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Among Us Guide to Getting Started | Tips and Advice

Among Us guide to getting started

All your friends have succumbed to the sensational Among Us but you're late and don't you dare join their wild parties? Getting started isn't always easy! No one wants to die in a loop or be unmasked at the slightest hesitation. But, rest assured, to discover the game smoothly, here is our hand-stitched Among Us beginner's guide! To get off to a good start and have maximum fun, follow these little tips. There's no need to have a thesis in quantum physics to unmask impostors or massacre crewmates! You just need to know a few basic principles and apply them. 😉

Among Us guide to getting started

💡 First tip and not the least! We invite you to discover our quick and easy tutorial for play Among Us for free on PC ! (Much more practical than on smartphone!)

Among Us, introductions and ground rules

Let's start this Among Us strategy guide with a little introduction. Among Us is a cooperative multiplayer (4-10 players) game , extremely fun on Android and iOS. The scenario is very simple and particularly entertaining. You play as a team of small astronauts ready to go on a space mission. But before taking off, you have to prepare the ship by completing several quests that take the form of mini-games (loading fuel, activating shields, downloading data, recharging oxygen, etc.). The problem is that one or more imposters are hiding among your team! These have no mission and their goal is to kill isolated players. They also have various tools to slow down the preparation of the ship. As crewmates, finish your missions as quickly as possible and unmask the imposters!

There is only one way to do this: vote against the guilty parties at emergency meetings and throw them into space. However, you will have to be convincing and not make a mistake by eliminating an innocentperson... Before going into more detail in our Among Us guide, let's also mention an important rule for beginners. For players who play by voice, communication is not allowed during the game, except during emergency meetings prior to the elimination votes. This promises even hotter tips than on Koh-Lanta. 😜

Emergency meeting on Among Us
Emergency meeting!

Obtaining clear and accurate information

Whether you are an impostor or a crewmate, it is vital to be able to give the clearest possible explanations . In this game, lack of clarity can quickly backfire and look suspicious. Especially since when you start playing Among Us, some people can take advantage of your lack of knowledge.
Need an Among Us guide to get some valuable info? Here are the things you need to know whether you are a beginner or an expert:

  • Spatial information: this is tricky when you are new to Among Us, but try to remember as much as possible about the settings of the 3 maps, Mira, Polus and The Skeld. Open the mini-map to know the exact name of the rooms and use as many geographical indications as possible (North, South, right, left, etc.).
  • Time information: time is another essential data which allows you to evaluate the movements of the other players. Use the events that punctuate the game (meeting, sabotage).
  • Missions: learning the missions and their details (such as their approximate duration) will greatly enhance your game. Impostors want to be able to pretend to do a task where crewmates want to spot the liars.
  • Colours: difficult to remember and even to see the nicknames. Focus on the colours, it helps a lot! Blue, white, orange, red, pink, cyan, purple, brown, etc. The next-level trick is to make colour combinations to remember who is with whom.
Presentation image Among Us

Among Us guide: mastering game settings

Every Among Us game is unique and all the tricks in the world cannot predict every situation. This is especially true since the game settings are not the same for every owner. As a beginner, it is not really your job to choose the parameters (written on the left in lobby). But take the time to get to know the different impacts in order to become stronger and adapt your strategy.

lobby of the game
To change the settings, use the computer at lobby.
  • Visual tasks: Visual tasks trigger animations. This is the case for the Scanner or the Asteroids. As only the crew members have missions, they allow some players to be definitively cleared.
  • Range of vision: to be discreet as a killer, it is better to know the range of vision of impostors (1.25 or 1.5) and that of crewmates (0.5 or 0.75).
  • Revealing the eliminated players: this nuance changes the game. Knowing the role of a player eliminated after a vote allows for more aggressive voting.

Using the skills on Among Us

There are several very specific places on Among Us. Our tutorial lists them and explains their uses for crewmates and imposters.

Vitals (Polus)

Vital points list dead players in real time. This allows crewmates to know if the situation is critical, if there are bodies to be found and if an emergency meeting needs to be forced. They are less useful to impostors who usually know who is dead and who is still alive.

Vitals Guide Among Us
No pseudo, but colours!

Admin (The Skeld, Polus, Mira)

The administration board is a formidable weapon to know to start well. It displays the position of players in real time, but without their identity. Impostors can therefore spot isolated targets. Crewmates use it to clear remote players and identify suspicious movements. Beware, the Admin also counts the corpses!

Admin Guide Among Us
Beware that the corridors have no sensors!

Security (Polus, the Skled)

The small cameras scattered around the map allow you to take a quick look around relatively unobtrusively. As a crewmate, this is an opportunity to catch suspicious behaviour. For impostors, it is also a way to find their next victim. Beware, when a camera is activated, a red light is visible. Also note that even when the lights are off, the cameras can see perfectly well!

The cameras in Among Us
Limited vision but very useful!

Doorlog (Mira)

This skill is the least easy to use and only experienced players master it. But to become stronger, knowing how it works is useful. The doorlog tells you who has passed through the coloured stripes on the ground (blue, green, orange). So you can tell who went where. Moreover, as everything on Mira is connected by Winds, you can spot the clever ones who teleport.

Doorlog Guide Among Us for beginners

Among US guide: mastering the mission bar

For crewmates: eliminating imposters is a good way to win. But the easiest way is to finish all the missions. The green bar in the upper left corner indicates the general progress of the quests and should be watched carefully. It is therefore possible to burn out impostors who pretend to do a quest, as the bar does not advance. However, be careful, some quests are completed in several parts (the electric wires) and only the last step moves the gauge.

For imposters: traitors must be very careful not to be detected. The goal when faking a mission is to only move when the quest bar advances thanks to another player. Good timing and you gain the trust of others. Also, if the bar fills up quickly, this indicates that you need to speed up and cut more players!

The sabotage card

Do not panic when sabotaging Among Us

For crewmates : some sabotage will make your life miserable (light, communication) and others may even make you lose the game (oxygen alert, reactor alert). Caused by imposters, try to spot players who are suspiciously immobile and be extra vigilant. Do not ignore alerts unless you have the last mission of the game. It is not possible to use the meeting buzzer during sabotage, but you can still finish the missions and win the game.

For the imposters: first of all, you have to think about sabotaging as much as possible! This is not always obvious when you start the game, but it is your main weapon. Like the Machiavellian being you are, learn the special effects of sabotage. Turning off the light greatly reduces the crewmates' vision (not yours).
Sabotaging communications disables skills, hides the mission bar and makes them disappear from the player map. Finally, alerts (seismic, reactor, oxygen, etc.) make you win directly if no one comes to fix them. This is a good opportunity to separate the innocent, wait and send a discrete chase.

Victory for the crewmates

Here we are at the end of this Among Us guide for beginners. We hope that you will use these tips wisely to unmask the imposters that are hiding among you. By following these tips, we are sure you will accomplish great things and save many crewmates ' lives!
For imposters, you can also check out our guide advanced impostor tips, to adapt your gameplay. More specific and advanced, it will give you the keys to slaughter unprepared crewmates. 👌

Finally, if you're still not thrilled with Among Us, give us one last chance to convince you. All the good reasons to play the game can be found in our detailed review ! 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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