All the news about Mobile Games!

All the news about Mobile Games!

Find all the news about your favourite mobile games! Upcoming releases, pre-registrations, smartphones to play with and all kinds of news!

Pokemon GO Spotlight hours April 2024

Pokémon GO Spotlight hours April 2024: info and tips to optimise your farming sessions

Spotlight hours are a weekly fixture on Pokémon GO. Every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm local time, one or more Pokémon will invade your roads and neig...

Squad Busters soft launch

Squad Busters soft launch: new information before the release

That's right, Supercell is about to release a new soft launch game, 7 years after Brawl Stars, its most recent game to escape its Supercemetery!...

Codename Breaking Dawn release date

Codename Breaking Dawn release date : the Honor of Kings spin-off arrives in China

Chinese giant Tencent has unveiled the Codename Breaking Dawn release date, a punchy, dynamic fighting game that blends the fantasy world ofHonor...

Announcement of Dadish 3D Mobile

Announcement of Dadish 3D Mobile: the radish dad discovers 3D on 23 April

Daddy Radish is back for a new adventure! After 4 opuses available on consoles and mobile, it's time for him to discover the third dimension, wit...

Romid, Order the words

Release of Romid on iOS and Android, a high-level word game

Are you looking for a great word game? Then Romid is for you! This new puzzle game, developed by Rocorp, plays with words, challenging your logic...

Marvel Rivals announcement

Announcement of Marvel Rivals, the new project from NetEase and Marvel Entertainment

Information leaked a few days ago on X: Chinese studio NetEase Games is said to be working on a AAA multiplayer FPS called Marvel Rivals. The Chi...

Caramel Choux Cookie CRK update

Arrival of Caramel Choux Cookie and Street Urchin Cookie in the CRK Cuckoo Town Square update

There's a shortage of sweet content for players to sink their teeth into, and the team of developers at Devsisters intend to do something about i...

Release of AFK Journey

Release of AFK Journey: the new magical epic from Lilith Games

A fantastic new world opens up today with the release of AFK Journey. With a host of heroes each more flamboyant than the last, experience ultra-...

TFT Set 12 release date

TFT Set 12 release date: get ready for July 2024

Teamfight Tactics Set 11 arrived very recently, on 24 March, but it's already time to look ahead to the next set, due out next summer. What does...

Release of Blood Strike

Release of Blood Strike: a FPS that can stand out from the crowd?

Blood Strike has been available in South America since mid-September, and was released shortly afterwards in Asia. It's now available worldwide !...

Release of Warzone Mobile

Release of Warzone Mobile: the Call of Duty game comes to Android and iOS

If you've been waiting for a mobile port of the latest Call of Duty series, the good news is that Warzone Mobile is out today! What's in store fo...

Release of Howl, mobile puzzle game on Android and iOS

Release of Howl, an original puzzle game with a deaf heroine and werewolves

Are you looking for a unique puzzle game to spend a few evenings playing on your phone? With the release of Howl, you've come to the right place....

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