, it's Smash Legends which also offers quick 3 minutes games. Easy to play, but hard to master, Smash Legends is a typical example of a game with a nice learning curve. As in Smash Bros, beat up your enemies with your feet, your fists, and the rest of your war arsenal.

With each hit, the enemy's HP decreases and their chances of getting knocked out increase. Play in 3v3, 1v1, or 8 player battle royale, and play as characters from your childhood tales like Peter Pan and Rapunzel.

As a fast-paced 3D isometric view fighting game, Smash Legends will delight competitive players and even allow you to combine your special skills with those of your allies. Check out our guide to getting started with Smash Legends if you want to start the game in the right way.


T3 Arena

T3 Arena Icon
T3 Arena

Forget fantasy and grab a big plasma cannon in T3 Arena, a 3v3 shooter that may remind you of Overwatch and ranks twelfth in our top mobile multiplayer online games. Choose your hero to form a well-balanced team, communicate with your teammates in voice chat, and show off your skills to win in all maps and game modes.

Yes, you have to be ambitious in life. In deathmatch, checkpoint, convoy or even free-for-all, you can experience the variety of in-game content with players from all over the world or with your friends and enjoy the colorful graphics of T3 Arena in 3-minute long games.


Knight's Edge

Knight's Edge Icon
Knight's Edge

We can see you from here, Archero fans who can't stop going further and faster in their roguelike game. At the thirteenth position of this top of the best multiplayer mobile games, I propose you to discover Knight's Edge, a title similar to Archero, in 3v3 multiplayer, which does not lack challenge. Facing 3 other players, and accompanied by 2 allies, you have to be the first team to finish its dungeon.

With very simple portrait mode controls and auto-shooting, it's your choice of stuff, buffs and dodging skills that will make the difference in achieving an optimal run in PvE. But the competition is tough, and you can tap the opposing characters to slow them down. You can see in real time their progress and you can join the opposing side via a portal to put them to shame. Armed with sticks, axes or swords to upgrade, you'll find some games unbalanced, but Knight's Edge remains an original game that will please fans of roguelikes and multiplayer iPhone games.


Bomber Friends!

Bomber Friends Icon!
Bomber Friends!

If you're tired of getting headshot on Counter Strike when you crash, choose a game with more bombs and less skill instead. And right now, at the fourteenth place of our top multiplayer mobile games, Bomber Friends! an explosive game with multiplayer from 2 to 8 players. As in the indestructible Bomberman, place your bombs strategically and avoid those of your opponents to hope to win.

The title features many different bombs with increasingly explosive effects, for unique games in each combat deck. Find out who will be the best bomber among your friends in this fast, easy to learn and above all explosive game.

We take this opportunity to remind you that we have written a top mobile party games if you want to discover new mobile multiplayer games to compete with your friends. And for even more bombs, BombSquad is a local network alternative with many mobile multiplayer mini-games to have fun with friends on Android and iOS.


Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends Icon
Asphalt 9: Legends

In our fifteenth and final game of this top multiplayer mobile games, get the big wheels out and get to the starting line with Asphalt 9: Legends, the sequel to the popular car racing license. Get behind the wheel of your car and compete with players from all over the world or AIs for glory, first places and points to unlock new vehicles in your garage.

From drifting to extreme nitro boost, fly around iconic locations around the world faster than Flash McQueen, from beautiful Warsaw to icy Greenland and its dangerous geysers. Get behind the wheel of officially licensed legendary cars like the Bugatti Centodieci, of which there are only 10 models in the world.

Asphalt 9 in a few words, it's speed, a touchdrive steering assistance to be deactivated to be a real pilot and dozens of vehicles to be found in the store that you can customize with statistics and custom parts to create the machine of your dreams.

So join a race, official or underground, with or against your friends and set out to tackle the dangerous tracks of Asphalt 9. I redirect you to our Asphalt 9: Legends test for more information about one of the best Android and iOS multiplayer racing games.

Now you know our selection of the best multiplayer mobile games of the moment and you have many hours of play ahead of you. If you want to discover more, please visit our page dedicated to the top mobile games.

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