King's Chess announcement, the autochess of Honor of Kings IP

King's Chess announcement, the Honor of Kings IP autochess

Fans of colorful auto battler, discover the King's Chess announcement, the Honor of Kings IP autochess on Android and iOS. Let's see what this title from TiMi Studios, the Tencent subsidiary behind Pokémon Unite or Call of Duty Mobile, reveals.

King's Chess announcement trailer

TiMi Studios made the King's Chess announcement, the autochess HoK IP on mobile, during a stream on the occasion of the Honor of Kings fifth anniversary.

As a reminder, autochess games are games in which battles take place automatically between your team and those of your opponent, whose victory will depend on your strategy in the composition of your team.

In the King's Chess announcement trailer, we can discover the design of the characters, much closer to magical girls than to the heroic fantasy of most games of the genre.

If you have already played TFT or a similar game, you will not be disoriented by the interface of the game. There are automatic fights with very good animations, as well as different classes to compose your team.

King's Chess announcement: gameplay

We didn't get to see what the store looks like in this video, though, but the system will certainly be similar for the most part to other auto battler games.

Other games of the HoK license

In addition to the King's Chess announcement, TiMi Studios has revealed a little more about its next fighting game, which is currently codenamed Breaking Dawn. Always in a very colorful atmosphere, this title will probably resemble titles like Flash Party or the Super Smash Bros. license.

A slightly more surprising project, the Honor of Kings license will soon have an animated movie adaptation, called Baili Brothers.

Finally, last year, we already told you about Honor of Kings: World, the first open-world game of the HoK IP. Well, the title has a new trailer with images that make you want to explore its universe.

With an autochess, a fighting game and an open-world RPG, the Honor of Kings license has a lot to offer. It remains to be seen when these three titles will be available on Android and iOS.

That's it for the King's Chess announcement and the future of the Honor of Kings IP. To stay informed about your favorite games, I redirect you to our page dedicated to mobile news.

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