Infinity Nikki: a new gameplay trailer finally unveiled!

New Infinity Nikki trailer

If you attended Playstation's State of Play event on 31 May, then you certainly won't have missed Infinity Nikki, the open-world dress-up game from PaperGames. Already announced for late 2022, the game was treated to a new trailer at the Playstation event. What does this genre-bending title have in store for us? We take a look.

Infinity Nikke, the dress-up game with a wide range of gameplay possibilities

Infinity Nikki is the 5th instalment of the Nikki dress-up game licence, developed by PaperGames and published by Infold. If you've totally missed it, here's how it works: in Infinity Nikki, you play as the main character of the same name (Nikki, that is), accompanied by Momo, her adorable cat-eared mascot in the world of Miraland.

Gameplay Infinity Nikki

Your objective is to collect various clothes and costumes that will give you specific powers to overcome certain situations. In the game, you'll find clothes that allow you to float, shrink, glide or purify. Thanks to these outfits, you'll be able to take on the many challenges Miraland has in store for you.

Infinity Nikke's open world, a world full of surprises to discover

Infinity Nikki isn't just a dress-up game, it's also an open-world universe to discover, with plenty of places to explore, challenges to overcome and bosses to fight.

According to the trailer, Infinity Nikki promises to be full of surprises, with platform phases where you take control of Momo, real-time battles, puzzles to solve, races to win, and other more relaxing quests.

Infinity Nikki Momo

You can adopt pets, fish, catch insects or take photos. You can also play as a little pixie to get to places Nikki can't, including the miniature worlds of Beauty Lab. In Inifinity Nikki, every diorama will have something surprising to offer!

When the game was announced in 2022, we were already able to admire Infinity Nikki's superb environments, which are obviously reminiscent of the landscapes of other well-known open worlds. And with good reason, Kentaro Tominaga, historic game designer of the last Zelda games, is in charge of this part of the development.

Infinity Nikki environments

A test phase planned for Inifity Nikki in the last half of 2023

If, like me, you can't wait to try out the next game in the Nikki licence, you should know that no official release date has yet been announced. All we know is that the game will be available on Android and iOS, as well as PC, PS4 and PS5, and will be cross-platform.

So we'll have to wait a little longer before we can get our hands on the game and collect as many outfits as possible to personalise Nikki. Nevertheless, the trailer shown at State of Play mentions a test phase scheduled for Q3 2023, with no specific date yet revealed. We'll be sure to keep you posted!

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