Announcement of Dadish 3D Mobile: the radish dad discovers 3D on 23 April

Announcement of Dadish 3D Mobile

Daddy Radish is back for a new adventure! After 4 opuses available on consoles and mobile, it's time for him to discover the third dimension, with the announcement of Dadish 3D Mobile. Rediscover the colourful world of this platformer saga that has already won over so many players. Will you be up to this new 3D challenge on 23 April?

Dadish: a truly successful saga

If you've never heard of the Dadish saga, we can tell you all about it. These games, created by Thomas K. Young have been a huge success, especially on Android and iOS, where they are available free of charge. On Android alone, Dadish 1 and Dadish 2 have been downloaded more than a million times, and Dadish 3 has attracted more than 500,000 players.

What's more, these games are highly rated on the various stores. So if you want to dive into the first Dadish games before the release of Dadish 3D Mobile, there's still time to download them on Android or iOS.

Dadish 3D Mobile: rediscover the elements that made the saga such a success

In the Dadish series, the controls are extremely simple: all you have to do is move and jump. But don't expect a simplistic game, because the difficulty increases crescendo. The first few levels are mainly tutorials, but things quickly get tough.

You'll certainly have to try several times to get through the most complex stages, but you'll find your progress extremely satisfying!

Dadish 3D Mobile gameplay

And that's not all, because in Dadish 3D Mobile, as in all the other Dadish games, you also have to overcome fearsome bosses and avoid the onslaught of enemies in the shape of fast food.

The recipe is effective: a catchy soundtrack, funny dialogue, a die and retry mechanic that will make you want to outdo yourself to get through the fifty or so levels in each game, and simple but effective old-school graphics that are reminiscent of games like Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago.

What's new with Dadish 3D Mobile?

Dadish 3D Mobile gameplay

In Dadish 3D Mobile, you'll find all the elements that have made these cuddly, wacky games so successful, but this time in three dimensions. Beat over 50 levels, ride a hamburger, take on bosses in 3D battles, and search for lost radish kids all over the world!

Dadish 3D Mobile is due for release on 23 April on Android and iOS, as well as home consoles and PC. Like its predecessors, the game will be free to play on mobile, provided you watch the occasional advert. Are you looking forward to the new adventures of Daddy Radish?

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