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Tamarinne Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

Tamarinne Epic Seven Guide

From the dangerous assassins to the brave knights and the strongest warriors, there is no shortage of testosterone among the heroes of Epic Seven. But beyond appearance, which remains very subjective, some characters are more powerful than others.
Among them, we also find Tamarinne who, honestly, is not very scary. Some will say that she is a bit overrated in terms of power, but beyond the glitter, she is a very efficient healer/supporter, provided she has time to activate her transformation.
Indeed, she has a very complete utility kit to help your other units. It is therefore worth upgrading her if you have summoned her. To maximize the power of this kawai character, follow our Tamarinne Epic Seven guide!

Tamarinne Epic Seven invocation
"Shine, shine! I will be your star in the darkness".

Tamarinne, the idol of Epic Seven

Among the 5-star heroes ofEpic Seven, some shine more than others. While Tamarinne 's appearance is a bit of a cliché, her skills are still very useful and she deserves to be on the list of the best healers. There aren't that many of them in the game and it's not always easy to get one. So players who get it can count themselves lucky. It is very good for PvE modes (Adventure, Labyrinth or Abyss) that last a long time. Indeed, it takes a little time for this fire soul weaver to warm up. However, she will be in more difficulty in the various PvP modes. She won't always have time to transform into an idol.

Basic powerAwakened power
CP10 31314 561
Life3 1414 370
Critical opportunity15 %15 %
Critical damage150 %150 %
Double attack5 %5 %
Effectiveness effects00
Resistance effects00

Tamarinne 's memory imprint gives a bonus to attack of 3.6% / 5.4% / 7.2% / 9% / 10.8%. This is always good to have.

How to awaken the power of Tamarinne?

In order to benefit from the full power of Tamarinne, you must fully awaken this character. To complete the entire process, gather the following items:

Fire RunesMajor Fire RunesEpic Fire RunesCold looksMercenary drugs
runeruneruneCatalystMercenary’s Medicine

The runes are mainly found in the Fire Spirit Altar, so be prepared to repeat a few expeditions. For catalysts, go to the dedicated levels. Cold stares can be earned at level 8 / 5S / C1 / C1-6 or purchased in the 5S / 8 / C1 shops. As for mercenary drugs, they can be purchased in HR 74-1 or exchanged in R4.

Spirit of Flames Altar Epic Seven

In order to improve its skills to the maximum you will also need specific resources.

GoldMolaGoraMolaGoraGoMercenary drugsVisions of the archer
orMolaGoraMolaGoraGoMercenary’s Medicinecatalyst
544 000174630

How to equip Tamarinne?

It's a bit of a stretch for an idol who likes to dress up, but there are only so many ways to equip soul weavers. These support characters are fragile and must therefore obtain a minimum of defensive stats to avoid being one-shotted at the start of the game. Tamarinne is no exception to the rule.

What build for Tamarinne?

There are of course several solutions and everyone is free to customise Tamarinne's equipment as they wish. But the first variant remains the most common and the most efficient. The goal is to combine life and speed to maximise its utility potential. An even more defensive version is also possible.

  • Solution 1 : Life (x4) and Speed (x2): the generic equipment for soul weavers
  • Solution 2: Life (x4) and effect resistance (x2): Tamarinne is even more fragile than the others and giving it even more resistance is also a possibility.

Which artefact for Tamarinne?

For once, a 3-star artefact is recommended for a hero. Indeed, the Prophetic Candlestick is a good solution to accelerate the transformation of Tamarinne into an idol. The advantage of this is that it is not very rare and can therefore be improved quickly. However, another solution is also very interesting. The Amaryllis Rod (5 stars) improves his healing abilities even more. It's up to you to make your choice depending on the composition of the rest of your team.

Tamarind Epic Seven Artifact
A small candle to ignite the fight more quickly.

This is the end of the Tamarinne Epic Seven guide ! We hope that despite her unyielding nature, this fiery character will have melted your heart.

For those who still want more, check out our Epic Seven Hero Guide to progress even faster 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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