Announcement of Marvel Rivals, the new project from NetEase and Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Rivals announcement

Information leaked a few days ago on X: Chinese studio NetEase Games is said to be working on a AAA multiplayer FPS called Marvel Rivals. The Chinese publisher and Marvel Entertainment have now put an end to the suspense: Marvel Rivals is indeed in development, and a trailer has even been released. Let's see what's in store for the next game in the MCU.

Announcement of MARVEL Rivals: a free-to-play 6v6 shooter inspired by Overwatch

Marvel Rivals is the 3rd NetEase game in the MCU universe and will follow on from Marvel Duel and Marvel Super War. The Chinese games studio is also behind successful titles such as , the sophisticated battle royale NARAKA: BLADEPOINT and the very recent FPS Blood Strike.

Marvel Rivals announcement

Marvel Rivals will be a free-to-play 6v6 third-person shooter inspired by Overwatch. In terms of playable characters, a total of twenty heroes from the MCU will be available, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor, as well as Loki, the Red Witch, the Prince of the Seas and the Tornado.

Each character has their own abilities and powers, and your aim will be to find the perfect synergy. The right combination of characters can give you significant advantages on the battlefield (we all want to see Rocket Raccoon climb on the back of the adorable Groot!). Other heroes will be added to the roster as the seasons progress.

Marvel Rivals gameplay

Maps available at release include Odin's Treasure Room, Asgard and even futuristic Tokyo. Marvel Rivals promises strategic confrontations, since the environment of the maps is destructible and can be rearranged, offering the chance to take advantage of each map in the game and gain the upper hand over your opponents.

NetEase at the helm of the Marvel Rivals storyline

The story of Marvel Rivals is entirely written by Chinese publisher NetEase and will plunge you into the multiverse, alongside Doctor Doom and his 2099 double.

On the agenda are colliding universes and tangled time streams, forcing MCU characters (good guys and bad guys alike) to join forces to save humanity. The story of Marvel Rival will be completed in the new seasons.

Despite leaks announcing the release of Marvel Rivals on mobile, consoles and PC, it would appear that NetEase's new title will only be available on PC for the time being. Stay tuned...

A predicted success for the announcement of Marvel Rivals?

NetEase Games is right to be riding the wave of Marvel games, because the MCU's superheroes are on a roll. This is the case, for example, with Marvel Snap, the trading card game released at the end of 2022 on mobile and PC. After a year and a half of service, Marvel Snap is still very popular.

Marvel SNAP - a game

There's also the match-3 RPG Marvel Puzzle Quest, which is still going strong more than ten years after its release on Android and iOS, and Marvel Strike Force, the strategy RPG that still has a significant player base as of 2018.

Marvel Puzzle Quest, the match-3 RPG

However, other Marvel games have not enjoyed the same success, such as Marvel World of Heroes, an augmented reality game developed by Niantic that wanted to build on the success of Pokémon GO. This title didn't even see the light of the blinds, the creative studio having decided to halt its development before its release. Not to mention Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, another title that was very poorly received by the critics when it was released on PC and consoles.

Be that as it may, the official announcement of Marvel Rivals is already generating hype, particularly among MCU fans. No release date has yet been announced by NetEase and Marvel Entertainment, but we can expect a release in 2025.

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