Indus Battle Royale trailer reveals epic gameplay

Indus trailer and gameplay of the Indian Battle Royale

On India's Republic Day on January 26, studio SuperGaming unveiled the first Indus Battle Royale gameplay trailer on mobile. Let's take a look at what the images of this ambitious title, which strongly resembles a popular game from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts studios, have in store for us.

SuperGaming unveils the first Indus Battle Royale gameplay trailer

After having monopolized the attention of Times Square last August for the announcement of the game, SuperGaming has taken over iconic places in London to reveal the first Indus Battle Royale gameplay trailer on mobile. We can discover images of Virlok, the map on which the confrontations take place, but also the presentation of some characters and combat phases.

The trailer reveals that the game is currently in pre-alpha stage and we don't know the Indus Battle Royale release date. Nevertheless, pre-registration is already open on Android and should soon arrive on the App Store for iOS users. As is often the case with highly anticipated games, the developers promise players that pre-registration will get them exclusive rewards .

An inspiration that jumps out at you

Visually, the images of the Indus Battle Royale gameplay trailer show good quality graphics, although the textures are a little too smooth, fluid animations, but also and above all an artistic direction that leaves a little taste of déjà vu.

Indus Battle Royale gameplay trailer

Indeed, whether in the level design or the weapons and characters appearance, players of Battle Royale will immediately recognize the inspiration, not to say plagiarism, of the game Apex Legends. The mobile version of EA's battle royale has just been voted best game of the year 2022 at our first Mobi Awards.

That's it for the images of Indus Battle Royale gameplay trailer, the upcoming game from Indian studio SuperGaming. While waiting for the release of this BR, discover other games of the genre in our top of the best mobile battle royale.

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