Autochess MOBA released on Android and iOS

Autochess MOBA released on Android and iOS

While the game has been available in beta for some time, today is the Autochess MOBA release in soft launch on Android and iOS. Let's discover together our first impressions on this title with a taste of déjà-vu and see if it can make its mark on the mobile MOBA market.

Autochess MOBA release: more than just a clone?

To understand the whole story behind the Autochess MOBA release on iOS and Android, I refer you to our weekly recap in which we discussed the subject. To put it simply, this title is the result of a chain of inspiration (or theft, depending on your point of view), which in recent years has led to the creation of several game modes, such as MOBA and autochess.

It is in a very competitive context that Autochess MOBA arrives on the mobile MOBA market, already well occupied by Wild Rift, Mobile Legends and many clones.

So logically, there are a lot of similarities between Autochess MOBA and Wild Rift, both in the gameplay and in the artistic direction. The games take place in 5v5 with one player on top, one in the jungle, one in the mid and two in the bot. The different characters are divided into different roles: tank, fighter, mage, shooter and support.

Many of the characters resemble those in the League of Legends universe, both aesthetically, such as Space Walker and Wukong, and in the combat archetypes, such as Egeris Ranger and Ashe.

A better finish than the competition

But beyond this creative aspect, we must admit that the Autochess MOBA release on mobile offers a nice finish to the menus, which are modern and pleasant to navigate, and a neat character design.

In fact, the first 25 champions are free and the next ones will be too. It is your advancement in the ranks that will allow you to unlock new characters.

Autochess MOBA release champions

A Battle Pass, both free and paid, is available if you want to unlock many rewards, such as skins champions, crystals or treasures containing random items.

For the time being, PvP games only take place in ranked matches, but you can test any character in training before jumping in.

That's it for our first impressions of the Autochess MOBA release, available for free on Android and iOS. To keep up with the news of your favorite games, visit our page dedicated to mobile news.

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