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Town of Us Among Us (Mafia) Mode | Easy Setup Guide

Town of Us Among Us mode

The sessions inAmong Us sessions are often exciting and full of action. But any regular player knows that some evenings can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially when you have a full-crewmate party. Indeed, it's never fun to spend your time chaining quests together. It's tiring enough to take out the garbage, cook or fill your water fountain IRL! Generally, the role of impostor is coveted, since it ensures a central role in the game, in addition to giving the guilty pleasure of being able to kill your friends. The problem is that the probability of being an impostor is low... Fortunately, the community has thought of the innocent by developing the Town of Us Among Us (Mafia) Mode. This mode has a lot of roles, all with different powers. Whether you're a good guy or a bad guy, this mode allows you to keep everyone happy while offering highly strategic games. There are even more lies and factors to consider when voting. 😈

This alternative mode is not developed by InnerSloth, but by the community. However, it is still compatible and safe for your computers. Just follow our Town of Us Among Us Mode installation guide to play it. This version is free! So beware of scams that ask you for payment.

What is the Town of Us mode on Among Us?

Among Us can thank its dynamic community who regularly create Mods. After introducing you to the Sheriff Mode, the Lovers Mode and the Extra Roles Mode with several new roles, it's time to discover the Town of Us Among Us Mode. Fasten your seatbelts and get out your notebooks, because in this version you will discover no less than 22 new roles! Games become even more unique and everyone is bound to have an impact with a special power. Of course, some roles are more fun or powerful than others. But don't complain too much, as it's always better than just being crewmate.

Town of Us Among Us mode roles
There is no shortage of roles in Town of Us.

You don't need a calculator to see that with a limit of 10 players, you can't have 22 different roles in the game. This is due to a random rotation of roles, which means that some roles are not assigned to every game. With a continuously changing line-up, your evening will not lack spice. Moreover, this adds a new strategic dimension... Especially since some roles are cumulative, such as that of the lovers. It becomes even more difficult to anticipate the role of the other players and the latter can lie by declaring a role that is not theirs. Usually, liars can be easily found by exposing duplicates. But as some roles are not assigned, some lies may go unchallenged. Finally, it should also be noted that there are several versions of the Town of Us Mode on Among Us. The developers have their own tastes and preferences and some roles can also be manually removed if they are not balanced enough or not fun enough.

How do I install the Town of Us mode on Among Us?

First of all, let us specify that the Town of Us Among Us mode is only available for PC players. We apologize for those who play on mobile, but the installation requires some manipulations on the files that can only be done on computer. For the moment, this and all other Mods have not yet arrived on phones. In addition, to enjoy this new role-filled mode with your friends, each player must have installed it on their own. Also, make sure you have downloaded the same version to avoid compatibility issues. This may take a little time as you'll need to help your computer-savvy buddies, but once you've got everything set up, the games will be worth the effort!

Local files Among Us Steam library.
The local files can be found here on Steam.
  • Step 1: Go to GiftHub to download the game mode. Select the latest version (currently 2.0.0).
  • Step 2: Unzip the resulting files using an application such as WinRAR or 7zip. These are free to use.
  • Step 3 : Open Steam and access the Among Us game files in your library. Right click, then "manage" and "browse local files".
  • Step 4 : Copy all the files from Among Us, create a new folder in the common area of Steam. It is advised to give it a recognizable name like " Town of Us ". In the Town of Us folder, paste the classic Among Us files and add the unzipped files from GiftHub.
  • Step 5 : For more comfort, you just have to create a specific shortcut. So as not to confuse it with the classic version or with another Mod.

All roles included in Mafia mode

Among the roles in the Town of Us Among Us mode, there are some great classics, but also some new ones that will blow your mind. To avoid being too surprised and totally lost in your games, remember to read the role descriptions carefully.

Imposter roles

The imposters are in the minority and win together when they have killed enough innocent people to not be voted out again. Be careful though, for the Mafia roles to appear, the game mode must be set to 3 imposters. The three roles will then appear together. With 2 imposters or less, the mafia will stay at home and other impostor roles will appear.

  • Mafia Godfather : despite his classy name, he is a classic imposter who can kill and sabotage.
  • Mafia Janitor: He cannot kill, but he can "clean" the bodies to make them disappear. It is then impossible for the other players to postpone and trigger an emergency meeting.
  • Mafia Mafioso: This impostor cannot do anything special until the Mafia Godfather is eliminated from the game. He then becomes a full impostor.
  • Camouflage : erases all players' colours (and their names) for a few seconds.
  • Morphling : can take the colour and name of another player for a few seconds.
Morphling Among Us Town of Us
Morphling allows you to copy someone's appearance.

The crewmate roles

  • Mayor : every time he does not vote during a meeting, he stores a vote. In future meetings, he can vote as many times as he has votes.
  • Sheriff : a classic role, he can kill anyone, but dies if he gets the wrong target.
  • Engineer: a special role that allows you to repair a sabotage from anywhere and take the winds.
  • Swapper : this can swap the votes of 2 players during an emergency meeting. However, it cannot set light or com sabotage and does not have a buzzer.
  • Investigator : The investigator can see the footprints of other players for a few seconds. The footprints are associated with the colour of the players.
  • Time Lord: Turns the entire player and map back in time by a few seconds. Allows you to revive players who have recently been killed. Does not restore the kill recovery time for imposters.
  • Medic : Allows you to give a reflective shield to an ally.
  • Seer: reveals a player's role to everyone (recognisable by the colour of the letters).
  • Child : a survivor who makes all crewmates lose the game if he gets killed.
  • Torch : can see in the night.
  • Diseased: If killed by an impostor, the impostor becomes ill and has his kill time tripled.
Detective and Impostor
Watch your footprints!

Neutral roles

  • Shifter: He has no mission and no victory condition. He can just swap his role with another player. He then takes his power and victory conditions.
  • Glitch : he wins by himself. He can kill, hack (prevents postponement and tasks) and even take the appearance of another player.
  • Executioner : at the beginning of the game, he designates a target and wins the game if he is voted in.
  • Lovers: two players are a couple and must win together. If one dies, so does the other.
  • Jester : wins on his own if he manages to get the vote.
  • Flash : moves twice as fast, can be given to anyone.
Jester in Among Us
The Jester will do anything to get noticed.

Town of Us Among Us Mode is not like other Mods, it offers a lot of new roles. This guide should make it easy for you to set it up while quickly digesting the new powers 😉
Tell us in the comments which roles you like to play best!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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