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Epic Seven Sanctuary: location of the Breaths of Orbis

Epic Seven Breaths of Orbis Sanctuary

In Epic Seven, players are busy fighting monsters and enemies in various game modes (Adventure, Abyss, Hunt, Guild War, etc.). But everyone also has a little secret garden. However, there is no question of resting in the Orbis Sanctuary!
This place allows you to produce various resources passively and to craft special equipment. This famous sanctuary is quickly available in the game. There are several buildings that can be unlocked and upgraded (extensions) to speed up passive production or access new bonuses.
The only way to upgrade a building is to collect the Breaths of Orbis scattered throughout the adventure.
So, to find out everything about the locations and the buildings that need to be upgraded first, follow our Epic Seven Sanctuary guide. 😀

Epic Seven Sanctuary
Remember to check your sanctuary every time you log in.

Locating Orbis breaths to enhance the Epic Seven sanctuary

Orbis' breaths are mostly found in special levels. They are clearly marked on the map with a specific icon. You have to prepare yourself accordingly, as the levels in question are a little more difficult than average. In addition to the classic level, you will also have to close a chaos door. This involves 3 additional battles, including a boss fight. Once the door is closed and the breath of Orbis is collected, the level returns to normal and all you have to do is go to your Epic Seven sanctuary.

Main storyHistory not recorded
Chapter 1: Level 9
Chapter 2: Level S6
Chapter 3: Level S3
Chapter 4.1: Level S6
Chapter 5: Level S6
Chapter 6: Level S5
Chapter 7: Level S6
Chapter 8: Level S3
Chapter 9.1: Level S3
Chapter 9.2: Level S6
Chapter 10: Level S3
Chapter 1: S3 level
Chapter 2: S6 level
Chapter 3: S3 level
Chapter 4.1: S6 level
Chapter 4.2: S12 level
Chapter 5: S6 level
Chapter 6: S6 level
Chapter 7: S6 level
Chapter 8: S3 level
Chapter 9.1: S3 level
Chapter 9.2: S6 level
Chapter 10: S3 level

Finally, once you have reached this level, it is possible to unlock some extra breaths in the Cidonia Adventure game mode. This time it's not about finishing levels, but simply exchanging them in the shop for AP. They still cost a whopping 400 AP and will require some intensive farming sessions.

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 5.1
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 8
Special level
A small white crystal that is easily recognisable!

The different buildings of the Epic Seven sanctuary and their priority

You have time before you get the 28 breaths of Orbis available for your Epic Seven sanctuary. So you'll have to make choices and upgrade the most useful buildings first. If you make a mistake, there's no need to whip yourself. There is a "Reset" function. The only problem is that it costs a few gold coins.

1. Heart of Orbis

The Heart of Orbis is the number one priority in your Epic Seven sanctuary. All upgrades are useful, no matter what the situation or how far you've come in the adventure. This machine continuously manufactures gold and stone. Ideal to progress while sleeping, working, playing sports... No fear to have, it is a profitable investment. 👌

  • Cradle of Life: increases the maximum storage capacity (max 36,000 gold coins and 9 stones)
  • Mirror of light: increases production speed (max 3,000 gold coins and 0.75 pieraciel per hour)
  • Sanctuary of Blessings: increases the probability of bonus production (max 50% chance of obtaining 200% of rewards)
Epic Seven sanctuary heart of Orbis
Remember to harvest before your stock is full!

2. Forest of Souls

This is the second building to be upgraded as a priority. Useful from the beginning of the adventure, it allows you to summon creatures such as elemental penguins or phantasms. These are materials optimised to improve and promote your heroes. This is also the way to grow MolaGora, even if their usefulness does not normally appear until later in the game. It is also a good way to stay active even when the game is not open.

  • Blessing of Probability : allows you to get better creatures
  • Expansion of the Island of Souls: allows up to 3 creatures to be raised at the same time, this is the top priority
  • Time Blessing: An optional improvement, as waiting times will remain substantial in any case.
Epic Seven sanctuary forest of souls
The easiest way to do this is to start with the same three types of crops.

3. High Command

A building that allows you to send your heroes on missions to obtain resources (gold, experience, materials, ancient coins, etc.). The building is useful from the start, but does not necessarily require you to invest a lot of Orbis breath. One point in each upgrade gives you access to all types of missions and that's good enough for your Epic Seven sanctuary.

  • Administration : more hunting missions
  • Floating station: more adventure missions
  • Barracks : no more war missions
Sanctuary Epic Seven High Command
It is up to you to calculate the best output per hour according to your needs.

4. Steel workshop

A building that is only really useful for experienced players who are already well advanced in the game. It allows you to forge or reforge certain equipment, to get as many stats as possible. At the beginning of the game, you will find your equipment in the adventure chests or the various missions. It is important to improve this building to optimize your power, but for high level players only.

  • Expanded workshop : reduces gold coin costs
  • Craftsman's Stove: increases the probability of getting rare items
  • Blacksmith's dormitory: reduces the number of resources needed
steel workshop
Equipment can only be reforged from level 55.

Alchemist's Bell Tower

The same applies to the Alchemist's Bell Tower. Very useful for boosting the power of your heroes to the maximum, it allows you to obtain items such as catalysts or exclusive equipment. To use these, you need to have obtained 5 awakening stars on a hero... Which requires you to have reached a certain point in the adventure.

  • Academy of Alchemy : reduces the amount of gold coins required
  • Laboratory : diversify your craft recipes
  • Ingredient storage: increases the quality of your constructions.
Alchemist's Bell Tower
Exclusive equipment reinforces a random skill.

Now you have all the information you need to plan your Epic Seven sanctuary. We hope that this guide will help you avoid wasting Orbis breaths and avoid beginner's mistakes.

If you want to optimise your composition outside the sanctuary, take a look at our guide to Epic Seven heroes 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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