Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home released as a Netflix game

Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home Release as a sequel to the series via Netflix

Netflix accumulates small nuggets on its mobile games and VOD subscription service. This week, the Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home release, is added to the already well-filled catalog of the American firm. Let's move through a small presentation of the Valiant Hearts games and series!

Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home Release on Android and iOS

The Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home release was highly anticipated by the community. And, according to the first feedback from players on the Playstore and Appstore, this release did not disappoint its audience. However, we still expected Old Skull Games and Ubisoft to offer a complete voice over in different languages of this sequel to Valiant Hearts 2: the Great War.

A sequel to the BAFTA award-winning Valiant Hearts, this title retains its poetic and dramatic traits in a new adventure. In-game, you play as an ordinary hero whose name will not be remembered but who, like any good-hearted soldier, will make history with his own story.

Two brothers want to survive the trenches in order to better find each other. In this wartime setting, their destiny intertwines with that of other unknown heroes. This story arc of Valiant Hearts explores the direct continuation of the events of the first Valiant Hearts game.

Take advantage of the Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home release to care for the wounded while navigating the chaos of war. Explore a fictional story that recounts key events of the Great War in locations steeped in history.

A great success shared between Netflix and Ubisoft

This Netflix exclusive release Valiant Hearts 2 allows free access to the game as long as you are already subscribed to the on-demand movie and series viewing service. If you're a subscriber and want to take advantage of the upcoming Netflix Games releases, the release date for Tomb Raider Reloaded is also coming up!

But back to Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home. The title is illustrated by hand-drawn visuals. The result is striking graphics in their artistic direction, both simple and deep, as an echo to the rest of the game. Prepare to have your throat tightened by emotion.

Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home Netflix release on Android and iOS

Travel through a variety of settings and experience the Great War on mobile while immersed. Progress on land, in the air, on water for the battle of Jutland or in the dark depths of the trenches. Between battles, rekindle the flame in the hearts of your companions with some music.

Upon release, Valiant Hearts 2: Coming Home features several gameplay phases to promote gameplay diversity and immersion. In your adventure, go through exploration, action, enemy infiltration, interesting facts about World War I and even puzzles.

Release of Valiant Hearts 2 on mobile

If you hated repeating the same lousy statistics about the First World War in school, there are two ways to discover the past from the perspective it deserves: with a personal mix of emotion, thrill and history.

The two Valiant Hearts games to discover on mobile are the first one and the second one, which I really recommend, is the show Les Amoureux de Verdun at the Puy du Fou which is simply stunning.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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