Mobile Games News Review #116: HoK Breaking Dawn fighting game, MMORPG Justice Mobile, Tarisland beta...

Mobile games news of the week July 1, 2023

In this issue 116, we talk about Codename Breaking Dawn, the versus game in the Honor of Kings license, the advent of AI in video games with the release of the MMORPG Justice Mobile in China, strategic duels in Rage of Blades and plenty of other mobile gaming news. Discover as much Android and iOS gaming news as possible in a single summary every week.

Pre-registration opens for Breaking Dawn (HoK)

Let's start this review with Codename Breaking Dawn, the next game in the Honor of Kings license on the phone. Open exclusively to Chinese players, this pre-registration phase nonetheless signals the fighting game's definite progress towards an imminent release.

Inspired by titles such as Smash Bros and Flash Party, Codename Breaking Dawn is set to hit the Asian market soon, featuring the original Chinese MOBA fantasy characters, smooth controls and graphics at the top of your phone's capabilities. We were able to see quite a bit of the game's gameplay, arenas, skills and PvP experiences thanks to the previous closed beta, and we hope the game won't take as long asHarry Potter Magic Emerges to reach us in the West.

Speaking of pre-registrations, you can sign up for Dragonheir: Silent Gods, a Nuverse RPG for those who haven't already launched test in Europe.

Justice Mobile China release

A few weeks ago, in the midst of the AI content generation rush, we told you about NetEase's efforts to introduce its version of ChatGPT into an MMO to enable its players to exchange directly with NPCs rather than via pre-written messages. Well, the MMORPG in question, Justice Mobile, has just been released in China, on June 30. It's not yet clear how AI will actually influence the game, but NetEase claims that the world will be influenced by players' decisions and their direct interactions with NPCs capable of adapting to any situation.

Pre-registration for Rage of Blades

If you love weapons, medieval combat and perfect parries, look no further than Rage of Blades. Focusing exclusively on PvP duel combat, this title will turn you into a Viking warrior, assassin, knight or other type of brute in the service of death and history. In real-time confrontations, humiliate your opponents with your best moves and a reaction time worthy of a pro player.

Collect armor pieces to optimize your character and reach your full potential. Be warned, however, that the studio has no other game published on the stores to its credit, so we'll have to wait and see how Rage of Blades pans out once the pre-registration phase is over.

Start of Tarisland beta on Android and PC

This week, Tencent's cross-platform MMORPG Tarisland launches in beta on mobile and PC. Set in an ultra-fantasy universe with high-quality graphics, discover a wide range of solo and group activities, and face up to some pretty tough bosses. Those wishing to test it on PC can do so from anywhere, thanks to the official website. On Android, you'll have to play from Brazil, the Philippines, the UK or Canada, and iOS players have no choice but to wait.

Metal Slug Awakening, closed beta on June 28

We continue with Metal Slug: Awakening, a 3D remake of the iconic shoot-'en-up that's enjoying a closed beta in Southeast Asia after its exclusive phase in the Philippines. Developed by TiMi Studio, this new side-scrolling title features a host of new maps, bosses, heroes, weapons and vehicles, as well as other game modes than the original, so get your VPNs ready!

Storyteller to be released on Netflix in September

On September 27, you'll be able to create your own stories in Storyteller, a narrative version of the usual puzzle games. Already available on PC and Switch, this title will be released on Android and iOS as a Netflix game with a free update containing two new scenarios and characters with additional content.

In Storyteller, you're the master of the story, creating betrayals and great love stories, as well as ultra-crazy comic situations to get to the end of scenarios. You have a whole library of characters and elements at your disposal, which you can place on the Storyteller pages to solve plots from September 27.

Exit by Spiritle

The Spiritle board game brings its hand-drawn animals to Android. If you like complex rules, aren't afraid of reading, and don't mind strategic battles on hexagonal squares, the game has plenty to offer you, with its cute and tactical battles, elaborate DA and different builds to try out.

Niantic deploys Campfire

You'll see that Niantic will be taking up several segments of this recap, as the studio has shaken up the news with several announcements. We start with the global roll-out of Campfire, its social app launched a few months ago, notably to link players Pokémon GO and create Raid groups IRL or remotely thanks to its Team Up functionality.

NBA All-World closes

Then, Niantic dropped a little bombshell by announcing the future closure of NBA All-World, its augmented reality basketball game launched last January. For once, the studio is speaking out on the issue, explaining that its spending on the project far exceeded projected revenues. On June 29, Niantic CEO John Hanke shared the company's concerns with its employees. NBA All-World had only generated $70,000 in revenue in its launch week, and suffered negative reviews from which it never really recovered. Although it has no specific closing date, NBA All-World will close and leave the stores soon.

Marvel World of Heroes cancelled + Niantic staff dismissed

In fact, Niantic made the same mistake as many other studios during the pandemic. With projects on pause or slowed down, and revenues growing at an incredible rate with everyone either stuck at home without work or more relaxed than at the office, Niantic felt like it was growing wings. The studio launched a host of new development projects and recruited in droves. Except now, it's time for Niantic to stop making dozens of skin of its original concept, relying solely on popular licenses.

If you often follow the recaps, you'll know that I don't only say good things about Niantic. We have to call a spade a spade, and Niantic's games are either lame or unambitious, despite the continuing success of Pokémon GO. We're also saying goodbye to the Marvel World of Heroes project launched in Oceania, which has come to a halt for the time being due to lack of budget.

So I hope that the budget cuts will remind them where the essential interest lies in a video game, so that they can produce better content in the future. Let's not forget that another skin, Monster Hunter Now is still scheduled for September, and that the launch of the Peridot tamagotchi is still recent.

Early access Grand Cross Age of Titans

Netmarble's Grand Cross strategy game Age of Titans is scheduled for early access release on Saturday, July 1 at 2am GMT. At the time of writing, Friday June 30, the game isn't available to me, but who knows, you might get the chance to try out this strategic MMO with gacha over the weekend, so check it out on the official site and on the stores after the video! We'll let you know more about Age of Titans early access as soon as we've had a chance to test it out, so join us on Discord to create an alliance together.

Launch of Teeny Tiny Town merge game

If you want to test your monkey brain's ability to be absorbed by a hyper-basic concept, the Teeny Tiny Town merge game is the perfect science experiment. Ultra-simple, this box-based game works on the same principle as other object placement titles with a score and bonuses, such as the PC title Islanders. Here, you can also merge your creations to last as long as possible and unlock new items. Discover Teeny Tiny Town on Android and iOS to ignite your need for 2048-style puzzles and your satisfaction of perfect optimization.

Release of Takt op. Symphony

Takt op. Symphony cross-media project based on classical music, anime and gacha mechanics launches on Android and iOS this week. Everything revolves around music, instruments and scores, with the power of Musicarts. Progress through the story, take part in battles at turn-based and create a special bond with each character in this Victorian-style title.

Geo Gods pre-registration

In the vein of board games, Geo Gods takes its inspiration from the laid-back, polished style of the latter to offer a rather unique pre-registration game. With the tiles you place and the cards you hold, use magic to create your own divine garden. Choose your faction from the 6 available camps, boost the gods of your choice, activate the 5 power crystals and achieve the highest possible score for your garden by making optimized tactical decisions. Make your garden the most divine of all in the solo leaderboard of the week to show everyone your skills.

Update Tower of Fantasy 3.0, Domain 9

And now, let's talk about Tower of Fantasy , which is renewed with the ToF 3.0 update, Ignisville Gale. Immerse yourself in a captivating new story, explore Domain 9 with its breathtaking sites, and discover new features such as the mentoring system and Wormhole 2.0. We're also preparing to welcome Liu Huo to the roster, a bold new character who's ready to ignite battle with his fiery spirit. Many exciting events and the new world boss Zhuyan await you. So, dear Wanderers, head on over to our site for more details on Tower of Fantasy's 3.0 update.

Selva Interactive's Illuminaria comes to mobile

We often imagine robots dominating the world at the expense of humans. But in Illuminaria, robots are working under your orders to save the world from catastrophe. These intelligent little beings will mine, defend your bases, fight, research and grind to develop your army. The title doesn't have a precise release date on mobile, but you can already train for the end of the year to divide your attention and become a master of robots.

From: Extinction Jurassic in Android early access in the US and Philippines

Open your dinosaur laboratory in De: Extinction Jurassic in early access on Android in the USA and Philippines. This title from Arc Games International puts you in command of the Ark genetics group as they attempt to control the dinosaur species on a mysterious island, while creating new species by mixing DNA from different creatures. Create a fine team of dinosaurs from over a hundred species and showcase your critters in the Dinosaur Park with your little VPN.

NFTs are back in the news: Space Nation will be on test in January 2024

At, we're not convinced by play-to-earn games, but we try to tell you about initiatives in this field for those who are interested. This week, we're talking about the Space Nation game, which will be launched at test in January 2024. The director of the Independence Day and Stargate films, Roland Emmerich, is involved in the project, which should include a play-to-earn game with NFTs, a TV series, short films and an MMO.

The game is being handled by some industry veterans and is due to launch on PC and mobile in 2024. In-game, you'll be able to colonize planets, explore space and take part in stories across the galaxies, as humanity's last hope of survival around the Telikos star cluster.

A Monster's Expedition leaves Apple Arcade for normal iOS release

The puzzle game A Monster's Expedition is set to leave the Apple Arcade and land on iOS in normal premium format. This title has already been released on other PC and console supports, and we can't wait to see it on the store, even if we don't yet know its exact price. In-game, you're a monster who discovers what humanity is all about by visiting several islands, and you learn to master new gameplay mechanics as you explore. Far from being a corridor game, A Monster's Expedition allows different approaches to each puzzle to make your way freely as an intelligent monster. This puzzle game is a humorous nugget not to be missed if you're willing to shell out a few euros in the near future.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure on Apple Arcade (release date)

Although Apple Arcade is letting the exclusiveA Monster's Expedition slip, other additions to the platform include Hello Kitty Island Adventure, the cozy RPG Stardew Valley, Lego Duplo World+, Ridiculous Fishing EX and the excellent roguelite Slay the Spire. Netflix is doing wonders with its choice of indie nuggets to add to its catalog, but Apple Arcade is responding very strongly in July! Find all these new games on Apple Arcade from July 7.

Arrival of Kemono Friends Kingdom

Furries and waifus meet in the world of the gacha RPG Kemono Friends Kingdom. Choose from a roster of one hundred characters with a variety of talents to win battles at turn-based. If you're interested in the title, there's more info on the official website. Kemono Friends Kingdom launches on Android and iOS on July 13.

What's more, Parallel Realms, which is now up for pre-registration, is also a fighting agent collection game, if you're more into angels and demons than furries galore.

Mc Pixel 3 published by Devolver on mobile

We arrive in a place outside time and space, where the silly and the unexpected meet in a cocktail of pixels. That's exactly where you'll find Mc Pixel 3, the 3 euro pixel art title on Android and iOS published by Devolver Digital. Let's be clear, the mix of genres is everywhere in this game, with car driving, tank shooting, narrative phases and a heap of improbable bullshit flashing before your eyes.

It can't be explained, it's absolute chaos, and you either hate it or love it, so give Mc Pixel 3 a chance if you're not afraid of the big nonsense.

Event Soul Fighter in the Riotverse

The Riotverse has not said its last word, despite the delay in production at Valorant mobile. The Soul Fighter Tournament of Souls event will soon extend to all major games from the American publisher and developer. The event begins on July 20 and runs until August 28.

On TFT, it's a new Soul Brawl mode, cosmetics and an in-game client experience. On Wild Rift, it's Tag Duel mode, with 1v1, the champion Nilah and a few skins , as well as an in-game client experience. Legends of Runeterra also gets a look-in, so if you like Riot games, get ready for the Soul Fighter event in July.

HoYofest 2023

In Asia, some cafés are getting ready to celebrate miHoYo games with the start of HoYofest 2023. This is already the 3rd edition of this online and offline event, so we're waiting to see what the studio has in store for its players.

Into the Depth in early access

You know those ads where you have to dig to advance? Collect resources and expand your territory with new game elements? That's exactly what Into the Depth is all about, a little pocket game in early access that will only take you a few minutes a day with its limited energy system. Mine, progress, make a life and come back later to conquer the aquatic depths ofInto the Depth on Android, building your own civilization in your little suit.

Partnerships & Anniversaries

Let's move on to this week's partnerships and anniversaries. Stumble Guys integrates Barbie content and Play Together joins forces with BONO BONO for a partnership. Meanwhile, Shining Nikki blows out its second candle at the same time as Pokémon Unite which, for the occasion, promises to bring Mewtwo into the arena. The daron of the week is none other than CSR Racing 2 which launches a wave of content to celebrate its 7th year of existence.

A big round of updates

Updates in the news this week include :

  • Demian Saga and its new hero Iris, an arcane engineer
  • Two new Teynia and Hydropolis regions in the update Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
  • Call of Duty Season 6: the Oath of the Templar and its 4v4v4 Multiplayer Arena mode
  • PUBG mobile update with Dead Rock map in RDM also in 4v4v4
  • The Black Desert Mobile Gardiana Class at the heart of the Everfrost update
  • Version 1.1 ofAether Gazer now with Tier S Modifiers
  • and Dead Cells, which sees the return of Castlevania in its DLC with Alucard and Belmont.

Green Game Jam

Every year, some video game studios decide to get involved in the Green Game Jam. This jam gives a theme such as the defense of underwater species, and developers have to set up related content to raise funds, alert or get their players involved in this cause, while respecting certain rules. This year, it's Boom Beach who finishes top of the UNEP with its content around sea turtles and its donation of $200,000 for their conservation. Let's be clear, this is also an opportunity for video game companies to benefit from a bit of green washing, but we appreciate the efforts of the various titles won by June's Journey, Boom Beach, My Talking Angela 2 and many others in favor of the planet.

Microsoft really plays with the video game industry

We discover this week with legal documents that Microsoft has been looking to acquire a large part of the videogame world, like an on a planetary scale. On a list created in April 2021, we find around a hundred video game development studios and publishers as potential acquisitions. In addition to this list, Microsoft had drawn up a shortlist of deals on which to position itself, containing 17 companies including Bungie, IO Interactive, Remedy, SEGA, Paradox Interactive and even Crytek. So, there could have been more than justActivision Blizzard in the news.

Obviously, this recap can't contain all the news of the week, so
Webzen's announcement of a new ToyTopia match-3 soft launch in Q3 2023 and the arrival of the roguelike Survivor Master: Sifu in Southeast Asia on Android didn't get their own dedicated segment, but we'll be back next Sunday for more news, including Genshin update 3.8, Devil May Cry Peak of Combat open access and much more.

That's the end of recap number 116, so we'll see you next week for new adventures on mobile!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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