Cookie Run: Kingdom Tips

Want to know the best build for your Cookies, or the best way to beat all the CRK levels? has all the essential Cookie Run: Kingdom tips and tricks you need to get as far as you can.

How to leave a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to leave a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

In CRK, it's possible to join, and even create, a guild once you've reached episode 3 of the story mode. You've joined a group of players but, fo...

Cloud Haetae Cookie toppings

Cloud Haetae Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

If you're looking for a cute yet tanky defensive cookie for your team in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Look no further than Cloud Haetae Cookie. Small but...

Mystic Flour Cookie

Mystic Flour Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Mystic Flour Cookie is the very first character to be released as part of the Realm of Apathy update to Cookie Run Kingdom, and we have a feeling...

Icicle Yeti Cookie toppings

Icicle Yeti Cookie toppings : Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Icicle Yeti Cookie is basically a little stalactite until he comes to life and becomes a cute and powerful prop. He has the strength to lift a co...

Snapdragon Cookie toppings

Snapdragon Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Behind her baby dragon appearance and big, curious eyes, Snapdragon Cookie is a highly competent support character in Cookie Run Kingdom. In part...

Frost Queen Cookie toppings

Frost Queen Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is a formidable fighter with powerful magic, enabling her to overpower her enemies and inflict heavy dam...

Stormbringer Cookie toppings

Stormbringer Cookie toppings: Builds, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Stormbringer Cookie is a mythical figure of nature, considered the undisputed ruler of the skies and lightning in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If enemies...

Capsaicin Cookie toppings

Capsaicin Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Capsaicin Cookie is a fearsome Assault-class fighter in Cookie Run Kingdom. His skill,Capsaicin Magma Blast , does more than just inflict massive...

Burnt Cheese Cookie toppings

Burnt Cheese Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

If you're looking for an effective way to defeat your opponents while keeping your team members safe in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Burnt Cheese Cookie...

Golden Cheese Cookie

Golden Cheese Cookie Toppings : Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Golden Cheese Cookie has established herself as one of the best ranged attackers in all of Cookie Run Kingdom. Not only isshe one of the five an...

Moonlight Cookie toppings

Moonlight Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best 2024 teams

The legendary cookies in Cookie: Run Kingdom are the cream of the crop, and among them is Moonlight Cookie, a versatile magician capable of contr...

Pure Vanilla Cookie toppings

Pure Vanilla Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Pure Vanilla Cookie has quickly conquered the top spot in the meta, and this trend is not about to stop. This healer has become one of Cookie Run...

Cookie Run: Kingdom Tips and Tricks - which is the best Cookie?

Unsurprisingly, the best cookies are Ancient Cookies. They're the most powerful and the most effective, but being the rarest, they're difficult to obtain and improve.

Devsisters, the game's developers and publishers, regularly add new characters as updates are released, particularly rare Cookies that are very useful in the composition of your teams. In addition, the best Cookies at any given time are often dethroned by other, more recent characters. To keep up to date and make sure you don't miss out on any of the game's best characters, we suggest you check out our tier list of the best CRK cookies!

How to improve in Cookie Run: Kingdom? has lots of tips on how to get better at Cookie Run: Kingdom. Here are a few tips to help you improve your gameplay and enjoy your experience:

  • Get the adventure off to a good start : in CRK, when the Cookies go off on their adventures, the Sugar Gnomes stay in your village to carry out various tasks needed to gather resources or expand your base. When you start the game, you'll receive two gnomes. We therefore advise you to build several sugar gnome huts as quickly as possible, to maximise the time you spend outside your village.
  • Generate as many crystals as possible: Crystals are one of the game's main currencies and, above all, the most difficult resource to obtain. The best way to earn as many crystals as possible is to complete each level with all your Cookies alive. This will allow you to complete all 3 stars on each level and win the maximum number of crystals.
  • Use valid and legal CRK codes: as you've already realised, resources are the lifeblood of CRK. To earn more, why not check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes? They give you access to some very interesting rewards for boosting your characters or your village.

One last tip: don't hesitate to play CRK on PC or Mac, for a more comfortable in-game experience!

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