Codename Breaking Dawn release date : the Honor of Kings spin-off arrives in China

Codename Breaking Dawn release date

Chinese giant Tencent has unveiled the Codename Breaking Dawn release date, a punchy, dynamic fighting game that blends the fantasy world ofHonor of Kings on mobile with gameplay akin to Super Smash Bros. This title is the first of a list of games in the Honor of Kings universe announced for 2022 to reach players' hands: it will be released by June 2024 in China. We tell you all about this new mobile versus fighting game.

Codename Breaking Dawn release date in China: discover the ultra-nervous HoK fighting game

Codename Breaking Dawn release date is fast approaching, with the game scheduled for the second quarter of 2024 in China. We can't wait to see what it's going to be like, especially with Tencent's esport power, and I'd still advise you to pre-register for Codename Breaking Dawn while you wait for the global launch.

Since its announcement around 2022, Breaking Dawn has been the subject of a number of tests and gameplay videos. Fans of platforming versus filghting will inevitably be reminded of Super Smash Bros., while mobile-only gamers will find features in common with the excellent Flash Party.

Codename Breaking Dawn release date: PVP multiplayer

There are many similarities. From the outset, Codename Breaking Dawn will focus on multiplayer PvP, with side-view battles in 1v1 or 2v2.

For the Codename Breaking Dawn release date, You'll recognise the percentage system symbolising the damage received and the chance of expulsion, the ultimate attacks and the lives system. But above all, the principle is the same: you have to eject your opponent from the combat arena in short, timed matches.

As for the story mode, it follows in the footsteps of Super Smash Bros Melee's adventure mode, alternating between combat phases against monsters and NPCs and platforming phases.

Codename Breaking Dawn announcement: boss battle

With the announcement of Codename Breaking Dawn, Tencent aims to expand the HoK multiverse. The game will feature a number of the heroes from Honor of Kings, with graphics enhanced for the occasion.

We now hope that the gameplay in this new opus will be as high-quality and well-balanced as Super Smash Bros, so that the game is a success from the Codename Breaking Dawn release date, and why not, so that it can benefit from a competitive scene.

The Honor of Kings multiverse expands: Breaking Dawn, World and King's Chess arrive

Following the Codename Breaking Dawn release date, Tencent has big plans for its Honor of Kings licence. Like Riot Games, which announced a number of projects for LoL's 10th anniversary (including Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, an open-world MMO and a fighting game), the idea is to re-use characters that fans love in as many different contexts as possible. And finally, with the Codename Breaking Dawn release date approaching in China, HoK will be getting in on the spin-off adaptation act.

Playable heroes on the release date of HoK Codename Breaking Dawn

We're still waiting for news of King's Chess, a colourful TFT-like auto-battler, and Honor of Kings: World, a marvellous open world that was already making us drool in 2022. Let's hope the quality of Codename Breaking Dawn is up to scratch, and that it doesn't take too long for the title to set foot in the West!

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