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Dizzy Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

Dizzy Epic Seven Guide

In the Epic Seven RPG, there is a plethora of heroes. There is something for everyone, even chimeras with blue hair and two-coloured wings like Dizzy. Dizzy has an endearing story, but she is also one of the strongest characters in the game. This ice mage doesn't particularly like fighting and prefers to live in harmony. But when pushed to the limit, she knows how to react to make enemies go through hell. Like many mages, she stands out for her zone attacks and her ability to play with bonuses and maluses during battle. Overall, she does better in PvP than in PvE.
To master this hero, follow this Dizzy Epic Seven guide!

Dizzy Epic Seven invocation
"Competition is not just about fighting

Dizzy, the mage who controls the crowds

Dizzy, with her cute pigtails, has surely captured the hearts of many Epic Seven players. But the role of this ice mage cannot be limited to a simple waifu. She excels in controlling the bonuses and maluses present on the field. In defence as well as in attack, she perfectly paces the battle to give your team a decisive advantage. We also appreciate all her AoE attacks. In addition to scraping all the enemy's HP, it allows her to apply buffs and zone debuffs.

Basic powerAwakened power
CP12 16317 925
Attack7131 039
Life3 8815 299
Critical opportunity15 %15 %
Critical damage150 %150 %
Double attack5 %5 %
Effectiveness effects018 %
Resistance effects018 %

The Dizzy memory imprint gives attack bonuses of 3.6% / 5.4% / 7.2% / 9% and 10.8%. However, we don't have any specific advice or guide to improve your chances of getting Dizzy! 😅

How to awaken the power of Dizzy?

Dizzy may not like fighting, but once fully awakened, she becomes one of the best mages in Epic Seven. To harness her full power, gather the following materials:

Runes of frostMajor Frost RunesEpic Frost RunesHorns of desireRages on fire

There is no better way to find the frost runes than to go to the Altar of the Spirit. A few sessions at farming will be enough to make you happy. Catalysts, on the other hand, are only available in certain levels. Horns can be found at levels HR8-S3 / HR8-5 / HR8-7 or exchanged at level HR9. For rages, you can find them at levels 3-6 / 5-5 / 5-6 / C2-6 or in the shops 3 / 5 / C2.

Dizzy Epic Seven rune altar

In order to maximise its skills, you also need specific resources:

GoldMolaGoraMolaGoraGoShiny EnchantmentsHorns of desire
528 000330366

How to equip Dizzy?

The main question is how to optimise Dizzy 's crowd control and malus in Epic Seven.

What build for Dizzy?

Dizzy is very useful, but she doesn't have many life points. So you have to protect her effectively and not expose her to too much damage. But it doesn't seem very smart to give her too much defensive equipment that would spoil her potential. It is generally preferable to give her a maximum of speed so that she can control the confrontation even more or an ability to counter to multiply her chances of stunning the enemies.

  • Solution 1: Speed (x4) and Strike (x2): the most common combination, which allows maximum control of the enemies
  • Solution 2 : Counter (x4) and Immunity (x2): an alternative solution that allows you to have a slightly stronger Dizzy
  • Solution 3 : Attack (x4) and Critical Chance (x2): the DPS route which is not recommended, but still fun to play.

What artefact for Dizzy?

We particularly like the Abyssal Crown artefact for Dizzy. This one increases even more his chances to stun enemies with his basic attack (+12 / 24%). As the latter also works in zones, it's a bonus! It's hard to find anything better elsewhere, but this 5-star artefact is not so easy to get. Iela's Violin is an alternative solution for debuffing enemies, but it too is 5 stars.

Dizzy Epic Seven artefact
A crown that will give your opponents a headache !

This is the end of this Dizzy Epic Seven guide. Hopefully, it has allowed you to appreciate the power of this hero to the fullest. This mage doesn't have the best DPS in the game, but her crowd control is worth a look.

If you still want more tips, check out our article on Epic Seven heroes to become unbeatable with other heroes 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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