Mobile Games News Recap #95

Mobile games news recap #95

Discover our weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS issue #95! On the agenda this week: Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile closing, Tomb Raider Reloaded release date, Squad Busters beta as new Supercell game, and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

End ofApex Legends mobile and Battlefield mobile

Let's start this recap with a little thought for two games that will soon cease to exist. Many of you have already seen the news this week, but the titles Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield mobile are officially no longer in development. Apex will close its doors on Android and iOS on May 1st 2023 and Battlefield mobile, which was only in beta in a few countries, has already given up.

Official post closure Apex Legends Mobile

Are you wondering why these games are closing whenApex Mobile was voted best mobile game alongside Marvel Snap? The developers are not very clear in the reasons for this choice, but they claim that the way they are producing content at the moment did not allow them to keep a good update rate and excellent game quality.

At, we think that this is part of a dynamic of wanting to link all EA licensed games in their metaverse projects and therefore titles with independent and exclusive content, not crossplatform, like Apex Mobile, have no place in this strategy.

Beta of Squad Busters, a Supercell game

If you're one of those people who follow every little leak from the big video game studios, the name Squad Busters might be familiar to you. For almost a week now, the name of this game has been whispered by the mobile community, who are eagerly waiting for a new Supercell experience worthy of the name.

Squad Busters is the next project that the Finnish studio is highlighting to reassure its fans. Without revealing too much, the title offers a 30-second trailer to announce a closed beta in Canada from February 6 to 16. We understand that this game brings together the iconic characters of the Supercell universe, from Clash to Brawl Stars, for an all-stars squad creation experience with PvE.

We don't know much more at the moment, since Squad Busters is still in its early stages. So, if you are curious to discover the game, you can register for the next phases of test on the official website in our article in the description, even if you don't live in the country of maple syrup.

Goodbye Autochess MOBA in 2023

Small and very pleasant MOBA more than inspired by the gameplay of DOTA 2, Autochess MOBA also abandons its players. The developer Dragonest has chosen to take the game offline as of February 28, in the hope of coming back. Unlike the end of life ofApex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile, the closure of Autochess MOBA is amply justified by its creators.

I had a good time on the game, but this title was far from perfect, especially by its performance. Lag, ping drop, disconnection, excessively long matchmaking... Everything that makes a pocket MOBA accessible was not well managed by Autochess MOBA and these issues were often mentioned in the reviews of players on the stores.

Dragonest has finally decided to work on these issues on their own, a month after the game's release. This should allow them to fix the bugs without the pressure of having to keep the game online with proper support. But the studio hopes to get it right and be able to announce a return date to the stores soon.

Marvel Snap PvP released: Finally!

Notice to fans of the excellent TCG signed by Second Dinner in 2022, the PvP mode between friends is finally available! Get out your best superheroes and go beat the crap out of your buddies in the Marvel Snap Battle Mode. This custom mode comes as a huge relief for the community, which was disappointed not to have access to it from the release.

With the Battle Mode, you can solve several problems. First, show that you are the strongest. And then settle your disputes with your enemies with a good old-fashioned duel, but also and above all participate in tournaments and community competitions.

There are no in-game rewards for participating in custom matches in Battle Mode. But the important thing is that custom matches are an essential part of the group life around competitive titles and Marvel Snap will finally let its players develop their full potential.

Myst Mobile for iOS announced

If you're familiar with puzzle games, you'll know Myst. For the others, this title from Cyan Games is a monument of the puzzle point'n click genre. After reading a book about a world, you are teleported there and travel from book to book and from world to world to solve the mysteries that surround you. This game remained the best selling video game for almost 10 years, until 2002, when The Sims was released.

It's a game you have to have played, I really recommend you give it a chance. You'll definitely have the opportunity to do so on Steam or soon on iOS with Myst mobile. This port has just been unveiled for the 30th anniversary of the license, and we can't wait to take another trip through the Ages.

Tomb Raider Reloaded released via Netflix

The year 2023 is beginning to be a slaughterhouse. Games are closing and big studios are reducing their financial results. However, one adventurer is resisting. Armed with guns that never miss their target, Lara Croft is back on mobile with Tomb Raider Reloaded. The game from CDE Entertainment is presented as a Archero-like game in top view. Automatic shooting, record of levels covered and roguelite experience, you know the formula.

It doesn't shake up the codes of the genre, but Tomb Raider Reloaded brings a refreshing and colorful vision to the mobile game market that is a bit depressed. The release date of the game is scheduled for February 14, 2023, so if you don't have a date for Valentine's Day, come farmer the game with us by chatting on Discord.

Metal Slug: Awakening in alpha in the Philippines and Indonesia

Metal Slug: Awakening begins a second alpha test in the Philippines and Indonesia. This second round of test will reveal additional features and content. With 4,000 accounts planned per country, few players will be able to participate in the alpha.

First announced in 2021 under the name Code J, the future title of the Metal Slug license on mobile is progressing well and eyes are already turning towards a potential release date announcement. We'll keep an eye on this retro-feeling shooter.

Release of Avatar: Generations

Already featured several times in our Sunday recaps, the gacha Avatar: Generations has finally been released on Android and iOS. Master water, earth, fire, air and the power of friendship in this childhood colored RPG. In addition to Tomb Raider Reloaded, CDE Entertainment signs a second release this week with Aang and his troupe of companions.

Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony. But now they need the Avatar, with his wisdom and fighting moves, to bring them together. Fly from mission to mission with Appa and assemble the best team of heroes to relive the key adventures of the Nickelodeon series in Avatar: Generations, available free on mobile.

A Dragon Age mobile game in development 10 years ago (abandoned)

In addition to telling you about games that die in 2023, I'm taking a little detour into a game that will never see the light of day. Ten years ago, a Dragon Age mobile game was in development at IronMonkey Studios, a studio that develops mobile games for Electronic Arts. In 2010, the title was in production with a Dante's Inferno game and an original TPS license for 3 years.

Dragon Age mobile might have been similar to Diablo Immortal, well with a little lighter monetization at the time (*cough*). These titles were discontinued due to the change in direction of the video game market from premium finished titles to free-to-play games with micro-transactions and regular content additions.

Daniel Tonkin, a former art director at the studio, said he would love to see a significant return of ambitious premium titles on mobile, but that it's almost impossible financially. People almost don't spend on premium games on smartphones.

Release of Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home

Feel like your life is hell and there's nothing worse than the little struggles of everyday life? No worries. Come discover the real hell with the release of Unknown Soldiers: Brothers in Arms, in the heart of World War I.

This sequel to the first BAFTA award-winning Valiant Hearts game honors the everyday heroes that aren't mentioned in the history books. Play as valiant hearts on the front lines, on the ground, in the air or at sea. Heal the wounded, solve puzzles, infiltrate the enemy, and ease the pain with some music.

Available for free with your Netflix subscription, Unknown Soldiers: Brothers in Arms is part of an emotional, hand-drawn, and particularly poetic series that will take you on a journey through history from a different perspective, much like the Lovers of Verdun show at the Puy du Fou, an immersion into the trenches that takes you where you never thought you'd go.

Pre-registration opens for Uncharted Waters Origin from LINE Games

First released in South Korea last August, Uncharted Waters Origin is finally entering pre-registration worldwide. This title from LINE Games makes you a navigator and explorer. The game multiplies different strategic and narrative gameplay phases for a complete adventure experience to the new world in the 16th century.

Open trade routes, sink ships and enjoy the full depth of content in the 30-year-old series. You can pre-register for Uncharted Water Origins until February 20 to get exclusive rewards starters.

N-Innocence is an action-RPG that opens its pre-registrations in some regions

You liked the mythologies gathered by Dislyte with its ultra-hot AD? N-Innocence may not be as stylish, but this action RPG brings together the heroes and gods that have shaped the beliefs of the world.

Asobimo's title offers you to work on your character emilleur switch with a team of 4 fighters to perform destructive combos. Between action and narration, explore in depth the world of N-Innocence. Well, not yet. The game is currently available for pre-registration in the United States and Canada but we hope it will reach Europe.

Release of the match-3 Princess Farmer

Released in March on Steam, the original match-3 Princess Farmer is now making its debut on mobile. In this clever and efficient pixel-art title, you have to align 3 elements of your garden to get a high score, but you have to take into account some constraints on each level.

Normally, the little extra of Princess Farmer is that it can also be played in local co-op, as it is the case on PC, but this is not mentioned by the developers for the mobile version. As the game is free and the story is to be discovered in small episodes, don't hesitate to try it if you need some virtual fresh air.

Honor of Kings pre-registration opens worldwide (Brazil)

Pre-registration for Honor of Kings, the Chinese MOBA powered by Level Infinite, opens in Brazil. For now, Brazil is the only country with access, but we can expect pre-registration to expand to other countries soon as part of a gradual launch.

With the demise of Autochess MOBA and Wild Rift dropping out ofesport in Europe, the way is open for a new MOBA internationally. The Honor of Kings license is expanding in different directions: its MOBA is coming out of China, but Level Infinite is also planning an open-world game HoK World, an autochess King's Chess and a fighting game in the same universe.

MirM release: Vanguard and Vagabond

The blockchain release of the week is Mir M: Vanguard & Vagabond on Android and iOS. This fantasy MMORPG that I've already introduced you to in the recaps is part of The Legend of Mir license, with a play-to-earn addition. Choose between the combat power of the Vanguard and the crafting of the Vagabond to participate in the game's economy.

Whichever way you go, you'll enjoy the dynamic progression system called Mandala, and you'll be able to try to fight the biggest villain of them all on a play-to-earn basis: the recession. Just kidding, of course. This week, WeMade Entertainment opens its mobile universe with the release of Mir M: Vanguard & Vagabond, so go ahead and check out the game if you're interested in worlds with blockchain and tokens.

Street Fighter RPG on mobile announced for February

Street Fighter RPG arrives on mobile this month in gacha. With a trailer unveiled on the YouTube channel of Crunchyroll Collection, we learn that this game made with Capcom enters in pre-registration in some countries, but France is not among them.

In-game, compose your team of 3 characters from the 40 available heroes and have them fight in real time or in automatic mode through PvE and PvP modes. The Street Fighter Duel RPG will land in February on Android and iOS but has no specific release date at this time.

Clash of Clans World Championship 2023 Format

Clash of Clans is not only about blond barbarians and stupid goblins: it's also aboutesport. The Clash of Clans World Championship 2023 has just been announced and it will follow the same format as last year, after excellent results in 2022. The total cashprize will be 1 150 000 dollars.

8 teams will compete to reach the ultimate victory and 4 teams will reach the final stages by winning one of the intermediate tournaments like the Queso Cup or the Rush of Clans. The finals will be held from November 24 to 26, 2023, but since you'll probably have forgotten by then, we'll remind you in a recap at that time!

The Sims 5 will be on mobile, but not an MMO, just instanced multiplayer

For those who are one car behind, The Sims 5, Project Rene is already in development and will arrive on mobile. We also know that the game will be multiplayer, but there was a rumor that it would be an MMO that would gather all players. Obviously, this idea has already been explored by Maxis and then EA, but in 2023 this poses problems of control of player actions that can quickly get out of hand in live action, while The Sims is sold as a title that allows you to accept yourself and create in complete freedom.

The Sims 5, or rather Project Rene, will not be an MMO. The game's director, Grant Rodiek, confirmed in a stream that players will be able to create in their own corner, as they want, without judgement and choose if they want to invite their friends to join them or not. Project Rene still has several years of development ahead of it before it is released on PC and mobile.

Angry Birds wants to make its red bird a mobile game mascot

Angry Birds continues to spread its wings on mobile. Its latest game has delighted players, and this week Rovio' s director of brand operations revealed the studio's plans for Red, the big red bird. Taking the brand to the next level is among the direct goals of Rovio, which has already branched out into media other than video games with Angry Birds. But their main direction is to try to establish Red, the revered bird, as a mobile game mascot worldwide.

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous recap #94 was about the RPG Principles, the release of Devolver Tumble Time, the trailer of Indus on mobile and much more to be found in our news.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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