Open-world Honor of Kings: World, Arena of Valor announced

Honor of Kings: World trailer

Honor of Kings, known in our western lands asArena of Valor, is thinking even bigger. Today, the title extends its universe to a new genre: the open-world. The popular MOBA still had over 100 million daily active players worldwide in November 2020. A player base that should be delighted with this announcement.

Honor of Kings: World, the MOBA opens its universe

As with many big mobile and PC releases, Tencent is in charge. Whether it's Mobile Legends, Wild Rift or Honor of Kings: World, the Chinese investment giant is continuing to develop its catalogue of licences.

Screenshot Honor of Kings: World announcement

In any case, the first visuals unveiled for HoK: World look great. However, it's impossible to know at the moment if the fluidity will be sufficient for mid-range mobiles. However, the game offers a dynamic and colourful action-rpg gameplay at first sight. In addition, the Honor of Kings: World trailer reveals the adventures of a young boy from the same universe as the original MOBA.

Honor of Kings: World follows the adventures of an inexperienced warrior on a quest for heroism. To achieve his goals of glory and greatness, he decides to study at the Jixia Hero Academy. However, in order to enter this school, he will first have to prove his worth in an exam. On the other hand, Timi Studios, behind Pokémon Unite and CoD Mobile, is in charge of development. The script is by Liu Cxin. This Chinese author is one of the most awarded sci-fi authors of recent years, so we can expect good content.

We have no information yet on the release date of Honor of Kings: World... So we'll have to be patient!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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