Dragon Ball Legends 6th anniversary: take advantage of the incredible rewards on offer!

To mark the Dragon Ball Legends 6th anniversary, Bandaï Namco has decided to offer players some exceptional rewards not to be missed. Shenron summoning, medals, new legendary characters... It's enough to make your mouth water! So how do you get in on the action? We'll tell you all about it here.

Summon Shenron to make your wishes come true!

To mark the Dragon Ball Legends 6th anniversary, you'll be able to summon Shenron, a rare event in the game. All you have to do is scan the QR Codes on your DB Legends friends, which will allow you to collect the Dragon Balls and summon the legendary dragon.

6th anniversary of Dragon Ball Legends: Shenron

Shenron will then be able to grant your every wish. There are some great rewards in store, so don't miss out on the Friends Codes!

All the Dragon Ball Legends 6th anniversary events

To celebrate the Dragon Ball Legends 6th anniversary, Bandaï Namco has decided to spoil its players with a whole host of rewards, including :

  • The arrival of a new special level, "At the Crossroads of Dimensions". Completing this level will earn you 500 critters, a new title and a Dragon Ball Legends 6th anniversary medal.
  • Several exclusive draws with a high SP rate and new characters such as Super Saiyan Divine SS Son Goku & Vegeta, C-17 and C-18.

 SS Son Goku & Vegeta Divine Super Saiyan

  • A host of events where you can win rare items (messages or costumes), a unique background, pouches and 100 Multi Pouvoir Z, as well as Drabon Ball Legends 6th anniversary medals. There's also a gastronomic event, where you can earn rewards from Cheelai.
  • New missions to complete to earn Time Crystals and obtain Dragon Balls or a special title.
  • The launch of a login bonus to win SP draw tickets, as well as a special draw ticker guaranteeing you at least one Legends Limited character.

Many other rewards announced in the DBL patch note are available for the Dragon Ball Legends 6th anniversary. We encourage you to take advantage of them now!

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