Autochess MOBA will shut down soon

Autochess MOBA closure and end of access to the servers

If you follow news regularly, you couldn't miss Autochess MOBA. Today, the game is back in the news on mobile. Unfortunately, it is to announce the closure of Autochess MOBA and its servers to their community that the developers took the floor on their social networks. Is the closure final? What happens to the players? Why is the game being abandoned so quickly? Let's find out with the official announcement of the end of Autochess MOBA servers by Dragonest.

Autochess MOBA shutdown: servers and games are over

First in beta this fall, the MOBA based on the successful autochess had finally launched on mobile in December 2022. And now, barely two months after the release of Autochess MOBA, the game's developers have announced that they want to cease all server activity. Here is the tweet that shook the Android and iOS gaming community earlier this week.

Let's review some of the reasons for the closure of Autochess MOBA and its servers. Despite a satisfactory beta preparation and a nice hype at its official launch in December, the game could not escape obvious problems in multiplayer. Players were constantly complaining about lag, ping dropping, untimely disconnection and even endless matchmaking times.

Autochess MOBA closure and end of servers February 2023

Everything that makes MOBAs accessible on mobile was a mountain of problems for the developers to solve. Two months after the launch, they finally admit that no matter how hard they try, the connection problems persist and they don't know how to fix them. Therefore, they prefer to announce the closure of Autochess MOBA to work on a new version of the game on their own rather than maintain support for an extremely buggy title.

A farewell for a better return?

Despite the difficulty of this decision, the end and closure of Autochess MOBA should be temporary, according to the studio Dragonest. This is good news for fans. However, given the magnitude of the problems to be solved, the developers have not announced a return date for Autochess MOBA.

End of the Autochess mobile game of the multiplayer online battle arena

At the moment, we only know the dates mentioned in the tweet as end-of-life stages for the servers and the game:

  • January 30 - End of in-game purchases;
  • February 6 - Autochess MOBA will be removed from the stores;
  • February 28 - Closure and shut down of the servers for good (waiting for a return date of Autochess MOBA).

So you have until the end of February 2023 to spend your in-game currency and enjoy some extra games. We'll keep you posted on a future reopening date if the studio announces one, but there's no guarantee that the game will ever be relaunched.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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