Originally released in June 2018 and developed by the independent studio InnerSlothInnerSloth Among Us is an atmospheric multiplayer online game . Having experienced a huge resurgence of interest thanks to streaming platforms, we tested it from every angle! Here is our feedback and detailed opinion on the new mobile game bomb: Among Us !

What is Among Us?

The principle of Among Us is very simple and makes for a very fun and engaging game. Four to ten players are gathered on board a ship in which they have to accomplish several missions.

Logo Among Us

But among the crew, there are one or two impostors whose goal is to kill each player. If they do, they can prevent them from carrying out their missions.

Among us, the crew
You play a member of the crew

If the players do not talk to each other during the game, emergency meetings can be set up following the discovery of a body and/or according to the wishes of each player. The participants who are still alive then enter a debate phase to determine which limb will be evacuated into space.

Emergency meeting

Editor's tip: New to Among Us? Take a look at our beginner's guide to learn the basics! 👌

Test Among Us: multiplayer gameplay that works

The reason Among Us has been so popular in recent weeks is that it's built around a great principle for multiplayer with friends. Indeed, whether it's the game designthe gameplay or the different game modes, everything is done to offer fun games to several players. The free-to-play (on mobile) is pretty cool, because the game is really free (no ads). By the way, did you read our tip to play Among Us for free on PC? 👍

Notice Among US - sample game

This Among Us review will be unanimous. If the game doesn't shine with exceptional graphics, they have the merit of being colourful and offer a perfect reading of the game and the environment.

Positive points of Among Us: the perfection of the game-design

The game design takes advantage of the clean and colourful graphics to focus on the essentials. The actions proposed are clearly understandable. Indeed, you will never complain about any aspect of the game itself.

As for the gameplayThe developers have also made the tasks offered to players easy to access and understand at first glance. In fact, the tutorial is very well done. You quickly understand where to perform your actions thanks to the map. In fact, you will almost never get stuck in front of a mission because they are so intuitive!

tutorial of the game Among US
Among Us Tutorial

On the other hand, the opportunities for impostors are also great:

  • sabotage the ongoing work of the crew;
  • hide in the air vents;
  • kill a random member of the group in a corridor.

All actions are intuitive and allow new players to easily integrate a game. Among Us reviews are often very positive about this.

Mission in among us
An example of a mission for the crew members

Are you with your friends and don't know what to do? Downloading Among Us, installing it and explaining the rules will only take a few seconds!

Negative points of Among Us: the limitations of the game

There are not many negative opinions about Among Us and they are, in my opinion, a direct result of the game's principle. Hilarious when played with friends, Among Us is a game that can be very frustrating when played online.

Indeed, this type of mobile game requires you to be involved and serious. If the absence of voice chat is understandable to prevent untimely cheating, it takes a lot of interest away from the title in online mode. Let's be honest, the chat will never replace a verbal justification.

Talking at play

Also, in my online games, I've come across a lot of players leaving the game in the middle or doing whatever. Where, in a Battle Royale, you are happy to meet an AFKplayer toget a free kill , the player leaving the game fromAmong Us spoils the fun for everyone...

The game may also be criticised for a feeling of repetition with regard to the three maps offered and the lack of renewal in the missions to be carried out. Such defects can be explained by the lack of means of the InnerSloth studio. Given the sudden success of Among Us, we can imagine that the developers will now work on updates for their title.

Among Us opinion: very positive for circumstantial parts

Among Us is the kind of mobile game you don't see coming. With an excellent principle for multiplayer with friends, it also offers colourful graphics, an almost perfect game design and intuitive gameplay . These assets make it the perfect atmosphere game for an evening with friends. Its main flaw, making online games often frustrating, make Among Us a game that will surely offer you some good laughs (and/or lost friends!) 😉

Among Us | Full review & test

Positive points

  • hilarious multiplayer with friends ;
  • clean, colorful graphics ;
  • excellent game design ;
  • intuitive and efficient gameplay ;
  • totally free on mobiles ;
  • very fast download and installation ;
  • very well done tutorial.

Negative points

  • frustrating online games ;
  • repetitive tasks ;
  • only 3 cards ;
  • no online voice chat.
Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)

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