All the news about Mobile Games!

All the news about Mobile Games!

Find all the news about your favourite mobile games! Upcoming releases, pre-registrations, smartphones to play with and all kinds of news!

release of Primon Legion

Release of Primon Legion: become the master of prehistoric monsters

If you love fast-paced combat, dragons and fantasy worlds, you might just find something to suit your taste with the release of Primon Legion, a...

Poppy Playtime Forever mode on Roblox by Mob Entertainment

Official Poppy Playtime Forever Roblox mode now available in the metaverse

What could be creepier than an abandoned toy factory haunted by a toy with hundreds of teeth and a red smile ready to eat you? Maybe the Choo Cho...

Game like HoYoverse's Stardew Valley called Starbud Valley

A Stardew Valley game by the creators of Genshin Impact is in the works

The cozy RPG genre is booming, and HoYoverse, who is planning a game inspired by Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, won't tell you otherwise. Th...

Release of Ex Astris

Release of Ex Astris: Investigators, save the Shadow and the Light

Ex Astris hits your mobile screens today. Look out for a slap in the face with this new 3D "hybrid" turn-based RPG, combining narrative passages...

Age of Empires Mobile release date announced

Age of Empires mobile release date is coming up on August 19

The Age of Empires mobile release date is approaching! TiMi Studios is preparing to release the game worldwide after sharing it with the Chinese...

Release of Rainbow SIX: SMOL as a Netflix mobile game

Release of Rainbow SIX: SMOL, an official R6 game in Paper Mario mode

Rainbow Six Mobile is gradually being released around the world, and although gamers are eagerly awaiting its arrival in the major regions of the...

Release of Invincible: Guarding The Globe

Ubisoft's new game arrives with as many superheroes as possible

In the midst of strikes demanding higher wages, Ubisoft employees are still working between plates of pasta to bring us new game: the release of...

Release of Warframe mobile on iOS

Release of Warframe mobile on iOS: put on your Tenno armour!

After winning over PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch gamers, Digital Extremes is now targeting mobile users with the release of Warframe...

Fortnite Metaverse

Fornite x Disney collab confirms rise of Epic Games' metaverse

What if Epic Games managed to do the impossible - get everyone playing Fortnite? Some brands are already believing it, including the giant Disney,...

best mobile game of the year - Mobi Awards 2023

The best mobile game of the year - Mobi Awards 2023 Results

Last year was full of big licence releases and collector's indie games. After weeks of voting on our social networks, the mobile community has fi...

Elden Ring on mobile

Elden Ring on mobile: good idea or guaranteed failure?

The arrival of Elden Ring on mobile is the rumour shaking up the JV world this week. Is this an excellent idea to make Elden Ring accessible to a...

Release of Potion Permit mobile

Release of Potion Permit Mobile: Get your Chemist's Skills ready!

Playdigious has just released Potion Permit mobile for iOS and Android. Originally a PC game developed by MassHive Media, the game has now been p...

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