NBA All-World Beginner Guide on Android and iOS

NBA All-World Beginner Guide on Android and iOS

In our NBA All-World beginner guide, the game by Niantic officially released on January 24, 2023 on Android and iOS, discover our tips and tricks to get your basketball adventure off to a good start. We explain the basics of the gameplay, the important information to know about the players, but also how to get rewards and optimize your energy.

NBA All-World Beginner Guide: Gameplay Basics

Without further ado, let's start our NBA All-World beginner guide, Niantic's new geolocation-based mobile game. First of all, let's quickly go over the game's principle. In NBA All-World, your goal is to collect the best basketball players in the NBA and improve them.

To do this, you must participate in various mini-games that allow you to collect rewards if you win. Among these rewards, you can earn reputation points, stat bonuses, but also new players. We won't go over all the game modes of NBA All-World in this beginner's guide, but I invite you to read our article on the NBA All-World release to discover them.

As you move through the real world, you encounter several items on the game map. Some points of interest allow you to collect pieces of equipment for your players: hats, glasses, t-shirts, pants, socks, sneakers and balls. Others are fields that you have to conquer, but be careful, since the other players around you probably want to get it back later.

Recruit the best players in the NBA

We continue our NBA All-World beginner's guide with the most important part: the players. Each player you can get has a rank from one to five, a level from one to ten and a skill score.

Looking in more detail at the profile of a basketball player, you can also look at his statistics in offense, defense and fitness. As we talked about in our previous article on the game, we regret that it is impossible to quickly switch from the profile of one player to another to compare their performances.

NBA All-World Beginner Guide: Player Profile

To improve a player's level, use him in mini-games and matches to gain experience. You can also use XP boosts to raise their experience bar. Once you reach the maximum level, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to the next rank. To make your players stronger, you can also apply equipment that improves their stats.

NBA All-World Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks

Let's finish our NBA All-World beginner guide with some loose tips and tricks to help you progress quickly in the game and optimize the energy of your players, but also yours.

Before starting a game, it is important to pay attention to the energy of the selected player. The more balls you shoot, the lower your player's energy level will be. If the energy drops to zero during a game, the aiming gauge will be reduced to the minimum and you will have to make perfect free throws to score baskets.

NBA All-World Beginner Guide: Gameplay

So it's in your best interest to save as much as possible on each of your shots. So, if you have a big lead in a battle in Time Trial mode, stop shooting a few seconds before the time runs out to save some energy.

You can also buy passes to participate in temporary tournaments. For example, to enter the Los Angeles Lakers tournament, you must spend 8,000 credits or $100.

However, beware of the team level requirement, as I spent all my in-game dollars on a pass that I can't use yet. Since the tournament ends in 17 hours as I write this and I won't have reached the required level by then, I'll have to wait for a new Los Angeles Lakers tournament to appear in the rotation.

NBA All-World Beginner Guide: Minigames

Finally, stay tuned to the game news, which will soon offer special events that will be an opportunity to get rewards. To do this, check the official website, YouTube channel, as well as the official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok regularly. Do not hesitate to interact with people on social networks to meet other players who share your passion and exchange tips and tricks with the whole community.

That concludes our NBA All-World beginner guide on iOS and Android. By following these tips and tricks, you should be able to progress quickly in NBA All-World and recruit successful players. We wish you good luck in your hunt for basketball players through the streets of your city.

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