Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, don't miss Netflix's Animal Crossing-like on 26 June!

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, don't miss Netflix's Animal Crossing-like on 26 June!

Do you like Animal Crossing-like games and are you looking for an adorable mobile life simulator? Then Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is for you! This sequel to the original indie game Cozy Grove, developed by Spry Fox, is coming to Netflix very soon and has opened its pre-registrations. Get on board now for Cozy Grove and get your fill of cuteness!

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, the sequel to Spry Fox's life-sim arrives on Netflix

Announced in December 2023, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is about to arrive on Netflix. However, this isn't the first time that this Spry Fox title has been brought to mobile. The first Cozy Grove was available for a time on the Apple Arcade, before being withdrawn from the Apple catalogue to be offered only on PC and consoles.

Gameplay Cozy Grove

In Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, you take on the role of a little scout who, following a bus accident, finds himself on the mysterious island where you must build your camp. If you missed out on Cozy Grove when it was released, you can make up for it by discovering this life simulator on mobile, full of adorable creatures, the ghost bears, who will need your help to find peace by recovering their memories.

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit icon
Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit Pre-registration

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, a sequel full of surprises and new features

In Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, you'll be reunited with all the protagonists from the original game, including Flamey and Mr.Kit, as well as other ghost bears that you'll have to help.

Fishing in Cozy Grove

Spry Fox also introduces you to a brand new island to explore, as well as other gameplay mechanics. Among other things, you can clean the island like PowerWash Simulator and even adopt pets!

Another notable new feature of Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is the multiplayer mode , which lets you discover the island with other scouts, whom you can connect with to exchange mail or gifts.

Environment Cozy Grove

Discover new secrets, customise your island, fish, cook, harvest resources and develop your camp in Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit.

If you're looking for the perfect way to unwind after a hard day's work, in a fairytale world with superb graphics, we urge you to give Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit a try from 26 June. And if you need a little inspiration to find your next pastime, we've selected all the new mobile games released on Android or iOS, as well as the games available for pre-registration!

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