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Capsaicin Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Capsaicin Cookie toppings

Capsaicin Cookie is a fearsome Assault-class fighter in Cookie Run Kingdom. His skill,Capsaicin Magma Blast , does more than just inflict massive area damage. It also has the advantage of inflicting debuffs on opponents, making him extremely effective at eleminating enemies with his flaming fists. To make the most of his abilities, a thorough understanding of his skill is required. This will enable us to select the best toppings and the perfect Beascuit, as well as putting together the team to maximise its potential.

Capsaicin Cookie Magma Explosion skill is a powerful technique that transforms him into a magma force on the field. When he metamorphoses, each attack he launches triggers a violent explosion of magma, inflicting colossal AoE damage equivalent to 174.3% of his attack. Not only is this devastating, it also leaves a Magma debuff and a Burn debuff in its wake, making enemies even more vulnerable to fire damage. On top of this, her transformation gives her Resistant to interrupting effects, allowing her to maintain her offensive power.

When his transformation ends, Capsaicin Cookie enters Spice Overlord mode, gathering his last explosive forces to deliver the ultimate blow to his opponents. The damage inflicted by this attack is impressive, equivalent to 650% of its ATQ power. It also inflicts Burn damage of around 54.6% of its attack.

If immobilised during combat, he becomes effectively immortal for 6 seconds. This temporary invulnerability allows him to resist any opposing attack and cancel all debuffs on him. This gives him the chance to launch a ferocious counter-attack.

You can choose from two sets of toppings to maximise Capsaicin Cookie's skills, all depending on your play style. For a DPS-focused build, opts for a full set of Burning Raspberry toppings.

These will significantly increase the damage of your attacks and devastating blows in Spice Overlord mode. On the other hand, for a tankier configuration, opt for a solid Almond set. This option increases its durability and improves its damage resistance statistic.

Toppings preferred stats


X5 Burning Raspberry

Priority :



Secondary :



- Res to adverse effects


X5 Solid almond

Priority :




Secondary :




If you find that this is not sufficiently balanced during some of your runs, you can also opt for a broken set, consisting of X3 Almond and X2 Raspberry. If you also have the Trio version, I strongly advise you to use it. It will give you better sub-statistics than the regular ones.

Best Beascuits to equip her with

To fine-tune Capsaicin Cookie's build, we advise you to choose a Beascuit that will increase its DMG Resist, if you opt for a Raspberry Set, or its ATQ, if you decide to equip it with an Almond Set. As for secondary statics, we strongly recommend that you prioritise her CRIT%, CD% and VIT ATQ.


One of the most effective team compositions for Capsaicin Cookie in the current meta includes Hollyberry Cookie, Stardust Cookie, Moonlight Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie. This devastating team boasts a titanic strike force during confrontations, thanks to the combination of several DPS capable not only of delivering significant damage, but also of applying debuffs to increase the damage inflicted on enemies. What's more, this team can also control the opposing team by putting them into a state of Sleep Asleep.

Pure Vanilla Cookie plays an essential role in the team as the main Healer and Main Support. Her abilities enable her to amplify beneficial effects, reduce the effects of Injury, which is vital, and above all generate a protective shield.

Cookies Toppings Alternatives


Hollyberry Cookie

Almond Set

Cookie Tank :

- Financier Cookie

- Fettuccine Cookie

- Crimson Coral Cookie

- Elder Faerie Cookie


Capsaicin Cookie

Almond or Raspberry Set  


Stardust Cookie

Raspberry Set

Cookie DPS

- Crème brûlée Cookie

- Rebel Cookie

- Black Pearl Cookie

- Royal Margarine Cookie


Moonlight Cookie

Raspberry Set or Almond Set

Cookie DPS :

- White Lily Cookie

- Sea fairy Cookie

- Frost Queen Cookie


Pure Vanilla Cookie

Swift Chocolate Set

Cookie Healer / Support :

- Rockstar Cookie

- Snapdragon Cookie

- Silverbell Cookie



For the treasures to use , we recommend the following:

  • Old Pilgrim's Scroll (ATQ)
  • Squishy Jelly Watch (Time reduction)
  • Dream Conductor's Whistle ( CRIT%, DMG Resist, ATQ)

Capsaicin Cookie is undoubtedly an excellent DPS! His special skill gives him the ability to inflict massive damage, especially when he enters Spice Overlord mode. He'll even be able to take down the toughest opponents, especially if you use him in arena battles.

Feel free to browse our Cookie Run: Kingdom tips section for more advice. It's full of valuable recommendations on how to build your cookies, including our tier list of the best cookies .

Sopy_Jo An intrepid explorer of mobile games, I travel through different universes, searching for my next great adventure. These days, it's Cookie Run: Kingdom and Summoners War that occupy a good part of my days.
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