Battlefield Mobile development stopped and ended

Battlefield mobile: development of the beta stopped

The end ofApex Legends Mobile has shaken the Android and iOS gaming community this morning, but it's not the only title that EA has abandoned. The closure of Battlefield Mobile, which was in beta in some regions, has also been announced. We tell you all about this new title sacrificed for the hecatomb of early 2023.

A quieter stop thanApex Legends Mobile

With more than 500,000 downloads on the stores, EA's realistic FPS and war simulation seemed to be well into its beta. However, the end is approaching and Battlefield mobile will soon be inaccessible for all players. If Apex had a detailed post about the end of its development, but this is not the case for BF.

End of Battlefield Mobile and shutdown of beta servers test

These decisions to stop development and choose the closing date for Battlefield Mobile follow the direction announced when EA received its financial results. Android and iOS mobile is not the only one to suffer. But we still lose two highly anticipated games. On other platforms, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has simply been pushed back.

Like Apex, before its closure date, Battlefield Mobile operated independently of the PC and console titles in the license. It even had exclusive content.

Battlefield Mobile closing date and explanations

Far from being as clear as the end ofApex Legends Mobile, the closure of Battlefield Mobile has barely been given a few words on a shared announcement post. EA is not really transparent about its decision to stop the development of the game.

Closing date of Battlefield Mobile on Android and iOS

The post simply states the following information:

  • The industry has changed a lot in the past year (I think we're talking about AAA's obsession with blockchain and the metaverse without any interesting ideas behind it).
  • As the game developed, the strategy of creating a connected ecosystem (emphasis on "economic") for the Battlefield franchise took shape but ultimately required a significant change in direction.
  • As a result, EA prefers to announce the closure of Battlefield mobile in its current beta state. Instead, they choose to focus on the overall future of the license to meet "player expectations."

What's next for the Battlefield license on Android and iOS?

The developers are still working on Battlefield 2042. At the same time, they want to continue to explore the "huge potential" of connected experiences in the Battlefield Mobile universe. These experiences are currently in pre-production for a future global launch. EA's plans are far from clear. For that matter, it's unclear what will happen to Industrial Toys, the studio that was leading the game's development before Battlefield Mobile ended.

Cancellation of BF mobile beta development

Just like Ubisoft, EA wants to position itself as quickly as possible on trendy topics. So rather than adapting its existing Battlefield Mobile title, the publisher prefers to start from a healthy base. That healthy base will perhaps yield a much less healthy business model, despite potentially interesting connected experiences). Say goodbye before the end: Battlefield Mobile's closing date has passed and the beta is now inaccessible.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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