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Imposter on Among Us: 9 tips to win

tips imposter among us

Among Us needs no introduction! The popular multiplayer atmosphere game has been a big hit in recent weeks. Every game of Among Us is different, but there are some unavoidable tricks you need to know in order to become the perfect imposter. Eliminating crew members one after the other, defeating their mission, sabotaging their work and manipulating all the players, that's what's in store for you.
In this article, discover 9 tips to win as an impostor in Among Us! Are you ready? Traitors, rogues, scammers, find out right now how to become the worst version of yourself! 😁

1. Simulate task completion

Generally speaking, your goal as animpostor in Among Us will be to blend in with the rest of the crew and appear to them as an ordinary member. The best way to do this is to make the other players believe that you are doing a task.

Imposter Among Us simulates a mission

To make sure your lie is credible, stand in front of a task (impostors see them on the map). Also keep an eye on the task bar at the top left. When the task bar moves forward, leave the area. This way, if a crew member was watching you, you can make them think you were working on the task in question.

2. Being an impostor Among Us patients with an alibi

Easier said than done, I grant you, but as animpostor in Among Us, you'll need to get the crew to trust you. At the beginning of the game, everyone is suspicious of everyone else, so be patient and only act as an imposter in a very safe during the first few minutes of the game.

It can be tempting, when you are an imposter, to want to create a bloodbath quickly. This is rarely the best technique to use. Instead, use the first few minutes to gain the trust of your teammates by accompanying them at the beginning of the game. This will make it easier for you to win later.

3. Use sabotage to your advantage

One of the main advantages of the imposters in Among Us is the ability to sabotage parts of the ship. There are two kinds of actions you can take: sabotage that can blow up the ship andpower sabotage that greatly reduces the visibility of the crew.

sabotage card seen by the impostor

Sabotaging electricity can be very useful in several ways. On the one hand, thereduced visibility of your opponents will allow you to carry out murders and/or flee a place more easily. On the other hand, you will be able to trap the member who chooses to come and fix the electricity. Sabotage is powerful, don't ignore it!

4. Fixing your own sabotage

The other sabotage options available to you are reactor andoxygen sabotage. When you sabotage one of these two parts, the crew will have to react quickly because the ship will be quickly destroyed.

 Reactor repair

In this situation, several crew members have to operate the relevant task at the same time. If you play an impostor, you can very well fix your own sabotage. Thus, by playing it finely, you will have the possibility to gain the trust of the crew members again.

5. Make sure you isolate your victims

This goes without saying, but make sure that your future victim is isolated and that no one will see you commit your theft. You can do this by blocking the doors to a room, sabotaging the electricity, etc.

Imposter Among Us isolates his victim

Once you have committed your murder, you have several options for action depending on the situation. The first and most logical one is to try to escape quickly.

6. Use ventilation ducts

To escape from the scene of one of your crimes, you have the choice of leaving the room in the traditional way or using a ventilation duct. While the first option may be viable if you are sure you are alone, the ventilation duct system offers impressive possibilities.

Imposter Among Us on the ventilation grille

Indeed, by using one of these conduits, you will have the possibility to exit directly into another part of the ship. This way, you create an ironclad alibi for yourself! However, make sure that no one sees you enter or leave the duct, which would lead to an accusation that would be difficult to counter.

7. An impostor Among Us is wary of the cameras!

If the main danger of being an impostor in Among Us is being seen in the act of killing or using a pipe, remember that crew members don't need to be next to you to see you: beware of the cameras!

The cameras in Among Us

The camera room allows the player who uses it to have a simultaneous view of several areas of the ship. You must make sure that no one is looking at the cameras. To do this, check that the cameras do not have the red light indicating that they are being analysed.

8. Postpone your own kills!

Once you have become an experienced Among Us impostor, you can use more advanced techniques. Like, for example, reporting your own kills. Indeed, what could be more innocent at first glance than a player reporting a corpse?

Be careful though! This technique will require you to be certain of your arguments. You must be absolutely sure that no one saw you enter the murder room. If you have a good argument, this technique (to be used sparingly) will allow you to make a real killing.

9. In meetings, be a passive Among Us impostor!

At meetings, as at the beginning of the game, do not be too active. If no one accuses you of anything, let the other members debate. Try to intervene as little as possible. The same goes for voting, don't vote too quickly and don't hesitate to wait for the other players' choice. This way you will join the majority and blend in!

If, on the other hand, you are accused from the start of the meeting, don't hesitate to use your most vile arguments and lies. Remember: there are no friends in the game, and this is certainly the trick that will be most useful to you in Among Us!

The impostor's vote

Thanks to these 9 tips, you now have the tools to become a good impostor and make a killing in your next Among Us game.
To go further in the game, don't hesitate to have a look at our other tips!

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)

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