Tarisland: get ready, it's finally hitting stores on 21 June!

Tarisland release date

Despite the controversy created by the game last November, we've been waiting impatiently for the global release date of Tarisland, Tencent's MMORPG for PC and mobile with big ambitions. It's now official: Tarisland will hit stores on 21 June. So get ready now and get cracking on pre-registration!

Tarisland is due for release on 21 June, and it has every intention of competing with the giants of the sector

Published by Tencent and developed by Locojoy and Level Infinite, Tarisland is the hotly-anticipated MMORPG of the moment on mobile and PC. The suspense has recently been lifted, with the release date announced for 21 June. In less than a month, you'll be able to get your hands on the MMORPG that wants to compete with the big boys.

Tarisland release date: gameplay

Tarisland is scheduled for release at almost the same time as FFXIV's Dawntrail DLC (announced for 2 July), and in the same year as World of Warcraft The War Within, scheduled for the final quarter of 2024.

Tarisland will nevertheless have to prove its worth, particularly in terms of its economics. Last November, during a test phase on PC and mobile, players complained that the game was not free-to-play friendly, contrary to what had been announced by Tencent. To be continued...

Final boss revealed, new trailer and pre-registration rewards

Other announcements followed the official announcement of Tarisland's release date. The game's final boss, Blight Dragon, was also unveiled, along with a new trailer for the game, showcasing the visuals and giving a good insight into the epic nature of the game. Enough to make you want to get your hands on this new MMORPG as soon as it's released!

And to get the adventure off to a good start, you can also pre-register to enjoy the rewards from 21 June:

  • A game pack containing in-game currency and various items,
  • The limited title 'Revolver Eyes',
  • A mystery pet,
  • A mystery mount.
Tarisland icon
Tarisland Pre-registrations

Please note, however, that if you want to take advantage of these pre-registration rewards, you'll need to log in to the game with your Level Infinite Pass account.

We can't wait to try out this promising new MMORPG. We'll keep you posted on everything it has to offer as soon as the game is released!

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