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Tier list Epic Seven: the best heroes of the game

Tier List Epic Seven

The RPG Epic Seven is full of heroes. There is something for everyone and each one has unique stats and skills. Generally, they are arranged according to their class (knight, assassin, mage, soul weaver, etc.), type (fire, ice, earth, etc.) and rarity (number of stars). However, a team can only have 4 members in most game modes. This can make the choice difficult and our Tier List Epic Seven may be of help!
It aims to identify the best heroes to include in your squad. Given the differences in each game mode (Abyss, Arena, Adventure, etc.), there are several top tier character lists. We have therefore established 3 Epic Seven tier lists according to the game modes!
We explain it all in this article 🙂

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How did we build these tier lists?

A Tier list is by nature subjective. It is difficult to obtain the absolute truth, especially since the individual power of the heroes is also linked to the whole and to the coherence of your composition. The power of the characters is also likely to vary according to balancing and updates... Thus, our Tier List Epic Seven aims to make life easier for new players who want to start their adventure on the right foot. Try to get at least one of the heroes listed in your first selective summons at the beginning of the game. As we explained in our beginner's guide, this first summon offers unlimited possibilities, so you might as well take advantage of it! 😉

Game Modes in Epic Seven
Each game mode has its own Tier List Epic Seven!

Tier List Epic Seven: Top 5 Adventure Mode Heroes

The adventure game mode is the classic mode in which you should spend the vast majority of your time. This is the mode that allows you to advance in the game and especially in the storyline. It also offers an easy and regular source of gold, stone, experience and even catalysts! For any player, the first few levels should not present any difficulty. But the further you go (second and third episode), the more demanding they become and require a solid composition to get through the obstacles. If you don't have any of the top Epic Seven heroes, at least try to recruit one to be your defender (hero borrowed from another player).

Tier List Epic Seven Adventure game mode
Tier list of the best adventure mode heroes

Arbitred Vildred (Assassin, Shadow)

This special version of Vildred is not easy to obtain. You have to use a moon summon and keep your fingers crossed. This hero has enormous damage to quickly clear waves of monsters. He also slows down and weakens the enemies he hits. Moreover, if his assassin nature makes him a bit fragile, his undead passive allows him to resist much better.

Tamarind (Soul Weaver, Fire)

It takes a while for this idol to shine on the battlefield. The adventure game mode, where one battle follows another, is therefore perfect for her! Once transformed, Tamarinne is surely the best healer in the game. As a bonus, she also boosts the attacks of all her allies. She is the ultimate utility character who can be used in any composition.

Vildred (Assassin, Earth)

The classic version of Vildred has its own identity and also does very well in the classic game mode. More offensively inclined, he takes advantage of his numerous AoEs to quickly cut up his opponents and chain them together without mercy.

Ravi (Warrior, Fire)

Ravi the warrior is a very good tank that serves as an effective frontline. She is usually equipped with life steal and hit points, which gives her a very high resistance and the ability to charge her passive. To top it all off, she can stun her enemies and burn them!

Achates (Soul Weaver, Fire)

This 4-star soul weaver is not the rarest, but it is devilishly powerful in the adventure. She heals, removes malus and protects her allies with invulnerability. Above all, with her reduced recovery time, she can continuously heal groups and individuals!

Guild warfare game mode
Think before you go to war.

Top 5 Epic Seven heroes in PvP (Arena and Guild Wars)

The Arena and Guild Wars game modes are not quite the same, not least because there are not the same number of heroes involved. However, it is often the same characters that are at the top. The latter are very powerful in PvP against other heroes. Unlike the adventure game mode, the counters are reset to zero after each fight (life points and recovery time). This means that sprinters can be preferred to those who need time to get going. The importance of taking the initiative should also be stressed. Whoever strikes first often has the advantage.

Tier List Epic Seven PVP
Tier list of the best heroes in PvP modes

Arbiter Vildred (Assassin, Shadow)

We've already seen this dangerous assassin in the adventure game mode, but he's so complete that he also makes his mark in PvP combat. His ability to return to battle after taking fatal damage is all the more valuable in this mode.

Seaside Bellona (Archer, Ice)

This improved and limited version of Bellona wreaks havoc in PvP. It brings constant damage and can also effectively counter enemies that hit in AoE. Which is pretty common when fighting players! Most importantly, her ability to cut off your opponent's buffs and heals usually tips the battle to your side.

Ruele of the Light (Soul Weaver, Light)

She is surely the best healer in PvP for several reasons. In addition to being very tanky, she can resurrect a dead ally... An ability that doesn't run in the streets!

Charles (Knight, Earth)

This proud earth knight has rather good basic statistics, both offensively and defensively. But he has two big trump cards up his sleeve. He can debuff enemies and counter certain compositions. Moreover, we like to play him with an artifact that increases his chances of countering. This mechanic allows him to multiply his damage and debuff chances.

Martial Artist Ken (Warrior, Shadow)

Plays perfectly the role of the first line in PvP. With its counter mechanic, it will return almost as many hits as it receives! It also gives you the opportunity to reduce your target's attack each time, which increases the survivability of your entire team.

Be careful not to damage yourself too much in the Abyss.

Tier List Epic Seven: Top 5 Heroes of the Abyss game mode

For those who like difficulty, the Abyss game mode is surely the most dangerous part of the world in the game. This mode offers big rewards along its 110 floors (Pieraciel, prophecy bookmarks, penguins, etc.). However, you have to be patient. You can only try your luck 3 times a day and big opponents will quickly appear before you. So, you must think carefully about your composition and choose the best heroes to continue your ascent. Defenders cannot participate; you are on your own in this game mode. Each floor has its own difficulties, but some heroes excel in power and consistency.

Tier List Epic Seven Game Mode Abyss
Tier list of the best heroes of the Abyss game mode

Dizzy (Mage, Ice)

This very popular character is like a fish in water in the Abyss. This mode has all sorts of surprises in store, but Dizzy serves as an all-risk insurance policy! No matter how powerful they are, enemies are muzzled by Dizzy's speed and attack debuffs, which slowly but surely get the better of them.

Tamarind (Soul Weaver, Fire)

Tamarinne is back for the second time in our Tier List Epic Seven. She needs time to shine and the extended levels of the Abyss will allow her to transform into an idol all the time and activate her full power.

Angelica (Soul Weaver, Ice)

This miniature healer is an excellent choice in the Abyss. Angelica continuously heals her allies with her various skills while giving them immunity to debuffs. Ideal for the long battles of the Abyss where any loss can doom your chances of success.

Bellona (Archer, Earth)

The classic version of the archer is ideal against bosses, as it inflicts damage according to the target's maximum HP. It's a good thing, because in the Abyss there are some bosses that are more resistant than the others. As a bonus, her reduction of enemy defences greatly speeds up the completion of levels.

Chloe (Warrior, Ice)

If you take Epic Seven as a whole, Chloe isn't exactly the best character. But in the Abyss, she finds a niche activity where she excels. She has a huge burst in single-target that increases with the maximum life of her target. As with Bellona, this is a boon when facing the powerful bosses of the mode.

Invocation Epic Seven
May luck be with you during your invocations!

This is already the end of our Tier List Epic Seven which lists the top tier heroes according to the main game modes. Keep your fingers crossed that you get the characters listed, knowing that some of them cannot be recruited via classic summons.

For those who haven't got their hands on these precious heroes, don't give up! It's still possible to build alternative compositions, but you'll probably have a bit more trouble 😉
Enjoy the game!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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